30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 1 Winner!

Good morning everyone!  Can you even believe this is the 1st of November?  I am always so surprised when this day comes .. it really means we are into the ‘home stretch’ for the year … that always passes by so quickly!  I know that 2009 is a year when many folks struggled, and have really had to make a lot of changes in their lives – some on purpose to help them get through these tougher times, and some that were forced upon them.  In any event, we have all been hearing about the good deeds that others have done – and so we wanted to know what our quilting readers are up to. 

We are so pleased at how generous our quilting community is!  Have you read all of the kind acts and fun things your fellow quilters are doing for others?  Many have inspired me to do even more.  

We  have received some questions about the 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winner Event – so let me quickly answer them here.  
1.     Any act counts – no matter how small.  This is not a contest to see who gives more, but rather a way to get all of us to do a bit more for those around us. 
2.     You can (and we hope are) doing an act every day – and then just blog it to us. 
3.     We keep your name all month – and you can win 1 daily prize.  At the end of the month all names are eligible for the Grand Prize.  So even if you win a daily prize, keep on doing your acts of kindness as you will have more chances to win the Grand Prize.
4.     And finally, if you are a winner, we will post it here on the blog … which we are about ready to do now!Zbc-bhg2010_small

The Day 1 Winner is …. 
10/31 #36 .. Sheila!
  Congratulations & Thank you! 
Sheila will receive the Hot-off-the-Press 2010 Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork Calendar because she did something kind for somebody.   

Be sure to let us know what you do today … and you could be a winner!

20 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 1 Winner!

  1. Just made my coffe run for the morning and paid for the car order behind me. Doesn’t everyone like to be treated to something every now and then?

  2. My LQS had a food drive yesterday and gave a rebate for every donation. So with food bags in my hands I picked up some flannel for the Project Linus Blanket Party next Saturday (I thought of it as a double whamy…). Currently my washer & dryer are working overtime to get everything pre-washed & shrinked. Can’t wait to make & see all the Linus blankets!

  3. My husband is off at a football game so I am making 10 Christmas stockings which will be given to the United Way to be filled for kids in distress in this area. This is one of the charity projects my quilt guild is invoved in.

  4. woo-hoo!!! Thank you for the great Quilting Calendar!

    Now the big decision, do I keep it for myself, or give it to a friend for Christmas!!! hehehe

    Thank you

  5. Congrats Sheila. My act of kindness was to donate a quilt to our hospice program. They are always in need. If this isn’t where to post this to enter, please direct me.


  6. Recently I won some gift cards online and I gave them to a young man that just went through a difficult divorce but got custody of his children and He also lost his job. I wanted him to know that somehow God will supply even in rough times.

  7. Just returned from visiting our youngest daughter in New Zealand. Unfortunately, hubby is now sick with a virus. Decided to pamper him today, chicken soup…the works. He usually keeps plugging even when sick, but he thoroughly enjoyed the pampering.

  8. Our neighbors, whom we don’t know very well, but my son does lost their electricity a couple weeks ago. After a week, we realized they didn’t get it on yet – my son informed us it would be two weeks or more before they would be able to get it back on. This was just before the cold snap we had. They still haven’t figured out how it got turned back on sooner than that. Well, they know HOW they just don’t know WHO. ….my 14 year old thought it was the coolest thing his dad and I had ever done- which made us feel great since he seldom thinks we’re cool….:) Kate

  9. My 10 Year old niece has cerebral palsy. She is in a wheelchair, unable to walk, talk or eat. She is the best kid on the planet, with a wicked sense of humor. I learned/ing sign language to teach to her for an interactive way to communicate. She only has the use of her left hand, so I learn left handed (although I am right handed) and then teach it to her & her BFF so they act as a team.

  10. This summer we heard of a family whose fridge died on them. We had a fridge in our garage that we didn’t really use, so we gave it to them. It ended up they were only without a fridge for 24 hours. I know it’s the unexpected crisis’ like having a major appliance stop working that can be the most stressful. I feel we received a blessing from being able to step in to help.

  11. A friend of mine posted something online about me that upset me for a few days~~~I finally made the first move to let it go and wished her a pleasant day. How good it feels to forgive and move on!

  12. We had a particularly bad rain storm one day while I was at work and our parking lot FILLED with water. For some reason the street drains were clogged so our parking lot could not empty. I had never experienced that quantity of water in a parking lot before (it was about 6-8 inches deep).
    Since I work for the Property Management Company that owns the parking lot, I was trying to make all of our tenants aware of the impending flood. However, I was not able to contact everyone so some cars in the lot were not moved. When it came time for those people to leave, the water was mid-calf deep. So I put on my rubber boots, took their keys, carefully entered their cars and moved it to higher ground so they could get in their cars without getting soaked.
    Since I am a Leasing Agent for the office, this was not one of my normal job duties but I there were definitely quite a few people happy they didn’t have to get their feet wet and I was happy to help them out.

  13. I arrived at work early enough it was still dark. Pulling into my normal parking spot, I noticed a gentleman standing near the tailgate of his pickup. About 10 feet away sat a dog, I told him that his dog was pretty and he explained that it wasn’t his dog and that it wouldnt let him get close to it. While I was involved in this conversation the dog made his way over to me, where I noticed he was very under nourished, skin draped over bones, such a heartbreaking site, as he nudged my hand and I stroked him. I asked the man if he would keep an eye on the dog while I went into the store to purchase food and get some water, until I could make arrangements for someone to pick up the young dog, he agreed and as I headed off towards the entrance with my cell phone to my ear asking my husband to make necessary calls for the dog to be taken care, my new found friend followed me. As I neared closer to the door a disabled woman in a power chair commented on how pretty my dog was. I explained the dog was not mine but I was making arrangements for it to be taken to a shelter. She told me that she would like to give him a home, however she didnt think that she could get him to follow her home. I told her that my car was small but I would gladly bring the dog to her residence, she smile and said “Are are you sure you don’t mind honey?” I said of course not and offered her a ride as well, she smiled kindly and said my chair won’t fit in your car, but I will meet you thier. With directions in hand I picked up the dog and placed him in my car, dialed my cell phone and explained to the manager of the store I would be a few minutes late to work. I met the lady and helped her get the dog into her home, with a smile on her face, she stroked the dog and said ” Now I have a friend to share my life with everyday.” I think God was smiling down on me because I drove back to work and clocked in with a minute to spare, and a smile in my heart and on my face that lasted all day.

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