Easter Day Egg Hunt & Hat Parade!

Tweet Tweet - Find Your Treat!

Tweet Tweet - Find Your Treat!

As I was pulling out my boys’ Easter Baskets last night, I realized that an egg hunt is something that nearly everyone enjoys – even adults!   My oldest, I know, is hoping that he will find a certificate to a certain video game in one, and my husband is looking for the “slave for a day” coupon that he hopes to use against me.   Fortunately, I know which egg that is in … so you can be sure I’m going to hide it!  I’ll just make sure he gets the “Free Car Wash from 3 Strong Boys” coupon – that will make him happy.  I love doing these ‘family’ coupons – they are inexpensive and fun to get.

And, while I’m not usually too thrilled if I find an egg weeks after Easter … I will do a sneaky jump for joy it if is filled  with chocolate!

So, we know that if you were here, we would have a special egg hunt just for you.  Therefore, we decided to do the next best thing and send all of you on a hunt this weekend  – I think this will be fun! 

We have ‘hidden’  4 Eggs on the website for you to locate.  Plus, when you find them, roll your mouse over the egg, and you will find a little something there for you, too! 

So, for your first hint …. type “Easter” in the quick search on the Homespun Hearth homepage, wait a few seconds, and take a look in some of those products… especially a ‘Fluffy’ one that comes up last!

Have a Hoppy Day!     ~ Teresa

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