A View From Our WindowMonday Madness

A serene snowy Monday morning

A serene snowy Monday morning

Okay … anyboy see what is wrong with this picture – that was taken today??!! Yes – once again it is snowing! I’m all about getting our trees and grasslands some moisture, but come on… isn’t this a bit riduculous? One of these days we may have a view of a fox, deer, and oh …. that idea called ‘Sunshine’ ..??

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A View from our WindowMonday Madness #2

Look close .. you may see Mrs. Nuthatch looking for the all clear!

Look close .. you may see Mrs. Nuthatch looking for the all clear!

I’m not so sure about the weekends around here … it seems that lateley we have been ‘deprived’ of some Spring weather. But, the birdies here (Mr. & Mrs. Nuthatch) didn’t have to wait long to get a jump on their nest building. Moments after this picture was taken this morning, the sun shined brightly on their birdhouse, and the snow fell right off in one big clump! Within the next few hours, the fields will be showing grass and pine needles for them to carry in for their nest. And, if they are lucky, they may even find some batting laying around. It’s only a matter of a few weeks, and we will be hearing some faint chirping from their home!

So, while we are in the midst of our Fab-Bake Sale, we thought we could still add a bit more of an enticement for our blog readers. For the entire day today, you can receive an additional 10% off on any kit that you order today! This special ends at midnight tonight, so be sure to get yours soon. The code for this extra discount is: MM9584 Click Here to see the Kits

Have a wonderful week!
Teresa and the Birdies!

The Fab-Pocket Monthly Drawing -The ‘Help Liz’ Campaign!

Today we launch our Fab Pockets Monthly Drawing!

Many of you are aware of the fun programs we provide for you at Homespun Hearth.  One of our favorite pastimes is reading all of your emails that thank us for the special Customer Care you receive!  If you have purchased from us anytime since November,  then you’ll probably recognize one of the special steps we have taken  for you – to give you a Fab Pocket filled with our signature bag of Good Earth Tea,  a little thank you note from us, and possibly a even a coupon or a special treat may have been included.

We have received hundreds of notes and letters from you all to us to let us know how special this is to you, so we are providing you not only the instructions on how to make these, but the opportunity to win a Deluxe Fab Winner’s Pocket! These only take a  minute, and are perfect to add to your own gifts.  Click Here for the Details
Now, as you can imagine, we go through hundreds of these each and every week, and Liz has done a wonderful job keeping up with the orders.  However, we thought it would be fun to open this up to all of you … and give Liz a bit of a break.  So, any of you who would like to be entered into the  monthly drawing can do this.  Simply mail in 10 finished Fab Pockets and a 3 x 5 card with your detailed information.  Be sure to include your Name, Address Email, and Phone.

Plus, you can also include the Fab Pockets that we send to you with your orders – simply save up 10, and send them back!

Every month, on the 1st of the month, we will have a drawing from our … Fab Purse – just a giant version of our Fab Pocket!  You can submit as many Fab Pockets as you like – just be sure to send us a 3 x 5 card with each set of 10.  Your entry will stay in the bag – and hopefully someday your name will be drawn.

fabwinnerpocketAnd, what do you win, you ask?  This is the fun part – you will receive a  Deluxe Fab Winner’s Pocket that is filled with some fun goodies:
$25 Gift Certificate
Free Fat Quarter
30% Discount Coupon
Homespun Hearth Charm
Surprise Gift Valued at $3
Shout Out Here at Quilter’s Vine Blog
Homespun Hearth Charm
and More!

Only a couple of rules – please do your best to keep the size of your Fab Pocket within the guidelines.   These are the perfect size for our goodies.
Also, because we will be using these pockets to send to customers around the world, we have to be careful of their sensitivities, so we ask that these come from a non-smoking environment.
Be sure to use just your scraps.
Finally, limit 1000 entries per customer per day  :  Nothing like trying to generate excitement!
Click Here for Instructions and Drawing Information.

