Who’s Who Challenge #3

Good Morning Everybody!   Today we had the most beautiful sunrise here in Colorado.  I woke up early, and realized that the sun was creeping up at 4:45am … that’s just not right!  But, I did get up anyway – it’s amazing how much a person can look at when there is peace and quiet!

Okay, before I go on to the Who’s Who Challenge, I want to let you know that you really need to check back here a bit later today … especially of you love wool and/or fabric!

So, we have a winner … and more people joining the contest!  Today’s winner of a Free yard of  Breast Cancer fabric is Jenna!  Great job Jenna — the answer was “Joined at the Hip”.   We appreciate all of your answers … right or not-so-right!

And to remind all of you, we are keeping track of all winning answers, and the 3 people with the most correct answers receive a Breast Cancer Fat Quarter Bundle and a Homespun Hearth Shopping Spree!

Hint:  Mother & Daughter Quilt until the <i>Cups </i> Runneth Over!

Hint: Mother & Daughter Quilt until the Cup Runneth Over!

This is going to bit a bit tougher … but if you look close at their booth, you may get a hint or two!
Isn’t this quilt just taking on a life of its own?  Thank you for your donations, and good luck!
Good luck and we hope to see you just a bit later!

19 thoughts on “Who’s Who Challenge #3

  1. i guess Qult in a Cup. Also, I looked and see that you have these cups. Do you do a breast cancer one? Like a kit?

  2. Dianne Springer is the creative mind behind Quilt in a Cup. Thanks for the reminder, I just figured out what my end of the year gift will be to my team. I don’t know her daughter’s name.

  3. Got it (this was hard) … Diane Springer from Quilt in a Cup. From looking at their blog, she is also there with her daughter Brandy. It sounds like they are doing a breast cancer walk to.

  4. Took a while on your website, but found the quilt in a cup and clocks … I knew they were kits, but didn’t remember the name. Quilt in a cup. Hazel

    • Hey Jennifer — First, I am a HUGE fan! I was so excited to receive your latest book when I ordered fabric (Red Rooster I believe) – and, didn’t you mention once or twice that it was a New York Top Seller ..?? 🙂 I went to your schoolhouse, and forgot to do something …. ask you to sign our Hope Signature quilt! But, we ordered several of your fabrics lines from 2 fabric companies (didn’t know that could be done – way to go!). Anyway, we are actually shipping the quilt off to Marie Osmond today. Once we get it back, would you be willing to sign the quilt if we could get it to you? Thanks for the follow, too! Teresa

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