30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners!

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays ahead of us, we decided that it was time to let all of our quilting Givingfriends know how special you all are to us.  So, we have a special event planned for the month of November – 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners!  We hope you all will participate .. not for us, but for those around you!

What Homespun Hearth has Planned:
A Month Of Giving from Homespun Hearth! That’s right – for 30 days we will give 30 gifts to 30 winners for the entire month of November!  Every day we are going to select one participant to receive a special gift from Homespun Hearth.  We know that a lot of people have struggled financially over the past couple of years, and yet this hasn’t stopped them from being kind to others and doing good deeds.  We believe that there’s no better person than a quilter, and we know that you are giving a helping hand at every turn.  We want to let you all know that we appreciate who you are and what you do, and so we would like to reward you the best way we know how … with great quilting goodies! 

How to win:
 30 days, 30 gifts, 30 winners … and one of those could be you! What’s the catch, you ask? No catch! Well, not really. Here is how it goes – for the month of November, we want to ‘reward’ those of you who do a special deed or act  of kindness for somebody… anybody – and you just have to let us know!   And don’t be shy.  What you do may sometimes go unnoticed, but we want to make sure that this time it does not!  Simply post your deed or act on this blog, and we will put your name in the ‘Drawing Pot’.  Well, it isn’t actually a pot.  It’s more like a bowl.  A huge bowl.  But, it works!  Once you tell us your story, you are eligible for a drawing every day of the month.  You can only win one of the daily prizes,  but everybody who does any act of kindness or special deed will be placed in the grand prize drawing … a wonderfulf Queen Size Quilt Kit from our Quilt-a-lisious Grab Bag!  You can do one act all month, or you can get more chances to win if you get your name added every day  by doing a daily deed!  You just have to let us know .  Mostly, we know  that the quilting community will be impressed at the wonderful nature of our quilters!

What we are giving:
We have some pretty great stuff we are giving away – everything from yards of fabric, the new Better Homes & Garden 2010 Quilting Calendar, fat quarter bundles, quilt kits, jelly rolls and books, just to name a few.  Every gift will come specially wrapped, plus you will recieve an additional shopping coupon for your next order at Homespun Hearth!

So, starting today all you have to do is blog something here that you have done today that was just a bit more than you needed to.  Just post to this blog, and beginning on Sunday November 1st, we will begin to draw names!

Thank you for being so giving!

Teresa & the entire Homespun Hearth Customer Care Team!

157 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners!

  1. I have been in contact with Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb after she posted about the damage in Somoa. After I sent a box of items that were suggested, I started thinking about the children and asked if it would be OK to send toys. She said yes and I sent another box of stuffed toys. I cannot imagine what it must be like there to lose everything, especially for the kids.

  2. I just “happened” over here from the Quilters’ Blog where I read regularly. My truest and most loved gift that I do is to teach sewing/quilting. I have some “neighborhood” ladies that have come a long way in their sewing ability and I’m so proud of them. I want “the craft of sewing and quilting” to continue.

    I willingly donate a minimum a two mornings a week to teach. I am blessed to have a wonderful sewing space with four “stalls” to accommodate those to attend.

    And, the biggest blessing I’m getting out of this – now OUR OWN DAUGHTER, at age 30, is taking the “plunge”. She just completed her first Charm Wallhanging!

    Sewing hugs and blessings…always.

  3. I took magazines to the local hospital emergency room for the patients and their families to enjoy and hopefully take their mind off of their medical problems. A person never knows when they are going to to have to be in the ER so usually they do not take anything to read or pass the time away with them. Having magazines available I feel is a big help

  4. I’m not used to telling others about what i do. But since that is required here – I took several quilts and some tops that are ready to be quilted to the lady who coordinates the Project Linus in our community. Then some of the ladies at the senior center who can’t afford to buy fabric will quilt the tops. So it helps Project Linus and it helps the senior citizens.


  5. I saw your 30 in 30 this morning and it started me thinking what I could do right now to make a difference for one person today. I have Rhumetoid Arthritis which makes daily tasks difficult but I can’t let that rule my life. My neighbor has been recently diagnosed (but a long time sufferer) and the wintry wet weather has been hard so I decided to make several meals to take to her so she could have home cooking. I know lately home cooking has been the furthest thing from her t.v. dinner menu so I hope this brightens her day a little. I hope I helped 1 person on day 1 of 30 and because you’ve inspired me to even do the littlest bit I can for someone I plan to help at least 1 person per day and if I can swing it I will help 2 people on day 2, 3 people on day 3, and so on. Wish me luck, and good luck to those of you who are also as inspired as I am!
    Angel Tranter

    • Wow Angel! What a great idea — you will be pretty busy by the end of the month! Thankfully you do not have to spend a lot of time doing a special deed. I’m sure your friend truly appreciated your cooking – especially knowing that you, too, are a sufferer. Thank you!

  6. My sister in law recently told me of a volunteer firefighter in her area who was injured while responding to the scene of a car accident. She wanted ideas to to a fundraiser to help with his expenses. I was able to locate & have donated 50 patches from other fire protection districts around the country which were then used in a quilt and a wall hanging that were auctioned off, to help pay his hospital bills.

  7. I love this idea of service! We live in an area that has been hit pretty hard economically. We’ve got some good friends that have been out of a job for several months. The wife is trying all that she can to do lessen the impact on the family, but bring in a little income by watching kids in her home. She is an avid crafter and has been struggling with the fact that she doesn’t have the means to purchase items to craft anymore. I collaborated with her to make quilts for our local church service group, and I went through my stash of fabric and supplied a VERY large bag of fabric for her to work with so that we could make quilts to donate to our local area. They were very well received and much loved and needed.

  8. I am one of those who does not like to talk about what I do and give, but I do love prizes;) I did not do anything today, it was the first day I have been out in two weeks, since I have been down with the flu. Today was a me day, I got quilt books and magazines from the thrift, so I will enjoy some and some will go to quilting friends who are just starting and do not have enough money to buy supplies. So, I guess I bought for giving too.

