30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 8 Winner

Good morning everybody!  I am up pretty early today – I have a lot on my plate today, and am hoping to get a head start on everything.  But, like most days, I don’ t usually live the life I plan …  

Speaking of plans, I don’t know if you all of noticed, but we are revving up for a pretty big announcement next Sunday, and we are so excited!  I’m going to give a hint here … we are adding ANOTHER great Grand Prize for the drawing … and the winner will get to choose which one she wants.  We will have a 2nd drawing for 2nd place, then.  But… you will have to wait for that one 🙂

Our Day 8 Winner is…
10/30 #15 – Roni !  Congratulations and Thank you
Because she did something kind for somebody, Roni will receive a Brand New Exclusive Dancing Reindeer Table Runner Kit by Seven Brides Designs.  Thank you, Roni!

16 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 8 Winner

  1. I have several friends who have had various operations and were unable to drive for sometime after. I have a van so I have offered them my services as a driver to whereever they want or need to go, for as long as needed. We are a small rural community with limited shopping and facilities, so trips of an hour away for a doctors appointment, or shopping is not uncommon.

  2. Yesterday I was going to a craft fair to spend the day with my cousin who has been going through a very rough time. A divorce…no job…trying to raise and support 2 teenage daughters.

    I had set a budget for myself of $50 of “blow” money to spend at the fair. While driving there I felt God leading me to give this money to Denise rather than spend it on myself. So I prayed about it and asked God to provide me an opportunity to do this anonymously if this is what he wanted me to do.

    Well I had the perfect opporutnity to cover the booth for her and let her take a break before I headed home. While she took a break I placed the$50 dollar bill in her money bag and said nothing.

    The remarkable thing for me is that I am a shop-a-holic and spend tons of money at a whim. While I looked around at the fair I was not tempted to buy anything for me! God really does work miracles.

  3. Today we are attending church at the mission where my husband teaches his GED class. Some of his students are being baptized.
    I am hoping to get to meet the little 4 year old boy that we are sponsoring for Christmas. I would like to get some more ideas of things to get him other than a bicycle.
    I would just pray that if my grandkids were in that situation that someone would take care of them.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  4. I want to Thank God for these wonderful people! I know No one knows who I am But Iam Knew to This (blogs & Quilts) I want to do something simple! A Lap Quilt For My Sister-in -law her sister died on Halloween! ! week ago she was only 21 an Died of pumoina I am in shock also! Please bear with me! Her Mother is also very Ill an on Oxygen 24/7 days a week! But she has so many friends around her everyday! But Sandra Just has us! an I dont know what to say or do! But I want to help! I have Never Made a whole quilt,an on your blog, There are So Many Wonderful Ladies who Know so Much! Could One Yall Be So Kind To Help me! Tell me How to Make Something Simple But Pretty For Sandra Please!It Will Have to be sort of simple I do know a few blocks I have took a basic class but Iam One of those people Who Needs to see or do it a few times to get it Right! Any Help on picking something out ! Would be Great! God Bless Quilters, I am Finding out They are The Most Giving People in the World! Thank You All! Also I dont have very many friends So Iam going to try this Blog! Have a Blessed Sunday an Next Week Thank You Debbie

  5. My 4 year year old nephew came for a visit this weekend. Going through his overnight bag I noticed he was in desperate need of clothes. Since I have sons the same age and size it wasn’t a big deal to come up with some. In fact before he left I repacked his overnight bag with some new winter clothes we had gotton our sons for my nephew to keep at his fathers.

  6. My husband and I went to a crowded restaurant this morning for brunch. Since it was an especially beautiful day we decided to wait outside until our table was ready. We found a set of car keys on the sidewalk. We took them in to the hostess. When she came to get us she told us the woman who had dropped the keys had just bought the car. The keys had a tag from the dealer with the kind of car and the licence plate number. The owner was so grateful we didn’t go find the car in the parking lot and drive away with it.

    I can imagine her panic, then relief. We’ve all had those moments. I was glad to make her brunch a little better.

