Patchwork Party … Ready Set Go!

We are so excited to be a part of this fun Patchwork Party! I know that there are other programs out there – and they are all a great way to see the wonderful quilt shops that are on the web. But, one thing I love about Patchwork Party is how professional everything is! From the quilt images, to the Patchwork Party website, down to the very last detail the Debbie Luttrell assures is in place. And, I know that the Patchwork Party quilts are a ‘cut above’ what you might find in other programs. This time we have designed a very easy, affordable, but gorgeous quilt. The pictures just don’t do it justice (no matter how great the image is, pictures just don’t cut it if you can’t ‘touch’ the quilt!). Anyway, we were told by the quilter (Donna Peterson of Golden Acorn Quilts) it should be in a magazine – what a great compliment! And, be sure to join us in the Spring — Bittersweet Blessing always design our Spring PWP Quilts!

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