    I love this idea and think everyday we should do something for someone, even if it is a smile as you pass a stranger in the store.


  9. I am not posting for myself but for a good friend and fellow quilter. Actually the woman who taught me to quilt.

    Karen is a wonderful quilter and one of the most giving people I know. She has been my friend and rock thru many rough spots this past year.

    She makes so many quilts it is hard to keep up. The most impressive part of this is that she gives most of them away as gifts. She gives to people from her church who are ill or have suffered major injury, her handyman, baby quilts for her two daughters’ friends.

    A few years ago while visiting me in Chicago she bought me the most beautiful quilt kit. When I finally finished it this year I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I sent the finished quilt back to her. She was so appreciative. She has made so many quilts for others and no one had ever done that for her. It gave me the greatest joy and the warmest heart sending that quilt to her.

    Her name is Karen and she is involved in acts of kindness and giving on a daily basis.

  10. My mom lost her battle with cancer less that a year ago. During her many rounds of chemo, I would sit with her while she was in the “drip room” where she got her infusion of Chemo drugs. It would sometimes last up to 5 hours for her to get the various drugs into her system, with not much to do but just sit there. She was avid quilter, crafter, and gardener with subscriptions to many different magazines. I’ve made several trips to the cancer center to drop off her gently read
    magazines as well as the new ones that still come in the mail, with the hope that someone else’s time in the “drip room” will go by faster with something to read.

  11. I’m with Linda- I like to do what I do and not expound on it…but over the past year I’ve made and given almost a dozen quilts to the Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC, Utah in memory of my husband’s granddaughter. I’ve got 2 more almost ready to go and that will make the dozen (Rachel was 12 when she passed away there and that’s why the goal of 12).

  12. I am forever looking at peoples heels thinking they must hurt from dryness…today I gave a lady a jar of our shea butter that will help with healing her cracked heels. She was thankful. I knew she could not afford special products for herself. It was a grand feeling to give away.

  13. This is really a very small act of kindness considering what some people do but recently some friends of ours were moving. It is was quite a feat and the couple was simply exhausted. I made a homemade chicken pot pie so that the wife would not have to cook. I used a throw away pie plate so that she wouldn’t have to wash and return it. It was an act of love to these special people. There have been times over the years where others have showed their love to my family and it is always greatly appreciated.

  14. When the notice goes out for soldiers who need quilts while stationed in Afghanistan, that is a band wagon I jump onto. I come from a long line of vets, myself included(Navy), my husband is a retired vet and my dd is currently serving. At church I volunteered some time to pack grocery bags for school kids but had to quit that due to work hours changing. I also clean occasionally for a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. You know, there’s nothing as rewarding as volunteering even if/when no one sees [God does though;-)] and I am blessed by it.

  15. Today I finished a very special project. My parents have 14 great grandchildren. Living on a fixed income it is difficult for them to gift anything for Christmas. I made “I Spy” bags for them to give to each of the great grandchildren and also made additional for my sisters Sunday School class. Makes me feel good to be able to give.

  16. hi, your idea is wonderful. I haven’t something special to tell you. I think that i I try to do a special deed or act of kindness for somebody every day, or better I try to take care of people around me, and not just in my family…you know, just the lonely man I meet every day going to work,…I try to take care of people, not just of me and my family. hugs

  17. Today in fact, I have made cookies in the shape of dog bones and dogs, for a nursing home that has to have a bake sale to feed their dogs. The nursing home practices the eden theory. Which supports the home enviorment for the residents. I help them acquire the dogs they have in the home. In the times of financial woe, they need help for their dogs. So I contacted friends and we all bake goodies for the bake sale. Hope it is a success.

  18. What a special way to honor those with generous hearts. Recently Barb of Bejeweled Quilts was in the middle of a huge sunami and was able to help many who lost everything. It was my priviledge to send her a box of items that she had requested. It was something that a lot of us have done to help a fellow quilter. I did blog about it on my blog and Barb has been gracious to acknowledge all those who sent boxes (as they were arriving). Thanksgiving is certainly a time when we think of those less fortunate, but it appears to me that this blogging/quilting community has the biggest heart as they rise to the occasion when others are in need. Thank YOU for such a thoughtful giveaway.

  19. I am currently working on a community project as a requirement for my bachelors degree. I am working with two other wonderful ladies.
    Part of our project was to conduct a survey, which required a fee to complete. I didn’t tell the other ladies about the fee because I know they have families and small kids so I didn’t want to burden their budgets. I just paid the fee myself….

    They don’t know so I hope they aren’t quilters who read this blog!”


  20. I am providing dinner tonight for our son and daughter in law at there home as they have just brought our 8mo old grandson home from a 4 week hospital stay.

  21. I just donated 2 childrens’ quilts to the wonderful “Margaret’s Hope Chest” Quilt drive. I blogged about it and took pictures of the two quilts on my blog. I know there are so many various organizations locally that collect quilts to give to homeless, struggling, NICU and so many other kids and adults in need. But after reading the story behind how “Margaret’s Hope Chest” was created from one person turning a tragedy into a hopeful giving . . . I was really touched and was glad I could participate.

  22. I didn’t wake up this morning thinking about what I might do for someone, but I want to thank you for putting that in my head. Your 30 for 30 made me think back to just a few days ago when a person out of nowhere complimented me on how pretty my eyes are. Now, when I look in the mirror, I pretty much see dark bags, and not a lot of sparkle. But, when this lady (who I didn’t even know), said that, it made me feel so much better. So, today I’ve made a point to just smile at people, say hello, and I even helped an elderly lady get into her car. Not much, I know, but it didn’t cost me anything at all – and I don’t know if I made any of those people feel better, but I suspect it had an impact on at least one or two of them. I love what you are doing, as it will remind me to be extra nice to people who I come in contact with, especially since so many will be struggling with Christmas and other holidays during the next few months.

  23. What a lovely giveaway for you to sponsor! A very close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the mother of two young boys and her husband is out of work! Lisa
    was originally going to have a lumpectomy, but a staph infection
    has set in. When the infection is under control, now the breast has to be taken off. It would be wonderful to win a surprise gift to lift her spirits! Many thanks, Cindi

  24. Caring for my husband who just underwent open heart surgery.
    It is a privilege for me to be with him and see to his needs as he begins to improve…..