The Sound of Music A Night to Remember

Have you ever been driving down the road, meandering through a shopping mall, or just relaxing in your home when a song from the past hits the airwaves, and before you know it your mind drifts back in time to where you were, what you were doing, what your hair or clothing looked like, and who you loved? Perhaps you smiled, re-lived an incredible moment in your life, or realized that you just needed a tissue?  This is what music often does to me – it moves me from the center of my being, and brings me back to a time in my life that I had long since forgotten.  Because I love music so much, I decided to start a section in our blog where we can all share stories and our favorite tunes.  I hope you will join me  in this fun look at our lives through the sound of music!

singersHere’s my story.  It was 2004 and a very hot summer evening in Westwood, CA and I was walking through an exciting outdoor street fair where vendor’s sold their wares so they could put food on their own table – there were clowns, people selling handmade jewelry and hand pieced quilts, others selling the fruits and veges they had grown, plants,  henna tattoos, balloons, and every type of food you could imagine –  when I came upon a couple who were singing for tips.   Now, I am a musician, and I’m not proud to say that I sometimes find myself silently nitpicking other musicians,  (I am really comparing them to myself (lol)) –  but on this sticky summer evening there was no criticism at all.  This breath of fresh air literally stopped me dead in my tracks.   I cannot remember another time when I was in such ‘awe’ when listening to a couple of street singers – it was by far the most beautiful song I EVER heard!   It is a moment in my life that I will always remember the details –  the smells of blended foods, the colorful flowers, the friends I was with, and that one particular night and how life seemed to stand still because of this one song:  ‘The Prayer’ by Celine Dion and Andrew Borcelli.  I recently found this online, and I want to share it with you.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3EoHz29guo
I also hope you will share your favorites with me!

Peruvian Ceviche – The Ahee Aha momentby Chez Laura

babychefsI am so glad that I grew up in a large family- life never had a dull moment, was always full of surprises,  and everyone always brought something unique to the table.  I actually have 6 sisters…yes, there are 7 girls in our family and no boys…except for my lone father who was absolutely a saint!   Each of us girls  posses certain talents – quilting, scrap booking, sewing, ceramics,  mentoring, patience, and sports.  My passion?   Cooking!  Growing up,  I just loved to be in the kitchen with my grandma, learning the art of blending flavors and then feeling the pride as others enjoyed my ‘masterpiece’.    Everybody knows that when I’m in the kitchen, I’m happy!  

I love that I get to  share my favorite recipe’s with you all on this blog,  but with so many to choose from I didn’t know where to begin.  I started to pour through my box of favorites, and then the answer fell in my lap… I hope you enjoy this quick bio about my brother in law, Juan, along with the recipe that I was so inspired to make.

A wonderful picture of Juan and his son Daniel

A fabulous picture of Juan and his son Daniel

Juan, the baby of the family, has 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters.  Juan’s father was an honored pilot in the Peruvian Airforce, and just months after his retirement he perrished in a plane crash in the Peruvian mountains.   Juan was just a child at the time of his father’s death, but his family was close-knit, and his older brothers helped him grow into a fine young man.   Ever since he could remember, Juan hoped to become an American citizen.   He migrated to America with an older brother and sister, and passionately jumped through all of the formal hoops to become an American citizen.  He worked in an institution, scrubbing toilet’s to put himself through college …  and today he has a masters degree.  He wanted to uphold the rights of our country, so Juan joined the Army Reserves and has fought for our country for nearly 20 years.   We are all so very proud of him!  At times, he seems to appreciate the rights and freedoms of our country more than many Americans who were born in this country.  During this time he met and fell in love with my sister Jewel.   My sister and Juan were married and have been so now for over 20 years and I am happy to say have 4 beautiful children…

cevicheOver the years, Juan and I have had some deep conversations about life, the differences between American and Peruvian culture and of course, cooking.  I told him about a 95 year old man that would come into my work establishment every Tuesday, just to bring me his very own ‘Cuban Ceviche’ which was awesome.   Juan argued that civeche originated in Peru and that there was no ceviche like Peruvian Ceviche… so, of course, I had to try Juan’s recipe.  Okay, not his recipe – his mom did ALL of the cooking in their house!

