30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 6 Winner

Good morning!  Can you believe it is already Friday?  I was looking at my calendar earlier, and flipped ahead a few weeks … and realized that my time for the year is very short!   We still have so many quilts in the works – I just hope we have them available in time for you to give as holiday gifts or to dress up your own home decor.  But, that being said, these will be fun to make any time of the year. 


Snow Drift


Hidden Kisses

 We love the new Wool Applique projects we finished last night – aren’t they gorgeous??   They are even prettier in person.   I have some folks around here hoping to receive these as gifts, but … I think this time I might just keep a couple for myself. 

I woke up at about 4:00 this morning, and decided to get an early start.  So, I read through all of the posts from yesterday – boy, the giving is getting really clever — I LOVE it!   If you get a chance, take a look at the posts … the comments are spread over all of the days since the 30 Days of Giving started.  You will probably get an idea or two – and then you can get your name put into the bowl!

Our Day 6 Winner is…
11/4 #8 – Terri!    Congratulations and Thank you
 !  Today Terri has won her choice of any two of these Seasonal Pursettes!   Thank you, Terri, for doing something kind for somebody.

Oh … and we will have a special announcement next Sunday (11/15) – we are so excited!  But, until then, it’s a secret.  But, here is a hint – you DEFINITELY want to keep letting us know your good deeds!

14 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 6 Winner

  1. Hello Girls did i win how exciting
    i would love the pink one and the red christmas tree
    what a treat hope all is good did you get out from under the
    snow fall that you had
    miss your smiling faces…..
    have a great day

  2. Every year at Christmas we try to find a needy child (at least one) to buy Christmas gifts for. This year my husband is teaching a GED class at the mission in our town. One of his students has a 4 year old boy. His mom is trying to get back on her feet and has been through a drug rehab program.
    We are so excited to be a part of her new life and help a precious little boy have a good Christmas. He wants a bicycle, and that’s what he will get.

  3. I guess I must sound like a broken record – because my good deeds “seam” always to be “sewing” related.

    Today another neighbor phoned and needed a little help. I ended up giving her my sewing machine threader that I purchase from my Bernina dealer. She was thrilled not to have to thread her needle by “eye” any longer. You would have thought I’d given her a million dollars. LOL

    I also ended up giving her one of my quilters Omnigrid rulers.

    I am always SEW glad to help in the world of sewing. I hope the passion “lives on”.

  4. I have a great love for animals, since I was a child. I volunteer to walk the dogs at the local SPCA once a week during my lunch hour. I am lucky the SPCA is only a couple of miles from my office.

    I do want to take every dog home, some of them just break my heart. But I can only afford the dog I have.

  5. My deed through out the year has been collecting small toys and items that could be used as prizes for our local school. During the week the earn play dollars and on Friday take it and purchase these items. My grandson loves Fridays!

  6. I love reading about all the good deeds…. makes me realize that every little thing we do, no matter how small has the power to change someones day for the better….

    I often share my morning snack with different kids at the school at work with because they didn’t get breakfast… sad how many come to school hungry and don’t go get the school breakfast….

    Sometimes all I can do is offer a smile or a pat on a shoulder, but it can help make these kids feel better…..

    Keep up the good work everyone!


  7. This morning my kids were driving me nuts. We had a full agenda and took a short break at Costco for some hotdogs at lunch time. If you do not know it can get crowded at lunch time. As I was sitting there trying to keep my kids in their seats, using manners and actually eating, I noticed a elderly woman looking for a an empty table (which there wasn’t one) We did have an empty seat so I offered her to join us. After a brief pause, she joined us. My boys magically became little gentlemen and we all enjoyed eachothers company.

  8. In April I started a Cozy Quilt Ministries workshop in my home. We make quilts for cancer patients. Each quilt package includes a quilt, tote bag with pockets to match the quilt, a book, “When God and Cancer meet” and a hand made card telling the patient we are praying for them. All quilt packages are given away free of charge. We meet once a month and have 11 ladies sewing, tying, and making cards. So far we have given 27 quilt packages away. All our quilts are made from donated fabric. I feel very blessed to be part of this ministry and I really enjoy helping people.


  9. Just finished a co-oridination effort of collecting Christmas cards for our local National Guard- will be mailing 349 cards this afternoon!

  10. Today my husband and I were at the outlet mall and what a zoo. We spent a lot of time holding doors for the elderly patrons. When we were going to our car to leave, there was not a parking space to be found so as we got closer to our parking space we asked an older lady waiting for traffic in her car if she wanted our space. She just had to back up so we could get out. She thanked us over and over.

  11. I made it to the Project Linus Party today and we made over 300 blankets. Then I took the selvages home and am now sewing string blocks with these leftovers that should yield another 2 or more blankets. As always it is a win-win-win situation: you do something for others, meet new people and have fun doing it. What more can you ask for!

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