      • Thank you for gift…..so sorry I am late in responding. My precious husband passed away unexpectly and suddenly on Nov. 15, just 5 weeks after his open heart surgery. I have been negligent in checking e-mails. I will get back into my quilting soon…just not right now. Thank you so very much for awarding me the fat quartrs….I promise to use them eventually. Regards, Alice Price

  25. Recently our local food pantry experienced critically low levels of food – at a time when more & more families needed assistance. I organized a food drive at work, in conjunction with a division celebration. For two days, over 100 employees brought boxes and bags of food & non-perishables. We collected a pickup truck load FULL of goods which I delivered to the food pantry. The volunteers there were overwhelmed at the contribution. Their gracious thank-you letter was distributed to the entire division. We’re planning a similar event at an upcoming holiday gathering.

  26. Well my assistant where I work has the same Birthday as me and is a fellow quilter… How cool is that. Well she is a very nice person and is so helpful I wanted this to be extra special for her. So I did a whole treat day for her, which ended up being for the whole office. I baked her muffins and cut up strawberries for breakfast. Then I made from scratch and brought in for the whole office, 2 kinds of enchiladas, Rice, Beans, salsa, chips and Sour cream. For her gift I gave her some Fat Quarters she wanted for a project and homemade peanut butter cookies.
    My friends and family always say how nice and giving I am… I don’t always see it, I just have fun doing for others. It didn’t dawn on me until I tried to figure something nice I had done, what all I had done here. I was still concerned it wasn’t enough.

  27. Today when I drove through Starbuck I gave the barista $20 extra .. .to pay for as far as it would go for the people behind me. I did that about 2 months ago – it was a lot of fun. Somebody did that to me once at a car wash – it really made my day!

  28. I never go to a gathering/party or “get together” without taking the host/hostess a small gift of appreciation.

    Tonight, hubby and I are attending a small Halloween party. My small gift to the hostess is a “Lazy Girl Wonder Wallet” made in red, black and white fabrics. And, it’s so fun to see someone’s face when they receive something – especially when it’s so unexpected.

    One doesn’t have to do something BIG to make a difference, just make it from the heart.

    Sewing hugs and blessings…always.

  29. I have sewn a quilt for our church to auction off (silent bid) so that the money can be used towards Lunches for Learning. Our church started out by feeding one rural school in Guatemala so that the children would not have to drop out of school to beg for food. It proved such a blessing that we are now feeding 12 rural schools with more on the waiting list to join as we can raise more money to serve more children. These precious children are staying in school for their educations, and hopefully will be able to get jobs to work their way out of the poverty level.

    • Thank you for giving an education to the children in the world – without you and others like you, these kind of programs would not be in existence, and those poor children would just end up on the streets. Thank you!

  30. I know that this started yesterday, but last week I donated a bunch of fabric (admitedly older ones that were no longer my taste) to a senior citizens home. The ladies were totally thrilled.

    • What a great idea! Quilters … did you see this? I think we all have something we could part with … We’ll still throw your name in the ‘bowl’. Keep us posted on other acts of kindness for this month. Thank you!

  31. I went through some of my craft and quilting books and magazines…and donated them to the Friends of the Library here in town.

  32. Yesterday afternoon I was in doctor’s office and noticed that if you sign up for a mammogram in October a mammogram will be given to a woman who otherwise would be unable to afford the procedure. I called a friend of mine and we both signed up for our “mammys” so two other women could have them as well. I also left messages with several other people to quick call and sign up before the end of day, hopefully they not only got the message but were able to get their names on the list too. Although I was really a conduit for helping others and my clinic is the real hero, I still feel incredibly happy. I only wish I new of this buy one give one arrangement earlier I could have called a lot of people who could have then done the same! So, even though it was yesterday, I am applying it to today for my goal of day 2 helping 2 people. If I win, my friend Pam who answered my call, will be also sharing in the win!

  33. This is kind of strange putting to paper what I’ve done – and yet it is so wonderful to know that what goes around truly does come around. I did 2 things at the grocery store this morning. First, I let 3 people go ahead of me because my basket was extra full – – they were all very appreciative. Then, out in the parking lot I helped an elderly lady push her cart to her car, and then loaded it for her. She was so grateful – makes me realize that I need to be aware more often of who is around me. Whether my name is drawn or not, I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing – and the more we all do, the more others will do, too. And, it simply doesn’t have to take any extra money, or even time. It’s just being neighborly.

    • Thank you Diane! You are right – sometimes I think just ‘acknowledging’ that somebody is there and may have a simple need (to get to work fast or help into their car) is all it takes. Thank you!

  34. today when i drove thru starbucks, i gave the barrista $20 extra to ‘pay it forward’ to the cars behind me. I did this a couple of months ago, and it was a lot of fun. A while back somebody (annonymous) did this for me at the car wash, and it made my day!

  35. I let someone with a smaller order go ahead of me in line today…. I always love the look of surprise when I do this very small token for some one…. seems to make their day (and mine!)


  36. A friend of mine suffered a severe stroke. I had a quilt kit just sitting there…so I stitched it up for her. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder that we are all pulling for her recovery!

  37. I sent “leftovers” (scraps of food fabrics!) to a quilter making gift quilts for the people who work at her local food bank. . .didn’t know her, but had plenty of food at my house.

  38. Oh! And I took the shopping cart from a Mom with two young kids from her car so she wouldn’t have to be in the rain any longer while returning it.

  39. I organized and put together a friendship quilt for one of the girls in our “Girls Nite Out” group that has been together for 28 years. She found out she had in-operable cancer. I had each girl write a message on a square and I incorporated it into a quilt with photo transfer blocks of special events we had all shared over the years. She has said that whenever she feels down she wraps herself in our quilt and feels the love. Something must be working because her last report was very encouraging.

  40. My sister and I put on a birthday party each month for the senior citizens that live in our Mother’s building. We have door prizes and music and they look forward to it. It is a lot of work but we love it!

