Twittering Around in Circles

Okay, so Laura has asked me to give you all a little insight into who is on the Homespun Hearth Customer Care Team. As many of you know, my name is Teresa Grundman, and I am the founder and president of what was intended originally to only take up 2 or 3 hours of my day. Haha! I started Homespun Hearth in early 2001, and it quickly snowballed into a much larger venture than I ever could have imagined. Now, I could go through my life, but we actually have that loaded (at least it is supposed to be), in the About Us section on our new website. So…. zooming ahead 9 years – right now I have been trying to get my arms around a zillion things – all of them stretching my technological, mental, and physical capabilities waaaay further than the brain cells and body really wants and is able to stretch! Between the Podcasts, Blog, Twittering, Videos, Live Chat, and Widgets, together with learning how each of these works, plus endless hours as honorary taxi driver to my 3 RAPIDLY growing boys, and the crazy travel schedule my husband has for his job, I have come to realize that I should have bought Starbucks stock a long time ago.

Brent, Sean  & Austin in 1998!

Brent, Sean & Austin in 1998!

So, as I mentioned, I have a lot going on in addition to Homespun Hearth. Brent (16)- our oldest, is a sophmore who carrys a very heavy academic load, and I can’t believe that I already have to look up to him. He aspires to be a veterinarian, and he wants to get his degree right here at CSU — woohoo — a state school! He is just about ready to receive his Eagle Scout Award, and is preparing for the “Super Strenous” High adventure scout hike this summer – 82 miles of grueling terrain in Philmont, NM. And, he somehow talked my husband into joining them – I am never going to hear the end of it!.

Sean (14) is our ‘entertainer’ – this kid is bound to be in the lights somehow – whether it is playing football or baseball, singing in a musical or playing his guitar in a band, or just working a crowd. He has so many interests, and is certain he will be playing football at USC someday. His ‘back-up’ plan is to be an engineer like dad. Whatever he does, I’m sure it will be something just ‘totally fun and cool’. He is looking forward to starting High School next year, and like Brent, I can’t believe I have to look up to him already, too! Wow – these kids sure grow fast!

Austin (11) is our ‘Kool Kat’ – and so far I don’t have to look up at him! After all, he is my baby. Austin is an avid baseball player and he plays on a competitive team. At one point he thought he might like football, but after a tackle from Sean that left Austin with a broken wrist, he pretty much decided that he didn’t really like to get pounded. Although, somehow he came away from the baseball game last night with a black eye! Apparently one of his teammates ‘tipped’ the ball and Austin just didn’t see it coming. Austin is also an avid scouter and he also is the drummer for Sean’s band, and hopes to go to UCLA one day.

So, the last member of my family (ok, not counting the veritable zoo that includes a Large Dog (Bandit), a Chinese Water Dragon, a Ferret (Rascal), a Gerbil (Nibbles), 6 fish (no names)), is my dear husband, Ron. All I can say is that he must be some kind of saint … I think he has done very well in accepting that he must come to terms with a man’s worst nightmare …. Fabric!

Well, I’m off to twitter about! I hope you have a wonderful weekend – and stop by tomorrow for a fun contest we will be having!

4 thoughts on “Twittering Around in Circles

  1. Teresa – your family is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing. And hold on tight – they do grow up fast. Take it from me – I am a grandma of 17 grandchildren!

  2. Dear Teresa,

    I love the new website! I have to say you continue to amaze me with everything you accomplish along with taking care of your wonderful family. You and Victoria, yes you Victoria, are two of the most incredible women I have ever met with all you do! I don’t know how you do it. I admire you and I am so blessed to have my Common Threads family. 😀

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