Oh My Gosh was he ever right …this was the best ceviche recipe I had ever made or tasted! It  has a ‘not-so-secret’ secret spice called Aji (I pronounced it AGEE, but it is actually pronounced AHEE) and it is unbelievably delicious! I found this online at http://www.yanuk.com . When cooking the corn, a few seeds of anise are added…like I said, oh my gosh, what a flavor!  The sweet potatoes and corn are cooked ahead of time  and refrigerated and all eaten alongside the civeche. What a flavor-fusion  explosion!!!!  If you like ceviche, you are going to love this one!!!

thumbnailJUAN’S PERUVIAN CEVICHE / Marinated Fish

Ingredients :

2 1/4 lbs filet of sole or any fresh, white, tender fish
3 medium onions, thinly sliced
Juice of 8 to 10 freshly squeezed key limes (key limes make this dish sweeter)
5 finely chopped aji limo / Chili ( I use the Aji chili paste, it is easiest!)
Salt & Pepper
1½ tablespoons chopped cilantro
3 to 5 cloves crushed garlic
3 leaves of lettuce
3 yellow sweet potatoes
8 1-inch slices of maize corn
1 ají limo / Chili cut in thin slices for decoration


Boil sliced corn with a few anise seeds.  Boil sweet potatoes, peel and cut into slices 1 inch (2 cm) thick.  Wash fish with water and salt. Cut in squares 1/2 inch thick.  Slice onion thinly; add salt.  Cut aji limo in halves, seeded and deveined.  Place fish on serving dish and season with crushed garlic and salt. Add finely chopped aji limo, key lime juice, pepper and chopped cilantro. Let set for 10 minutes (taste juice to check hotness). Place onions over fish.  Decorate the platter with the refrigerated slices of corn, aji limo, sweet potato and leaves of lettuce.  This makes 8 servings.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! And, please be sure to send us your favorite recipes along with your stories behind them!

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A View from Our Window & Monday Madness

3-x-5-cropped2The view here at Homespun Hearth is ever changing.  Yesterday we received about 15″ of snow, and then last night it started rain!   By the time we got into the office, much of the snow was gone … we thought that you might appreciate the day we have today as much as we will- sunny!  Isn’t it beautiful?   

And, the view inside Homespun Hearth is ever-changing, too.  As we have spent countless hours preparing the new website, we have ‘held’ off many of the new products that have been arriving daily.   We took a look around on Saturday, and realized that we still need to move more fabric out the door to make room for the new.  So, today we start our first “Monday Madness” – a time for you to save on a particular item to help those Mondays seem a bit more manageable.  

So, for our first “Monday Madness” we are offering all of our in-stock Kaffe Fassett Fabrics at 25% Savings!  Simply Use Coupon Code – MM56748!   Click Here to see the Selection.

Easter Day Egg Hunt & Hat Parade!

Tweet Tweet - Find Your Treat!

Tweet Tweet - Find Your Treat!

As I was pulling out my boys’ Easter Baskets last night, I realized that an egg hunt is something that nearly everyone enjoys – even adults!   My oldest, I know, is hoping that he will find a certificate to a certain video game in one, and my husband is looking for the “slave for a day” coupon that he hopes to use against me.   Fortunately, I know which egg that is in … so you can be sure I’m going to hide it!  I’ll just make sure he gets the “Free Car Wash from 3 Strong Boys” coupon – that will make him happy.  I love doing these ‘family’ coupons – they are inexpensive and fun to get.

And, while I’m not usually too thrilled if I find an egg weeks after Easter … I will do a sneaky jump for joy it if is filled  with chocolate!

So, we know that if you were here, we would have a special egg hunt just for you.  Therefore, we decided to do the next best thing and send all of you on a hunt this weekend  – I think this will be fun! 

We have ‘hidden’  4 Eggs on the website for you to locate.  Plus, when you find them, roll your mouse over the egg, and you will find a little something there for you, too! 

So, for your first hint …. type “Easter” in the quick search on the Homespun Hearth homepage, wait a few seconds, and take a look in some of those products… especially a ‘Fluffy’ one that comes up last!