  41. Thank you for letting us share. My 96 year old Mother-in-Law lives with my husband and I in the mountains of Colorado. She is very special to us and I needed to find something to keep her busy. I found Quilts of Valor and the story grew. She makes the tops, I quilt and bind. So far we have made over 100 quilts. Some go directly to QofV, others go to people in our community who have been in the war and need them. We first were in a group where we dropped them off finished, but we like to know where they are going. We especially like them to go to CA to the Vietnam vets as we think they were overlooked and are suffering alone, but a vet is a vet. Sometimes we get a nice letter from the new owner, which we treasure, but if we don’t, it’s o.k. we know they enjoy the new quilt to take home with them.

    That’s our story and we keep on quilting more and more if I can keep up with her.

    Cathy & Louise

  42. Being unemployed for nearly eighteen months, makes it somewhat more difficult to contribute financially to many of the organizations that I have helped in the past. Therefore, I have had to become more creative. This past week, while doing some deep fall cleaning, I gathered together several new makeup samples that were included when I purchased my standard makeup items. I put these into small makeup bags and took them to the local shelter for abused teens.

  43. My blessing of gifts is to make “A Case for Smiles” for the ConKerr Kids. I make three or four pillowcases each month to send to the ConKerr organization to be distributed to critically ill children in the hospitals. I love helping others. JC

  44. I was at Walgreens today with a big basket of mark downs and let two people with a couple things go in front of me. Why have them wait. It ended up one was in a rush to get back to a birthday party with the new batteries for the camera and the other person was ill. Neither needed to stand and wait for my big check out of sales.

  45. The dog bake sale was a success. It netted $200 for their dogs at the nursing home.

    Well today my neighbor came home from the hospital. I am making meals for her. She had back surgery and will be laid up for a couple of weeks. She will be in my meal planning until then.

    I know it is not much but she will appreciate the meals. She is by herself except for some friends coming over.

  46. I have been making pillow cases for a homeless shelter in our area. A gal from our quilt group has been doing this for quite some time and she said they are really appreciated, and are given to the people when they leave.

  47. While at the grocery store this morning, they had a number of items buy one, get one free. I bought several staple items, including soups, crackers, tuna, etc. Since my local quilting shop is having a food drive to help those less fortunate, I placed my free items in a box to take for my weekly donation. Since these were items I would normally buy for stocking my pantry, it was an easy way to get a few extras.

  48. I have been making and donating quilts and handbags all year for various silent auctions for charities and non-profits. I also do quilt blocks for military quilts.

  49. An email went out that Quilts of Valor needed patriotic blocks to be sewn into Quilts of Valor quilts. Was able to complete 28 blocks to send to them. Felt really good.

  50. Tuesday is recycling collection day in our neighborhood, and since the recycling truck runs early, most people put out their bins on Monday night. Last night, it was a little breezy, and this morning, a number of plastic bottles and jugs had blown out of several bins. While my dog and I were walking, I picked up the blown items and placed them back in the bins for my neighbors. It also helps to keep our neighborhood looking nice and neat.

  51. Today is a beautiful day here. For Washington in November it is unusual not to have rain.

    I am watching two children for an out of work mom. This gives her time to go look for a job and get some applications. Everyone needs a break once in awhile. She is a very deserving person.

  52. I signed up on Downy.com and received a free quilt kit. I complete the quilt from their kit and then make one from my stash and forward both of the quilts to Quilts For Kids to be distributed. Judy C

  53. I’m a little late joining, but I’m trying to do small (or big) acts of kindness everyday. For example, since I’m tall, whenever I see an older person reaching for something on the top shelf in the grocery store, I offer to get it for them. You’d be surprised how happy they are to have someone do such a small thing for them!

  54. At work, I always go that extra mile, to help families fill out our application and save them money.

    Two weeks ago, I went to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (in Canada) for a business trip and had remembered that one of my blogger readers had told me that she ALWAYS wanted to go to P.E.I., but her hubby didn’t like traveling. Soooo, I picked up a postcard and mailed it out to her – as a surprise! *grin*

    I’ve recently cooked a turkey and once cooked, divided it up between both my sons, called them up to come pick up their turkey, for their lunches.

    I suppose, like any person, if you sat down long enough, you’d find that you NEVER stop helping or giving – it’s in our nature, IMHO.

    Tks for adding my name in your pot!

    Rosa Robichaud

  55. We make prayer shawls for members of our church who are shut-ins. Also, we have been making baby blankets as we have had a lot of “new ones” to arrive during the summer. Our quilting group also makes blankets for the preemies in our local hospital. I am usually the contact person if anyone has trouble with their knitting or crocheting. I am no expert but I try to help.

  56. I have just finished up an heirloom baptismal dress for someone without cost. It took me 3 weeks to complete. It was a labor of love and much enjoyed by me. I hope it will be a blessing for the child.

  57. I love to help others in any way I can. I’m not one to show what I do, as I view I am blessed for having the opportunity to help others.

    This week I’ve been having fun making quilts for the Linus Project. I’m also coordinating two opportunity quilt raffles to raise money: 1) Camp Reach For The Sky (kids with cancer get to go to a free summer camp if we raise enough money in 2010) and 2) Susan G. Komen For The Cure. I also made some bananna bread and gave away to neighbors who are very busy, as well as some seniors whom I know that no longer bake. And I also shipped another package to Barb in American Samoa, after having so much fun shopping for items that could be used to help Tsunami victims!


  58. Hope you don’t mind a “crossover” post! For years our church quilting group has made baptism quilts and quilts for a local cancer camp. Last year a group also began to knit/crochet beanies for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. This year we’ve already exceeded our goal of 250 beanies, so we’ll spend the next few months on hats and scarves for Salvation Army (yes – it does get cold in Southern California!) The group has named themselves Heartstrings – Hugs from the Heart.

  59. I get magazines from my daughter after she reads them and after I read them I take them to our care center in town. My mother had been a resident there and I didn’t realize how much they enjoyed them until I was there every day with mom.

