30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 13 Winner

Good Morning Everybody!   Can you believe it is Friday?  We are so excited… this is going to be a big weekend.  The surprise announcement will be on Sunday – and all of you have the opportunity to be a big winner!  Plus, we have a couple of new clubs to announce. 

And how do you like that new quilt, Your Home or Mine??!!!   Liz and Julie worked on this together over the past couple of months – and I think it is stunning.  The Moda Heritage fabrics are such a gorgeous compliment to this quilt … which was not an easy quilt at all!  With all of the applique and stitchery, these two put in a lot of late nights.  And, I can’t believe it, but they have another colorway they are working on right now, too!  It turns out that Liz does gorgeous stitching, and Julie is an applique pro – what a great way to share the fun in a quilt like this!

Today we are also sending out the Serengeti Quilt kits – and will receive another fabric shipment on Monday – these things are so wild, they are literally  running out the door!  All orders placed through 11/7 will ship today, and the remaining will ship on Wednesday.

Petite Frosted Candles

Ok – so, for today’s winner we wanted to give something very sweet.  It is the Petite Frosted Candles.  So sweet and we know this will help bring in the season.  Our Day 13 Winner is…
11/10  #2 – Shirley Clark  – Congratulations and Thank you! 
Because Shirley did something kind for someone, she is going to receive this sweet candle set.  Thank you!

Have a wonderful day,   Tereas

12 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 13 Winner

  1. Today I am cooking and baking food for a tailgate that my husband will enjoy tomorrow. I am making extra food to share with the neighbors. I know I am glad when someone else makes food to share with us.

  2. I am still cooking for my neighbor. Yesterday I took fabric to my church to make quilts and diapers for the needy. My church has been sewing for years for the soliders and the needy. I had some bath blankets given to me and they will make get baby things.

  3. Today I went shopping for gifts. I like to find little goodies that I can send to people I know, who need a pick me up. I can’t afford to spend a lot on shipping, so I look for things that can fit in a large envelope and light weight.


  4. On the second Friday of each month, I volunteer to make dessert for the local homeless shelter. Today I “upped” my volunteer work by making a meal and dessert. 9 dozen cookies and eggsalad for 40 was a little overwhelming, but I was amazed at the joy I felt while making it (and ooooh, the bakery buns and bread were soooo soft).

    I’ve heard the saying “the joy is in the giving” but I never felt it the way I did today. It was a feeling of all-encompassing care and happiness that I was placed in a position to make a meal for someone who does not have a roof over his or her head. To give without any expectation of reciprocation–not even a thank you–and it doesn’t make difference. Absolutely ethereal.

    I’m going to “watch” for more opportunities!

  5. I saw that quilt on the website and it looks GORGEOUS! When you say it is a “hard quilt” is it beyond a beginner/intermediate quilter?

    Can’t wait to hear about the big surprise event tomorrow!

    You ladies are doing a great job!


  6. I just have to share something nice that happened to us last night. We went out to eat at a local fish and seafood restaurant. We met up with another couple and shared a table.
    A friend of theirs came by and told them he had taken care of their bill. Well, when we went to pay, the nice man had also treated us to our dinner.
    My husband is very generous, and he is always doing stuff like that, but he was so surprised that a complete stranger had bought our dinner.

  7. What a lovely quilt, love the gentle colors and applique.

    Today we took our big lovable Basset Hound to do his job, he’s a certified therapy dog. We take him to a camp for disabled children when they have respite weekends. He is so sweet an always knows how to bring a smile to the kids faces. He is gentle and tolerant and just lives to interact with the kids.

    He loves to go and so do we, it is a rewarding and special experience.

  8. I donated food to the food bank this week…. they always have a big drive at the holidays.

    The middle school I work in competes with other schools to collect the most food in order to win a dance party from a local radio DJ.


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