Another Grand Prize in our 30 Day Give Away

We are SO excited to announce our two New Sewing Room Furniture product lines — that just released today!  We now carry both Kangaroo Kabinet & Arrow Cabinets – Sewing Machine Tables, Cutting Tables, Storage Units, Complete Suites and Chairs.    And, the best part is we are going to add one of these wonderful Sewing Room Cabinets to our Grand Prize list!  Yep – we are now going to have TWO Grand Prize Winners in our 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners Give-Away! That’s a $173.99 value when you include shipping!

Quilt a Gift .. 25 Heartfelt Projects

 Not only do we have the Quilt-a-Licious Grab Bag Queen Size Quilt, but now we are also going to give away an Arrow Suzi Sidekick Sewing Storage Cabinet!  The winner will have the option for 4 different finishes – black, white, oak or cherry.

Suzi’ has plenty of storage with four drawers for a huge range of sewing notions.  Drawer stops prevent Suzi’s drawers from pulling out too far, but each drawer will glide effortlessly on slides allowing an easy reach to hard to find items in the back.

We hope you like little Suzi as much as we do!

Keep doing all of those kind acts and good deeds … and you could be a winner!

37 thoughts on “Another Grand Prize in our 30 Day Give Away

  1. LOVE all your neat giveaways! The little Suzi storage cabinet would fit perfectly in my sewing room and we quilters have so much suff…..
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something so useful.

  2. Saturday I spent a LOT of time waiting in lines for various reasons while we were shopping. The lady in front of us had 2 small children who were tired of waiting. The little boy had exhausted the patience of his mother. I tried to talk to him and at first he was too shy. Not one to give up easily, I kept talking to him and soon had made a new little friend. When our wait had ended 90 minutes later, his mother thanked me and said I had made their wait a fun time. The little boy also helped the time pass more quickly for me also.

  3. Showed Penny how to use a cutting mat with rotary cutter for the first time. When she stopped by yesterday to return something, she was quite thrilled to tell me she was in the process of cutting out her first quilt. Two thumbs up, Penny, I’m sew happy for you and proud of you.

  4. I saw the cabinets in the newsletter today. I would love to have a large table with the cabinets underneath. Just starting my day today, so while I am out, I will look for opportunities to make someone’s day, that I might meet. Even a simple smile, can make someone’s day:)


  5. A simple gesture — I brought in brownies and donated free pizza coupons to our department at work. It was very much appreciated and a welcome break from the usual: working through a ‘rushed’ lunch. It just goes to show, the little things help too!

  6. You guys are amazing!!! What a wonderful giveaway! I am sure I could get my sewing room organized if I were to win that cabinet (hint, hint!)

    I have loved reading all of the good deeds that everyone has done this month. Makes my heart smile!!

    Great job everyone!


  7. wow the cabinet looks wonderful and all the great kindness going around.
    I try to just keep up with the everyday pass it forward, a smile a hello , opening the door for someone with a stroller
    Just a little something to make them feel speciall and makes your day a happy one and your troubles fade,,,, its not so bad everyone should try it…

  8. Our church choir just completed a “professional” (studio) CD and began distribution a couple of weeks ago. I have given several of the CD to friends and family. In response to offering to pay for the CD, I have asked that a donation be made to a favorite charity or even a family member if the money was needed.

    A friend of mine has informed me that she was making a donation to their local food bank so that families will have food not only daily but during the holidays.

    What a blessing to not only be able to sing praises to God, but then see the blessing that I received extended to others in need.

  9. What a fantastic prize. I just love quilting and the generosity of the quilting community. It is rewarding for me to share with “newbies” the joy of this hobby/obsession.

    My husband and I walk our dog each night with a group of wonderful dog people. One of the ladies recently lost her dog, she is hurting but still walks with us,

    She just started a quilting class and is a bit nervous about being a beginner. Last night I took her a bunch of my quilt books and walked and talked about all things quilting.

    I am very happy to share this wonderful world with her.