  7. Debbie,
    What got me back into quilting was the same thing. My sister had been in a bad accident and almost died and I could not be with her, so I made a comfort quilt to get her through the rough times. I used angel patterns from books I had and made different applique blocks with the angels and sayings like love etc and at the top I put one long angel with her hands outstretched and stitched hugs. I did the applique and quilting in two weeks. I was not and still not an expert quilter, I do more prim and folk art, but she loves her quilt, bad stitches and all. So, don’t be afraid to make her a quilt, a lap sized is good and you can do one larger design for the middle with a nice border or if you cannot applique, there are wonderful fabric panels you can get with pictures and sayings. It is a wonderful thing you are doing and I am sure she will treasure anything you make.


  8. My mom rescued Cabbage Patch dolls and bathe and reclothed them. With 7 kids we all helped her and when she passed away she had over 350 dolls. her wish was for me to find good homes for them. It was during the time of Hurricane Katrina that a local church group was going to work there. I decided this was the right place for them to go. So my HB and I packed them up and sent them on their way. When our friend, Gary came back he brought pictures and told stories of giving them out. They would match the dolls to the kids. Even grandmothers were coming to get one to hold and hug on as they had lost everything. It was hard giving the dolls away as felt like it was still a part of my mom but after seeing those kids loving them I now have more beautiful memories.

  9. There is a wonderfully nice gentleman who lives down the hall from me. We llive in a lovely senior high rise. Jim was a deaths door a few years ago when robbers broke into his home, and savagly attacked him, and left him for dead. He nearly died and robbers were never caught. Because of this vicious attack, Jim is nearly blind, and walks with the aid of a cane. I check in on him and gave him my older Oreck Vacuum yesterday, as it was getting too hard to push. Life is too short not to help someone in need. even tho I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndome—for many years, the least I can do is help im, or someone else.

  10. A few years ago, I and a few other women at my workplace to implement a toiletries collection program. Our agency (numbering nearly 700 people) sends staff on travel frequently, and those travelers will bring back the small toiletry items (shampoo, conditioner, hand soaps) that hotels offer to their guests. These toiletries are collected at our agency and then distributed to homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters in our area. This program has continued on a steady pace, over the years but just recently was revitalized due to the increased number of homeless in the Kansas City effort.

  11. A friend and coworker has been out on medical leave for the past several weeks following spinal surgery. I have spent some time with her on the phone, cheering her up; and have sent her cards thru the mail, to remind her that she was thought of and missed. Having had knee replacement surgery back in June, and been out on medical leave for close to 3 months, I know what she’s going thru. It’s easy to feel as though you’re forgotten. But getting an occasional phone call or card, to let you know you’re thought of and missed can make a world of difference to an otherwise dull day of recovery. It may not be much, but sometimes the little things we do can make the biggest difference in another’s life.

  12. Have become involved in the “Quils for Kids” project. Making the quilts for children, who have been taken from their homes, g,ives one a sense we are trying in small way,to help and comfort these precious ones. Being taken from their homes ,these little ones are scared and frightened and a quilt of their very own helps to relieve their anxiety.

    If you have some spare fabric and a little time, log on to: http://www.quiltsforkids.org or call Linda Ayre, Founder of Quilts For Kids, Inc. Her number is 215-295-5484. The quilts need to be sent within a 4-6 week time frame and now especially due to Christmas.

    Bless you for doing this!

  13. I helped the ER in Littleton, Co Thurday night, having the ambulance bring me in, as I slipped and fell on the ice and had several stitches in my hea. So I kept them even busier than they were. Dr. did a fine job stitching me up, tiny little one. He could be a quilter–HA I will keep him busy for awhile on Tues as he will take them out. HA Know this is not what you are looking for, but after the day I had Thurs., I need a little humor.
    Glasses all out of shape and left eye lens lost. Had just orderes new RX earlier that day. Who, are glasses ever expensive any more, as It had been awhile for me.

    Thurs was an expensixe day. Dentist $300, Oil change and tire rotation $40, plus a nearly $700 list of things I need done, and lots of $$$$ for glasses and then groceries and Christmas. Will have a second opinion on the car list. have a nice 98 Monte Carlo, bought new and it has been a gem. It is loaded with extras that still work. So guess $700 isn’t bad.

    Happy TG to all of you.

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