  60. Very cool way to share ideas and praise those who give of themselves! Well I don’t know if this sounds like a big deal but I am in Guatemala (i have a FL addy if i win! 🙂 heehee) as a missionary with my husband and kids. We are starting our ministry and other friends of ours had a mission team called World Race they are hosting, and they shared them with us for a few days. We needed some labor done on the property we are developing for our mission base.

    Anyway, we are their first country of 11 they will be going to for the next 11 months. So I made them homemade Peanut butter cookies. We brought the PB from the states (its expensive here) anyway, i thought it was a taste of “back home” for them being in a foriegn country. They were so happy. This was after I had made then “Garbage cookies” the week before. They were so greatful! Otherwise as soon as my kids grow out of their clothes we goive them away. teaches the kids giving and not pack-ratting! LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jackie (at) jackiesue.com

  61. In the last week I quilted a double fleece quilt, made a table runner and 8 matching napkins for the high school band fund raiser. Last night I finished a quilt for Ford Motor Warriors In Pink silent auction. Now I need to finish up 3 baby quilts.

  62. I make fleece blankets for our local Birthright. The ladies of our church have joined in and last week we made 41! I will deliver them next week. I think it’s great to have projects that our church members can help with. And it was fun to have all the ladies visiting and snacking (of course) while we worked.

  63. I left my government job to care for my elderly father after mom passed away. He’s 90 and I’m so grateful to have this time with him. A new friend roped me into joining a quilt club (this, for a gal who’s never quilted!) and I was hooked. For nearly two years I’ve been learning “how to” and donating my quilts to a local charitible humanitarian organization that helps worldwide.

    • Though both my first entry and this addition feel a bit awkward (I love the feeling anonymous service gives my heart & face!) to “tell” here are two smaller services I got to do recently:

      Yesterday in the grocery store I noticed a lady trying to hold onto her car and lean down far enough to reach an item that had fallen. I called out, “I’ll get that” and rushed to pick it up so she wouldn’t have risk of falling. She thanked me graciously and inside I felt glad to have been useful.

      As I waited in line at the fabric store (place of addition) I noted not one or two, but THREE shoppers behind me who also were waiting to pay and each one had only 2-3 items compared to the full cart I had.

      In conversation, I suggested to the first lady behind me that she go ahead since she had just one item: she was relieved & thanked me as she needed to get home to a sick child.

      As she was being waited on, I caught the next person’s attention and asked if he’d like to go next. He was astounded and kept asking if I was sure. (It tickled me to extend this small kindness to him most of all, because he was caught completely off guard and quite dubious.)

      The third person behind me was thrilled and joked that now, in her elder years the tables were turned. No longer did she spend hours waiting for her daughter; today, her impatient daughter waited outside for her.

      All of these services / kindnesses are very small–hardly worth mentioning, maybe–as none is earth-shattering or world changing. However, when you set the stage for your 30 in 30 (and I was excited to participate!), my mind replayed a scene from a favorite movie, “While you were sleeping” in which Sandra Bullock’s character, Lucy assures Peter, the fellow whose life she saved, that NO SERVICE IS UN-HEROIC TO THE RECEIVER.

      What a fabulous idea! Perusing each one’s service is very uplifting, really. Isn’t it great to see all the wonderful HEROES among us? That, alone, brings a warm smile to my face and heart!

  64. This afternoon during rush hour, traffic was especially heavy. Knowing that everyone was in a hurry to get home, I let several people out along the way, since I knew they would be waiting for quite sometime. Many times, I think we are in such a rush to get somewhere that we tend to forget how to be a courteous driver.

  65. I clean my elderly morther inlaws house for her and run her errands. she has a hard time getting around, and so I do it for her. My husband and I moved from Alaska to Wisconsin 5 years ago to be near my in laws because my father in law was in the early stages of alzheimers, and we knew they would need help. Dad was put in the nursing home in August, (where I work as the cook so I get to see him everyday), and so now Mom needs us more than ever to help her with her daily chores. We also try to have meals with her at least once a week.

  66. I guess you could say that I perform an act of kindness every day. You see, I’m the sole caregiver 24/7 for my Mom who turned 98 at the end of September. She has lived with me since 2001. She sleeps almost all the time and has dementia, which was medically caused. As long as she still knows me, tho, I feel I’m ahead of the game!

  67. An online quilter friend is doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer. If you donate $25.oo and send her your address she would send you an apron. Another friend on this group couldn’t donate, but wanted an apron, so I donated and asked that the apron went to the lady who really wanted one. So hopefully I made two of my online quilt buddies happy.

  68. One of my favorite things to do is to smile at the grocery checker, mechanic, bus driver, waitress, etc. My goal is to get them to smile and lighten their load. I realize a smile is a very small thing, but one can’t help feeling lighter when another person smiles, and exudes cheer instead of growling and cussing. Smiles are someone everyone can give and the receivers might pay it forward. Who can ask for better service than that? =] Enjoy your day!

  69. I am a Sunday School teacher and teach the 4 & 5 year olds at our church. I use flannelgraph pictures to help tell the Bible lessons of God’s love in sending Jesus to be our Savior from sin. Some times it can be a challenge to get the point across to such active, wiggly, talkative young learners, but I always feel so happy at the end of our time together. It’s one of the best things I am privileged to do each week!

  70. On our local newscast last night, there was a group asking for donations of blankets, hats, gloves, etc. for our city’s homeless veterans. I gathered two comforters I was no longer using to take to the dry cleaners today so that I can donate them. I also pulled out all the odds and ends of yarn leftover from various crocheting projects and started working on a lightweight, but warm afghan. With Veterans’ Day coming up, I think we should always remember those who served to protect our freedom.

