30 Days, 30 Gifts, Days 9 & 10 Winners!

Well – I was a bit remiss yesterday getting this blog out.   Monday’s are always a bit crazy around here, and yesterday was even more than normal.  For those of you participating in the Agatha & Sherlock Mystery, I’m sure you understand why 🙂   

So, here is something I heard on the radio yesterday when I was dropping the kids off at school.  The radio announcer (we will call her Mom) was remembering a time when her little boy was really little (he is now a police man, so I’m guessing 20+ years ago).  Anyway, it was a rainy day and the two of them were in the grocery store getting ready to check out when she heard the little old lady in front of her ask the clerk to call her a taxi.  Well, the ‘Mom’ intervened and told the lady that she would take her home if she didn’t mind waiting for a few more minutes.  The lady was so grateful for the ride, and she told ‘Mom’ that everyday she tries to do something nice for somebody – and she especially enjoyed the annonymous things she did.  But, she also noticed something else … that people always did kind things for her too.    

Hmmmm – does this tell you something?  I am a true believe of ‘What goes around, Comes Around’ – not that I think any of you are hoping and waiting for people to do you good deeds, but I would bet that most of you have wonderful people around you all of the time, and you are all helping each other in even the littlest ways.  By reading all of the comments, anyone can see that every one of these acts is impacting the life of somebody, somehow – and you all should be so very proud.

A Delightful Collection of Christmas Projects

So, back to the winners …. 

Both the Day 9 & Day 10 Winners will receive one of our very Favorite Christmas Books – Christmas with Artful Offerings – I can smell the gingerbread from here!

Our Day 8 Winner is…
11/8  #2 – Julie Clifton &
11/4 #15 –  Jeannette !  Congratulations and Thank you!

You both did something nice for somebody, so we want to do something for you.  While what we do is not always noticed, I hope that you ALL know how much we appreciate you, what you do, and who you are!

Have a wonderful day!

15 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Days 9 & 10 Winners!

  1. Early this morning I secretly dropped off a bouncer and baby bag packed full with baby quilt (of course) blankets, sleepers, diapers, pacifiers ect… at a friends-neighbor’s house. Their teenage daughter just had a baby boy and still needed some basics.

  2. I love reading your updates. I went today and bought items to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our church participates every year, but we can pack as many as we want.
    Even though the boxes are furnished, I bought the plastic shoe boxes because they said the cardboard ones fall apart in those humid countries, and most of these kids have no where to store their things. They don’t have much, but I thought the plastic box would help them to at least keep their items dry. I bought little toy items, crayons, coloring books, bouncy balls, flashlights and batteries, toothbrush and toothpaste, and we always pack some candy and gum items. I found a neat little brush with a mirror on the handle.
    I will have to pack my boxes, and then see if I can cram anything else in there. I need to get some facecloths too.

  3. My husband and I have a great couple as friends and it happened that they both needed surgery the same day so we told them that we’ll do all their errands for them like shopping,
    take them to the doctor ect., ect., ect. We’ve also been cooking for them until they recuperate. ( Hope they like our cooking)


  4. We have an organization in New England called Big Sisters. They will be making their fall rounds this month, so today I started going through clothes and coats. I also do a lot of thrifting for wools, so on dollar days, I can find nice items to add to the bag.


  5. Wow – what a busy day yesterday. I volunteered for 4 hours at our local hospital thrift shop (which I do every week). Yesterday was especially busy because we were short of volunteers and the 2 of us had to do the job of 4 volunteers but we got it all done and it was fun!
    After I left there I went to a friends house whose husband had recently died and helped her sort thru some of his things to be donated at the shop. I was easier for her not to have to do it alone.
    After doing all of that I slept good last night and was happy I could help others

  6. I’ve always tailored “the boys” uniforms and last night was no different. Our SIL is one of “the boys”. He is a highway patrolman and our other son is a Sheriff’s deputy.

    Last night, I tailored four uniforms for SIL. And just this morning I got a call from him – he’s taking me to lunch for doing them.

    Be kind to one – it DOES come back – 100 fold.

  7. This AM I went to volunteer at our senior center. I helped in organizing their decorations for the holidays. I also helped in getting their Xmas bazzar ready.

    I am still cooking for my neighbor. She is doing pretty good.

  8. It seems most if not all our friends are sick. Since we had a free morning I did a run to the store for a few friends that needed something.

  9. This afternoon I offered to pick up our granddaughter from Kindergarden. I took her to the post office with me, then to Family Dollar and then to McDonalds for a little “one on one” with Mimi.

    Trust me, I get more enjoyment out of “outings” like that than she does. BUT – with that being said – I hope these “memories” are “memories” long after I’m not here any longer.

  10. Today was spent with my granddaughter, her mom is expecting her second and needed a day to rest and catch up. So the little one and grandma went to lunch , shopped our fav store target and went to the library to get a few books 3 hours later mom called
    okay you can bring the stow -a-way back tee hee
    we had a great time

  11. Well, I began a quilting ministry at our church — after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

    We have shipped about 275 quilts to date to the Coast.
    And, we have about 45 quilts waiting to be blessed next Sunday at church, and we will send half of them to the Gulf Coast again (Mississippi is our chosen area due to our church’s connections there), and in a local community that was devastated by tornadoes a year ago.

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