The Silver Needle Wool & Naked Sheep Society

Watch Your Wooly End!

Watch Your Wooly End!

Before I do the Who’s Who Challenge,c I wanted to get this blog out … We are SOOO excited! One thing we did at Quilt Market is re-stock our wool department … and it is going to explode! This is where The Silver Needle Wool & Naked Sheep Society was born! We also designed 5 more wool programs that, if you are even the tiniest bit of a wool enthusiast, you are going to love it! I’m not going to elaborate here. OK – so I’ll elaborate some. Stash programs, Auto-ship programs, Christmas programs … woops … that’s it. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “The Silver Needle Wool & Naked Sheep Society

  1. Love this so much. You have always had such a great selection of fun things to do … and these wools are right up my alley! Will you be getting more of the rug hooking frames? I want to give one to my aunt – she is going to be 85 this year, and she still travels all over the place. I want another of the travelling hooking frames. Thanks! Rachel

  2. Yipee – I can finally cure my wool fetish! Thank you Homespun Hearth for such fun and innovative programs. Where do I sign up?

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