  71. This is really hard to tell what you do for others because to me you do what you need to do to bring a smile to someone who is need of just that, a smile. I have a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and started her radiation treatments so I made her a quilt and gave it to her to keep her warm, she cried which in turn made me cry. But when I looked around the room there are so many elderly people that have no one to help them along and now have started doing what I call “warmth smiles” quilts for them also. It really does not take that long to put a quick quilt together for the price of a smile. To make it easier I have done quillows and I am in the middle of doing one now that I will post a pic of on my blog…so you can see that it only takes 1.5 yds for the front and one for the back and batting plus 18: of each piece for the pillow and walah your finished…Actually it felt kind of nice to tell someone…Thank you

  72. When I am finished making a quilt, I cut up the remaining fabric into 5 inch squares and give them to a friend who has a church ladies group that makes quilts for homeless shelters. They do this year round and always appreciate any fabric that’s donated.

  73. Hello All! I’ve been quiet, but only because I’ve been busy trying to impact a life a day or more. So far I’m on track for accomplishing my goal of helping as many people as the number day we’re into of the 30/30 program. When I left off last I was on 2 mammo’s. Since then I have been successful but I did things a little out of order. I did my 3 on day 3 after I did my 4 on 4 because a lot of luck was involved and because I still haven’t mastered rearranging the days of the week yet. The luck part comes in from the auction I went to which I’ll explain later and the fact that Monday morning carpooling doesn’t really work on Sunday is the reason that I switched days 3 and 4. So, my 3 day was being a kiddie carpooler for 3 parents in our area so they could sleep in or do whatever and I was going that way anyway (we don’t have kids, but I do go in that general direction). Three parents had a relatively unexpected day to themselves and the kids and I played car games…the kids even wanted me to do a “surprise ride” again sometime because they had an adventure! It was fun!
    Now, the auction was purely for myself and it was on Sunday. I found a box of cookbooks I just had to have so I stayed all day and I won the bid. I took my booty home and selfishly began pawing through the prize. I found that I really only wanted about 1/3 of the box of cookbooks so I had already decided to donate the books to charity. But upon closer inspection I found that there were 4 church cookbooks from various churches ranging from 1938 to 1947. See the luck in this… 4 different churches! I went to the world wide web to see if there was a number for the historical society or something thinking they may want the cookbooks because they are antiques and 3 of the 4 are the inaugural cookbooks of the ladies guilds. To my surprise I not only found that the churches all are still in existence, I also found contact information for all 4! I was stunned. Needless to say I sent off my story about the auction, finding the cookbooks then the churches, and then inquiring whether they would be interested in having the cookbooks returned/ donated to them. I was further stunned to receive responses from 2 of the 4 almost immediately indicating their surprise at the find and my forethought to include them and wanting to return that little bit of history to them. It really touched me when they said thank you for just thinking of them. I had already packaged all 4 cookbooks up into separate packages with notes explaining the how and why it was at their doorstep so to speak before I received this confirmation, but it was so wonderful to hear from them right away… and they were so very excited, it was great. I did eventually hear from all 4 churches and yes they all received their cookbooks and they all were very thankful.
    Sorry for being so long winded. Sometimes helping someone involves luck (or divine intervention) and it’s big or little or it happens in ways that not everyone will think of or everyone will think of it, but not everyone will act on it. Sometimes helping yourself can be the catalyst that helps someone else. What I like is that it’s not the what or why or when or who or even the how that makes a difference necessarily, it’s the you…
    Thanks for coming all the way to the end of this long one with me, and yes there will be more!
    Angel Tranter

  74. My husband and I are donating food (at church) for some of our families in need. And several times I’ve taken a meal to our neighbors.

  75. I was waiting to get fabric cut and a lady was trying to decide on fabrics to use to decorate her classroom. She liked one fabric more but it was more expensive and she mentioned how her budget was so limited with all the cutbacks. She said she taught special education and I told her about a niece that also teaches special ed in another state. I then offered her 20.00 to put toward the fabric as a ‘thank you’ for being a teacher. She was overwhelmed with gratitude. I was happy I was able to do this small ‘random act of kindness’ for her.

  76. Today is our guild meeting which I haven’t been too except for once this year due to my step daughter having a difficult pregnancy. I was looking forward to going and looked at the 4 valor tops I needed to quilt and decided my time was needed elsewhere and stayed home to get them ready for my 96 year old MIL to do the hand stitching so we can get them out for Thanksgiving. Maybe next month. 🙂

  77. It’s hard to tell about your own good deed. Yesterday I took a friend who is 82 out to lunch. She has three grown children but one does not speak to her and the other two are professionals with their own children and grandchildren. My friend has lost nearly all of her own friends and barely walks anymore. She was born in Italy and has lived here over 50 yrs. but her accent is still so strong the waitress could not understand her. I actually had so much fun, it’s embarassing to claim this as a good deed, but I want to win one of your fabulous prizes. LOL

  78. I love to bake cookies and afterwards I take some of them to a few of my neighbors most of who are elderly and single so they can enjoy them too. And, I won’t end up eating too many!

  79. Today is a special day for me, because I received a piece of mail from one of the Children’s Hospitals, requesting financial help for the children who are suffering from some form of Cancer.

    I immediately decided that my manicure/pedicure and highlights were going on hold.

    My heart goes out to these children. They are so small and innocent. They are deprived from their healthy childhood of fun, excitement, learning and actively playing with their peers in a normal environment.

    I hope that my donation will help to save these children and brighten up a room with their smile.

  80. My father is in a nursing home and I see him almost every day. I make a point to try to talk to all the residents I know. Some of them do not have family close and I have found out that they always love to tell me a story or talk about their day.

  81. My quilting friend is recently widowed. Her husband died a very slow death from a terminal disease while lying in a nursing home for a whole year. He was a very active man when suddenly stricken by a rare type of cancer.
    I met her last January in a quilt class and I learned that her son is
    a disabled young adult as is my daughter. Come to find out, our children graduated 1 year apart, from the same high school and are in the same programs now.
    We have been piecing a quilt in class that we both kid about as being our “Woodstock Quilt” with all its wild batik colors and designs.
    We share the same interests when it comes to the 60’s era, i.e. music,clothes and jewelry while we are in class and just get all the other gals joking and having fun as well.
    I was shopping at the mall and found a 60’s peace shirt for a bargin. I thought that it would be perfect for my quilting friend as a surprise and wear to our next quilt class. We both dressed up in our garb,peace shirts, braids, beads, long earrings, a batik scarf for a headband and arrived at our Monday quilt class to match our quilts.
    The gals couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw us. We had so much fun all morning, joking and laughing.
    It was so uplifting for my friend.
    I feel that any gesture that one can do for another is just what the doctor ordered and in this case, the prescription was filled.
    Her beautiful smile is a ray of sunshine, shadowed by her veil of tears.

