30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 5 Winner

Last night my husband and I took our 3 boys to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert here in Colorado Springs.  I’ve always wanted to see it, but it never worked out in the past, so, we jumped on the chance to go this year.  It was absolutely wonderful.   So many talented musicians, and the choreographers kept the show unbelievably alive and entertaining.  Of course, my ears were still ringing hours later…. 

But, as many of you know, there is a Christmas Story/Poem that is part of the show, and I was realizing how apropos some of the stanzas were for this month’s 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners.   I know that we have readers of all faiths, but I think that all will understand what this is all about.   I did my best to text them to myself so I could post it here.  I think they are in order….

rose gift

If you want to arrange it
This world you can change it
If we could somehow make this
Christmas thing last
By helping a neighbor
Or even a stranger
And to know who needs help
You need only just ask

It’s every gift that someone gives
Expecting nothing back
It’s every kindness that we do
Each simple little act

And so it’s good that we remember
Just as soon as we’ve discovered
That the things we do in life
Will always end up touching others

I sure hope I didn’t slaughter it!   Anyway,  again I am so happy with all of the blog entries we are getting.  Be sure to keep them coming as each deed or act you post to us will be entered into our daily drawing, as well as our Grand Prize drawing.  

2010 'Quite a Stitch' a year with Mrs. Buttons Calendar

Our Day 5 Winner is…
11/2 #2 – Karie!  Congratulations and Thank you

Today we have another wonderful 2010 Calendar that Karie will receive … I think I need this in my office – it is so funny!  It is the Mrs. Buttons KCS 2010 Calendar — click the image to view it.

20 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 5 Winner

  1. I just noticed that others are commenting under different topics. Where are we suppose to post our “giving thoughts”? ans is there just one string for the 30 Days, 30 Gifts comments? Tks for the info.

      • My husband and I are caring for our brother-in-law, Matt. who has Down Syndrome, over this Thanksgiving week. He lives with his sister, but she & her family have been traveling back and forth to Michigan to be with her husband’s father who was in hospice, so we are helping out. Matt requires some care but also is very helpful, sweet and fun.

  2. I love those stanzas, something to type out and look at every day.
    Today I am trying to get some much needed cleaning done, then I can relax and work on some projects. I enjoy reading what everyone is doing and ways to show kindness to others.


  3. I was driving to work and thinking about what kindness I do without thinking and I realized something important that has become a very important part of my day. A year and a half ago I was struck by a car when walking to my car after work. I was injured badly and took many months to recover. The intersection where I was hit is just crazy, people running red lights and taking the righ ton red without stopping. I had been almost hit many times before.

    Because of my accident I am extremely cautious and careful at intersections, I will wait for pedestrians and never take chances.
    I wish that all drivers would slow down and watch for pedestrians. Too many people are injured and killed because people are in a hurry.

  4. It is always wonderful to win but being kind to others is the real “prize”

    Today, I took our little ones to a a local natioal park (seems odd to call it a park…we live in the middle of the desert) to meet some friends. We were early so we spent the time picking up trash. As my oldest says, “It’s not nice to glitter”

  5. Was asked to help on of the neighbors fill her sewing machine bobbin since she hadn’t done so in many years. I headed on over, showed her how to fill bobbins, thread her machine correctly, explained a few things on how to use her machine and just enjoyed “teaching”. It’s what I love to do.

  6. This isn’t so much a good deed I have done but my good friend and neighbor who also is a quilter. I am disabled and spend 90% of my time in bed. The other 10% I get up and quilt. Almost everyday Sharon comes down to my house to see how my day is going. If it’s bad she will either sit with me and we do hand work, talk of quilting or maybe put plans together on our next project. If I can get up then she helps me out to my quilting room and we work on whatever items we are doing at the time. If I get in a jam where I can no longer stand, she will do cutting or layering with back and binding and jobs such as these. She has been working on organizing my quilting room along with all my fabrics. Quilting is my passion but I had all but stopped with it. Sharon has lifted my spirits and given me the help I need to start quilting again. She is my Angel.

