30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 7 Winner(s) !

Yes – today we are going to award 2 winners.  For those of you who noticed on Twitter, I was at the Air Force/Army football game yesterday, and I said that if Air Force won, I would award 2x winner.  Well, so sorry Army lovers, I do get to award 2x winners!  But … that being said, I hope you all know that, being married to a 24 year AF Veteran, I am really loyal to all troops!

Quilt Pink

Our Day 7 Winners are…
11/6 #9 – Beth &  
11/4 #8 – Sheryl Moore!  Congratulations and Thank you
Because both of these ladies did something kind for somebody, they both receive a Better Homes & Garden Quilt for Pink Hope Book.  No only that, both are also eligible for our Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month. 

We have a special announcement next Sunday (11/15), so BE SURE to do a good deed and let us know!

Thank you!  

4 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 7 Winner(s) !

  1. congrats on your football win. thanks too for the chance to enter your giveaway.
    I often pay for the coffee of the person in line behind me, brings a smile to their face!!

  2. Wow! Thank you! I had just looked at this book on Friday and decided I was going to buy it this week. There are some great quilts in it that I hope to make for the charities that my quilt guild supports. I am looking forward to its arrival. Thanks again!

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