  82. This morning I went to volunteer at our senior center. I helped with their decoration organization for the holidays. They are also getting ready for their holiday bazzar. So it was a enjoyable morning.

    My neighbor is still laid up. So therefore I am still cooking for her.

  83. Hello fellow philanthropists! Ok, before I catch you all up on my 5 on day 5 (Imay be behind posting but so far not on doing my good deeds) I want to share a website with all of you. It is http://www.goodsearch.com This website you use just like google or bing but every time you do a search money is donated to a charity, school, or non profit organization. There is a list of many to choose from and there is a way for you to have your favorite added. The site is powered by yahoo and it is free, there is no cost, you simply go on the site enter the charity or group you wish to benefit from your using this search engine or have someone from the organization add their information to the website, they then verify it, and at the end of the year they send the organization money they wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to. I believe the ASPCA is getting something like $29,000.00 so far. We use a couple different computers so each one is set up to donate to a different group like the USO for example so we can spread the wealth. Look into this goodsearch site because even if you just use what they have on their list of over a hundred thousand groups at least some charity is benefiting. Plus it works just like any other search engine. So, there is a little fyi. Ok now for my 5 on 5… my husband and I went through our house and did a fall cleanout. We took our extra household items (old t.v., rabbit ears, dishes, etc.) to neighbor-to-neighbor charity organization, we dropped off our older and out grown outerwear to the coats for kids organization (the coats go to adults also), we rounded up our old cell phones plus ones from our neighbors and some family members and gave them to the local domestic abuse shelter, then I thinned my book collection and we donated them to the veterans hospital for their library, and finally we cleaned our pantry and found we had a lot of food we could take to the local food pantry plus we stole another 30/30 commenter’s idea and added to the food donations by doing the buy one get one free at the local grocers. So we ended up doing a lot of cleaning and running around but more importantly we ended up truly impacting a lot of lives.
    Angel Tranter

  84. Hello, I’m posting at the behest of my wife. A number of years ago we stopped giving one another gifts for our anniversaries and for Christmas instead we opted to do “backpacks for school” (donating school supplies to schools for underprivileged kids) and then for Christmas we do “Santa Paws” (donating supplies for pets). We try to surprise each other a little throughout the year so things are predictable for us and using our anniversary and Christmas to give back to others actually gives us more in the long run.
    We also try to give a deer to Hunters for the Hungry every year. I went bow hunting yesterday and got my 10 pointer!!! So, this year we are again donating our deer to the non profit organization.
    So, now my wife will leave me alone about posting to help her maybe win a prize and I get to brag about my buck!
    Jeff Tranter

    Why do we do so much you ask? We’re both Disabled Veterans and we experienced tragic fire a number of years back and many people came to our aid even when they themselves were struggling. The only way we’ve found to say Thank You when someone does this for you is to “pay it forward.” Besides the fact that it gives you an awesome feeling!

  85. This evening I was leaving the hospital..this unknown lady came up to me and asked for a ride. I said sure ,I didn’t want her walking at night in the neighborhood she was going to.
    she is not a stranger any longer.

  86. In November our library has a Christmas ornament sale and a bake sale for a fund raiser. They ask for donations of Christmas items you no longer want or need. I packed 3 boxes with Christmas items to take to the sale this year.

  87. Hi again, it’s time for my next update,
    On my 6 on 6 and 7on 7 I made fleece hats and mittens to donate in the coats for kids boxes and for the “mitten” tree. Except I had enough fleece to make more than the 6 and 7 so I did. Then, we were shopping the other day and noticed that holiday free meters don’t kick in until after the 15th so I dug out some quarters and put some into 8+ different meters… shhh, don’t tell the meter maid. One person was expired, I helped them all and none of them knew it, kind of a secret Santa or something. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m too tied to the numbers of the day. I’m helping as many people as I can with the materials, time, and energy that I have on that day and on days that I have less of any one of those things (or all) I will do what I can. If I help 20 people on day 13 and 2 people on day 20 that is still a lot of people!
    Angel Tranter

    see this one is shorter!

  88. Wow – what a great idea! I recently heard a story about a man whose father asked every night at dinner what each of the children had done for someone else that day. They all wanted to be able to share something, so it encouraged a lifelong habit of serving others. Thanks for doing the same thing to help all of us become better at doing things for others.

    I am busy right now working and going to school full-time and being a mom and wife. But I wanted to make time for something and this week it was helping some teenage girls do some crafting. It was great fun, and my next plan is to help them make some baby quilts to give away.

    Quilters are givers!

  89. My father is in a nursing home and when I visited him yesterday, I ate lunch with him and visited with some of the other residents. They love to have someone just to listen to their stories. I’ve been there alot and some of them call me by name.

  90. Hi to all,
    I’m taking advantage of the dreary day and putting together some early Christmas wishes. I am sending Christmas mail to service members, veterans, and their families. There is an early deadline to send cards to ensure they’ll get them in time. I’m including the information I used for the batch of holiday cheer in case anyone else wants to do the same. Here is the website also because you can send more than just cards if you want.


