Sharpest Needle in the Pincushion

Well, I want to say that I’ve never proclaimed to be the sharpest needle in the pin cushion. And, this time I feel pretty dumb … I don’t know HOW, but I somehow got two very different ‘Jennifer’s mixed up … and I’m thankful that I have some followers who set me straight! Duh… but, this certainly does make some sense to me. Somehow, I got Jennifer Paganelli and Jennifer Chiaverini mixed up … could it be that they are both Italian? They both design gorgeous fabrics? You know… the name Paganelli is a pet name for Pagan, which means ‘village dweller’, and Chiaverini is a diminutive of Chiavaro, an occupational name for a ‘locksmith’. So I can see how I got confused. Afterall, I’m thinking ‘village dweller’ and ‘locksmith’ … in the end they both need a quilt! Does that work? No? Well, I thank you all for setting me straight, anyway!

2 thoughts on “Sharpest Needle in the Pincushion

  1. I really know how you feel. I finally tried to make an Amish quilt from a book my mother gave me. At least you weren’t working on a project and wondering when the quilt was going to get bigger….I had the quilt almost done when I was wondering that. It turned out, after re-reading the book, that I was making a quilt the size of a doll quilt! I really missed that information…or, I just am so used to doing queen and king sized quilts that I just went a bit “brain dead.” At least my mom got a chuckle out of it!

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