30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 3 Winner .. and Good News!

I don’t know about you, but I am so very impressed with the different kind of things that you all are doing every day -some of them even give me the chills!    And, I realize it’s not always easy (or at least the first thing we think of) to make somebody else feel good when we are in the middle of our crazy days.   That being said, some things are no brainers … 

I will tell you one thing I did a couple of days ago.  One of Chocolate Donutmy sons is on the school football team, and we’ve had some pretty chilly afternoons –  as you can well imagine.  Well, on these cold days, I’ve  made it kind of ‘our thing’ to pick up my skinny vanilla latte (of which I am addicted!), and a hot chocolate and chocolate donut for him for as soon as he gets into the car  (the apple does not fall far from the tree, here …).  Anyway, I was in the coffee shop ready to place my order, and a grandpa came in with his grandson, who was probably about 9 years old – and the boy made a bee-line for the only remaining chocolate donut.   He was so happy that there was one remaining.   

Yes, I’m afraid that I arrived at football practice sans donut.  Sean hopped in the car, looked around, searched under a couple of things, and then looked at me with a questioning look.  When I told him what happened, he said “That’s ok, Mom.   I’m betting that boy was really happy when he ate ‘my’ donut, and I bet he will always remember that special outing with his grandpa.”  Wow – I was so happy to know that my teenager could be so compassionate!  Of course, he did say “Tomorrow you can get me two donuts”… yes – he is still a teenager – but a least one with a good heart! 

Quilt In A Cup - A Great Gift Idea!

Our Day 3 Winner is…
10/31 #39 Pamela!  Congratulations and Thank you! 
Pamela will receive a fun Quilt in a Cup Kit, along with her choice of fabric pack,  because she did something kind for somebody.   
Thank you Pamela!

Keep on telling us your good deed and kind acts! 

You can blog them to any post this month – and you will be eligible not only for a daily prize drawing, but also the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.  


Serengiti Snuggler - Click image to view our entire Snuggler Collection


Oh – and some great news!
We received word yesterday that the fabrics for the Serengeti Snuggler and Baby Cub Snuggler quilt kits will be here by the end of the week – so all preorders will ship early next week – a week earlier than we initially thought.  If you haven’t ordered yours but have been thinking you might,  you may want to asap, or you might be on the shipment due at the end of November.  Thank you!

12 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 3 Winner .. and Good News!

  1. I decided to cordinate a pajama drive this holiday season for a local shelter for women and children. I am needing to raise new pajamas and books for boys and girls of all ages. Not sure of my plan of action as of yet but I am going to do my best in getting what is needed plus some.

  2. Today I bought myself a new scroll saw. My old one died and I have a special item I made years ago and want to make them for my friends this year. I am really into gift giving this year and love being able to send a little something to online friends to brighten their holiday.


  3. I bet your heart just swelled right up with pride when Sean said that! treat him, buy him THREE donuts 😉
    I’ve been thinking about your competition, and what a great idea it is.
    But, I really, really hate to skite so I’m going to dob in someone who has done a fantastic job around here and deserves a chance at a prize.
    A friend and neighbour, Esther, has moved heaven and earth for our little community since she moved here. She’s an active member of the local CFA (volunteer fire brigade), and very busy quilter 😉
    When the local area was devastated in the bushfires earlier this year she was nearly burnt out herself, but put in hours helping other with their applications for assistance and pulling any strings she could to get help where it was needed. (She formerly worked for a Government department, and had a few strings to pull!) As we are located a looong way from the outskirts of suburbia that got all the press, we tended to get overlooked when funding was handed out, and if not for Esther I know quite a few would have gone to the wall.
    Short story is… Esther moved here from town, and has become as much a part of our community as if she has ties here 100 years old. She is always willing to help, works tirelessly behind the scenes, never asks for anything and no-one will ever know all that she does for others.
    Put her name in that there bowl… please?

  4. I volunteer year ’round at the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary. We receive donated items (furniture, clothing, books, dishes, etc) and then have 3 big sales a year to raise money to help the disadvantaged. Our sales are held in the spring and fall and a special one for Christmas items (we have 2 buildings full of stuff). I also help with the Angel Tree.

  5. Glad to see your back among the living you guys,,, busy bees
    I adopted two grandma from where my mother in law used to live, she has now passed on, but i would stop in for lunch a couple times a week and meet some of her friends. Well i got a call a few days ago and they missed seeing me and needed a favor,
    Okay what did they need ,a trip to the mall and lunch out
    What a hoot , these two out walked me and boy can they eat,, something different for them and a walk back into to time for me lunch and shopping with grandma was always my favorite….
    Cant wait to take them christmas shopping thats in two weeks…
    well i love to hear their stories and jokes, and when i am 85 or 89 I hope someone drags my sorry butt to the mall and gives me a day of laughs and fun , but most of all just listens….
    Have a great day talk to you again

  6. I think this is a very generous contest, but the best thing is that it gives us all more ideas of how we can reach out to others.
    I am a cancer survivor (one year last May), and St. Jude is very dear to my heart. I just sent out letters to my friends asking for donations for St. Jude. I feel like everyone can give a little bit to such a worthy cause.
    Instead of sending flowers to funerals, I try to send a donation to St. Jude in memory of the deceased.
    I’ve been lucky to have healthy grandchildren, and they are a daily reminder of why I need to help those sick children whenever I am able.

  7. My neighbor had surgery. While she was gone (it took place in another city) I fed her dog. When she got home I had dinner made for her family. Since I did not know when to expect her back, I had a chicken casserole ready to pop into the oven. I also had some sliced tomatoes, and some “boil in bag” rice to make it easy for her young daughter to help when they were ready to eat. We put it in the oven and it was ready when her husband came home. I was happy to help out that important first day home from the hospital. Other members of her church are also helping with other meals since.

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