    “We have established an extensive process to ensure all cards sent to our service members are safe and arrive in time for the holidays. Holiday cards will be collected through a unique P.O. Box address from Monday, November 2 through Monday, December 7*. First, cards from across the nation must be sent to this address:

    Holiday Mail for Heroes

    P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

    Every card received will be screened for hazardous materials by Pitney Bowes and distributed to participating Red Cross chapters nationwide. Once the cards arrive at the Red Cross chapters, they are sorted and reviewed by volunteers who then distribute them to service members, their families and veterans in communities across the country. Please don’t forget to follow these guidelines while preparing your holiday greetings!
    0. Sign all cards
    0. Entitle cards “Dear Service Member, Family or Veteran”
    0. Limit cards to 15 per person or 50 for school class or business group
    0. Bundle groups of cards in single, large envelopes
    0. Send letters
    0. Include personal information such as home or email addresses
    0. Use glitter – excessive amounts can aggravate health issues of wounded recipients
    Include inserts of any kind as they must be removed in the screening process

    I hope this information is helpful for people. Stay happy and stay smiling.
    Angel Tranter
    (I’m pretty sure my husband meant so we “aren’t” predictable; and I did not nag him to post for a prize… he was being a smart aleck and bragging at the same time about his buck, boy he’s lucky I really love him!!)

  91. I went grocery shopping today (which I hate to do) and made a point to smile and say hi to everyone I saw. It’s was surprising how many people smiled back. Usually everyone seems involved and in a hurry, that they don’t seem to see those around them. The response I got surprised me in a good way.

  92. The Baptist Association in our county has a Christmas Store open to the public. Prices are at least 75% off. Money raised is used to buy toys and clothes for children for Christmas. Otherwise these children would have nothing on Christmas morning. Every Friday in November I am volunteering to work at the store. It is a great mission.

  93. Today, I walked down to my neighbors with a homemade pie in one hand and homemade beef stew in the other (my first attempt how weird is that, but it turned pretty darn good or so she said). I knew she was worn out from her auto-immune disease and the hectic week she had so I made her dinner. Then I gave her three hours of uninterrupted attention for whatever she wanted or needed me for… I turned off my cell phone and before we knew it three hours came and went and it wasn’t until my husband came looking for me that we realized that the time limit meant nothing, so I sent him packing for awhile longer and gave her some more time. It was the best thing I could have given to her!!
    Angel Tranter

  94. My mother’s birthday was in November and since she passed away I make a donation to a woman shelter in her name as a birthday remembrance to her.

  95. A friend of mine is setting up tables and chairs in our town hall for a party sponsored by her work. Since she was doing it alone I stopped and helped her.

  96. Not sure if this counts but this past week when I went to store I bought a toy for the toys for tots and bought a box of food at food lion for less fortunate family for Thanksgiving.

  97. While I was sorting thru Christmas decorations I found lots of cards that were sent to me last year. I cut off the front and send them to a place ( a workshop for mentally handicapped people) who recycles them into new cards. They cut pictures from the fronts of cards and glue them on new card stock paper to resell them.

  98. In February, my daughter decided that she wanted to make a website & use it to inspire others to make the world a better place. Every month she chooses a project and blogs about it at http://www.mollyshelpinghand.com She does a lot of great things. Of course, she is only 11 so Mom helps a lot too! I guess my good deed is helping her help others 🙂

    Thank you for having a contest that inspires others to do good deeds!

  99. Well it has been a rough couple of days. My friend Nickel passed on Tuesday. I have had her 15 years. I got this litter of 3 when they were 4 days old and this person was going to kill the kittens and mom. I figured if I took the kittens the mom would go away. So that is what I did. I named them nickel, dime and quarter. Quarter passed this May and now his sister. Dime is doing well.

    I am still watching the neighbor and fixing meals for her. Being on a fixed income makes it a little tough but I would never mention it to her. Before the end of the month I think I will have to go to the food bank so we can make it through the month. I have never done that before.

  100. Hello,
    I am feeling run down today so I’m doing my sit down jobs. I spent most of the morning sending out email messages (and video/ webcam messages) to random military members thanking them for their sacrifices and for keeping us all safe and free. Some of the messages will be kept stateside and some will make their way overseas. Even though I said “thank you,” among many other things, this was one instance where it didn’t seem like it was enough. I will send more messages next week for Thanksgiving.
    Angel Tranter

  101. Since my father broke his leg and ended up in a nursing home/rehab facility, he hasn’t been able to drive. He likes to keep his vehicle clean (washed and vacuumed) and since he’s not able to do it I spent my lunch hour cleaning it for him.

  102. My husband and I have volunteered our services to help a local non-profit with their annual fundraiser. Today, we put our heads together and created a tri-fold mailer/ brochure and the posters for the organization to put up around the community. With my English background (and my years of sewing, quilting, and crafting) and my husband’s Graphic Design background we pooled our resources and came up with a really entertaining and interesting design for the club. This year instead of a simple letter that gets mailed, the club will have an eye catching refrigerator reminder that hopefully brings in people to their cause. My husband and I were able to use our talents, help the non-profit club, play arts & crafts, and enjoyed spending time together. I’d say that was its own reward… but now I’m rather addicted to this blog thing too so I look forward to sharing with all of you.
    Angel Tranter

  103. Was at the gas station filling up. this guy comes up and says he’ll sell his car jack for 10 bucks for gas. Said no to the jack he may need it at a later time…Put 10 bucks of gas in his vehicle for him.

  104. We had a meeting at work today and I decided to help with the clean up so the gals in charge could get finished sooner. My kids are grown and away from home, but I remember how it was to have to work late and get home to feed kids, help with homework, get them ready for bed, etc.

  105. Today, I am moving slow. I broke out some charm packs, scraps, and jelly-rolls, and made several simple yet cute carry-all bags for wheelchairs. Then my husband’s grandmother gave me the what for because I failed to make the same for walkers. I can’t be on her bad side! I made things right and now she and her friends are the most stylish grannies with walkers you ever saw!
    Angel Tranter

  106. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving some of the ladies of our church make plates of cookies and fruit to take to the shut-ins in town (small town about 1200). We have been doing it for years and everyone is so grateful.

  107. With the Christmas season coming, I have been helping decorate our church. Almost everything is taken down or moved for all the trees and the crib.

  108. My family is buying hats, gloves and bibles to give to the homeless this year. We are not celebrating the holidays but we are sharing with others using what we would have spent on family. Our family has enough of what they need but many others have little or nothing and it seems shameful to not do everything we can to help. After the holidays, I am going to be quilting covers, crocheting hats and gloves and we will be working on gathering what is needed for next winter to help also.

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