Have a Hoppy Day!     ~ Teresa

Twittering Around in Circles

Okay, so Laura has asked me to give you all a little insight into who is on the Homespun Hearth Customer Care Team. As many of you know, my name is Teresa Grundman, and I am the founder and president of what was intended originally to only take up 2 or 3 hours of my day. Haha! I started Homespun Hearth in early 2001, and it quickly snowballed into a much larger venture than I ever could have imagined. Now, I could go through my life, but we actually have that loaded (at least it is supposed to be), in the About Us section on our new website. So…. zooming ahead 9 years – right now I have been trying to get my arms around a zillion things – all of them stretching my technological, mental, and physical capabilities waaaay further than the brain cells and body really wants and is able to stretch! Between the Podcasts, Blog, Twittering, Videos, Live Chat, and Widgets, together with learning how each of these works, plus endless hours as honorary taxi driver to my 3 RAPIDLY growing boys, and the crazy travel schedule my husband has for his job, I have come to realize that I should have bought Starbucks stock a long time ago.

Brent, Sean  & Austin in 1998!

Brent, Sean & Austin in 1998!

So, as I mentioned, I have a lot going on in addition to Homespun Hearth. Brent (16)- our oldest, is a sophmore who carrys a very heavy academic load, and I can’t believe that I already have to look up to him. He aspires to be a veterinarian, and he wants to get his degree right here at CSU — woohoo — a state school! He is just about ready to receive his Eagle Scout Award, and is preparing for the “Super Strenous” High adventure scout hike this summer – 82 miles of grueling terrain in Philmont, NM. And, he somehow talked my husband into joining them – I am never going to hear the end of it!.

Sean (14) is our ‘entertainer’ – this kid is bound to be in the lights somehow – whether it is playing football or baseball, singing in a musical or playing his guitar in a band, or just working a crowd. He has so many interests, and is certain he will be playing football at USC someday. His ‘back-up’ plan is to be an engineer like dad. Whatever he does, I’m sure it will be something just ‘totally fun and cool’. He is looking forward to starting High School next year, and like Brent, I can’t believe I have to look up to him already, too! Wow – these kids sure grow fast!

Austin (11) is our ‘Kool Kat’ – and so far I don’t have to look up at him! After all, he is my baby. Austin is an avid baseball player and he plays on a competitive team. At one point he thought he might like football, but after a tackle from Sean that left Austin with a broken wrist, he pretty much decided that he didn’t really like to get pounded. Although, somehow he came away from the baseball game last night with a black eye! Apparently one of his teammates ‘tipped’ the ball and Austin just didn’t see it coming. Austin is also an avid scouter and he also is the drummer for Sean’s band, and hopes to go to UCLA one day.

So, the last member of my family (ok, not counting the veritable zoo that includes a Large Dog (Bandit), a Chinese Water Dragon, a Ferret (Rascal), a Gerbil (Nibbles), 6 fish (no names)), is my dear husband, Ron. All I can say is that he must be some kind of saint … I think he has done very well in accepting that he must come to terms with a man’s worst nightmare …. Fabric!

Well, I’m off to twitter about! I hope you have a wonderful weekend – and stop by tomorrow for a fun contest we will be having!

Pandemonium in full swing!!

Crazy Dayz at Homespun Hearth

Crazy Dayz at Homespun Hearth

What a great, crazy, insightful and fun past few months we’ve had around here.  As you can see, at Homespun Hearth we have finally launched our new website with all of the new cool Customer Interaction elements, (Podcasts, Design Board, Live Chat)  and our favorite – this Quilter’s Vine Blog! 
The blog had a couple of bumpy starts and hiccups – but we are happy to say we are finally Blogging! We sure wish you could have been here through all of our enthusiastic pandemonium! Talk about a fun time; bolts flying, deadlines to meet, new employees to train, software programs to learn, marketing projects to unfold and fabric to fold and fold and fold ….ALL FOR YOU – OUR FAVORITE QUILTERS!!!

We are so excited that our new website is up and running and we believe that you are going to be so happy, surprised and excited when you see everything that we have in store for you here on the blog! Contests, Prizes, New Fabric, New patterns, new programs and so much more!

Be sure to check our blog daily because you could be a winner, get a great discount, learn something new, or just make friends.  With our new interactive site up, you won’t want to miss one single moment of all of the fun we have in store for you!

We are so grateful that you are a valued customer and we want to reward you for your patronage!   Thank you again and let’s get this party started!!!