  7. I believe this should always be carried out. This year, I made an effort to purchase one handmade item from someones ETSY or on-line quilt shop to help them out and have met many wonderful people.
    Yesterday, I thanked the officer who gave me a ticket and I didn’t even cry.
    Yesterday, I took care of my granddaughter for my son and his wife because DIL is sick with the flu.
    I also purchased coffee for a man standing on the street because it was cold, wet and windy out.
    I love your idea as I believe we should always have the Christmas spirit in our lives and not just at Christmas!

  8. I really like the idea of doing something for someone else each day. So many people do nice things for me. One thing I try to do several times a week is call someone who does not have the chance to go many places. All it takes is a bit of my time and they know that I am thinking of them.

  9. We have a very good friend who is in her second round of chemo and it has absolutely put her out of commission. She is not able to take care of the house, cook, etc. They have 4 children. Several of us are preparing freezer meals to do them for a few weeks and I will be delivering these this next week. They live about 4 hrs away…we are so looking forward to visiting with her husband and family too.

  10. My quilting friend is recently widowed. Her husband died a very slow death from a terminal disease. We both have a disabled young adult.
    I met her last January in a quilt class and we have been putting together a quilt in class that we both kid about as being a Woodstock Quilt with all its wild batik colors.
    We share the same interests when it comes to the 60’s era, i.e music,clothes and jewelry, while we are in class and just get all the other gals joking and having fun as well.
    I was shopping at the mall and found a 60’s peace shirt for a bargin. I thought that it would be perfect for my quilting friend as a surprise and wear to class. We both dressed up in our garb,braids,beads,long earrings,batik scarf for headband and arrived at our Monday quilt class to match our quilts. The gals couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw us. It was so uplifting for my friend. I feel that any gesture that one can do for another is just what the doctor ordered and in this case, the prescription was filled. Her beautiful smile is a ray of sunshine, shadowed by her veil of tears.

  11. Yesterday we took an elderly woman to bellingham to see her brother, who is not doing well. It was fun. She has such good stories to tell.

    It is funny how such a small act was so enjoyable.

  12. As a young parent 20+ years ago, I know first hand how hard it is for young parents to be able to afford some of the luxuries in life, especially in today’s economic turmoil. I had dined out alone the other night, and a young couple came into the restaurant with there small son, who appeared to be around 1 year or so. It was evident the child wasn’t feeling well and was restless and crying. The crying didn’t bother me because it brought back such sweet memories of my 2 wonderful kids back when they were that age. It also brought to mind the times we took them out to eat and how embarrassed we got because the kids were fussy. The couple looked extremely young. I never spoke to the couple, but couldn’t keep from admiring their child. When I finished my dinner and went to the register to pay, I asked the gal if I could please have the ticket of the young couple. She seemed shocked at first, and then couldn’t believe I would pay for the dinner of someone I didn’t know. She got a short lesson in ‘paying it forward.’ I proceeded to pay for their meals, and then asked that she pass to the young couple how impressed I was with how they dealt with their child and how it was my honor to treat them to dinner because it brought back such fond memories of my kids.

  13. Wow, I guess I haven’t been following this very close. What a super way to reward good deeds. I’m afraid my good deed today is giving my son to the military. Today he leaves for his first tour in Iraq. I will admit, I’m so scared for him. It’s all I can do to keep a good voice when I talk to him. He leaves in 5 hours. He’s supposed to call me this morning before he leaves, I pray for stength not to cry when that call comes. He has a 20 hour flight today. Please yal, pray for our young soldiers giving their time and lives so we can live in freedom.

  14. My good deed for the day is to keep you, Mandy, and your son, in my prayers and thoughts for the unselfish and courageous act as he leaves his family to serve our country today.

    I pray that you will be blessed with strength and wisdom when you talk to him this morning.

    I am very supportive of our soldiers and pray for them often.

  15. I am sending this information for my daughter who has Down Syndrome.
    Her name is Kate and she is 22 years old.
    Every year, Kate grows her beautiful long auburn hair, only to be cut and sent off to Locks of Love, to be made into a wig for a young person to wear, while they are going through treatments of chemotherapy and to maintain their dignity during a most trying time in their young life.

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