  10. What a wonderful idea, to promote kindness. We’ve been thinking a lot about kindness at our house. At a recent church meeting, a story was told about a father who asked his children every night how they had helped someone during the day, what kindness they had shown. So all day long the kids (and parents) were on the lookout for ways to be kind. I had just told my husband that story when our neighbor called with a quilting emergency. It wasn’t exactly a convenient time, but when is it ever convenient to have a crisis? I dropped what I was doing and went over there to consult with her and encourage her. Not a huge act on my part, but I think we both felt better about the world (and her quilt) afterward.

  11. WOW The cabinet looks wonderful! You are so generous.

    I am still fixing goodies for my neighbor. That is what she calls them.

    Today was church and I helped in the gathering after service. I always love doing this because you get to visit with all of the congregation. For some this is the only chance they get to visit. Asking questions of them seems to be the helping interaction.

  12. Beautiful storage! Man this is odd to talk about my own “good” deeds, but I have a combined good effort by my neighbor and me. We are giving my cousin’s little 2 1/2 year old daughter a Princess bed so she can leave her crib days behind. She is going to love it, we get to surprise her with it when they come over here for Turkey day. Can’t wait to see her pretty little face light up when she see’s it!

  13. I think this would be a fantastic prize to win and I think you all are very, very generous to offer such a prize for a giveaway!

    I don’t usually mention things I do for others because it is a blessing to me to be able to do whatever I can and I truly believe that there isn’t any thing too small one can do. It’s amazing what a smile, or opening a door for someone who can open it easily themselves – little things we take for granted so many times.

    I have a new neighbor and she is a delightful person. It has been a joy getting to know her. She works part-time in retail and she is hearing impaired. I don’t know how she does it but she does it well. Our building is in the historic area of our town, so it is quite old – beautiful, but old. When she first moved in the man who owns the building knew she would have a few special needs. He had been lagging behind getting the things done and I was very concerned for her in case of am accidental fire, etc. I went ahead and got the things done and later I had a discussion with our building owner about it. It was a simple thing and I think any neighbor would have done it for another.

    Just imagine what it would be like if everyday everyone would do just one simple thing!

  14. Today my husband and I took in to church 5 good warm coats in great condition that we no longer use. They will be given to people in need within our communities. It gives me joy to share these instead of them being just sitting in a closet. We are going to seek other things that no longer fit and share some more.

  15. Wow! Love the Suzi — it would surely be well used in my craft room! Hmm … now all I have to do is figure out how to keep my fingers, eyes, knees, toes, ankles, arms, and hands crossed … You are so kind for sharing such delightful goodies.

    My good deed is ever so small! I had an opportunity to hold a large heavy wooden door for our youngest and eldest members of our church’s congregation. The door is too awkward for older folks whose balance might be compromised and too heavy for little ones. Doing this small service brought great reward to both me and my receivers – by way of smiles, “thank yous”, and cheery greetings.

  16. My motto in life is that someone always has it worse off than you. It is true. I crochet scarves for the homeless, give clothes to different charity groups thru our charity organization and on my own. A few years ago I sent shoes to a group I heard on the news that were sending shoes overseas to the kids who didn’t have any. I also sent school supplies by the box full to the soldiers in Iran and Afghanistan and they sent me a certificate back saying they used them to befriend the young children over there and they helped to open 2 new schools. This past year my husband has been downsized from his job after 28 years and that is the one thing we miss the most is donating every month at our charity meeting and at our local charitys. He promised me to make one of our bedrooms into a craft room for me and now we can’t afford to do it, but I will find a way to use my material and yarn to make gifts to give this year anyway.

    Your generosity of a cabinet would be deeply appreciated. It is just what I have been looking for. It is soooo coooool.

  17. These giveaways are such a great way to showcase acts of kindness or giving.

    I donated all of our family’s older coats and jackets to the Coats for Kids program in our area. It seemed pretty silly that we each have more than 2 coats when there are those who don’t even have one.


  18. What a great website/blog/giveaway! The storage units would be great for me to win since I have limited space to store fabrics and patterns. Love to make quilts as gifts and for charity as fundraisers.


  19. I received an e-mail from a friend suggesting a way to support our troops. So, I took about 1 minute, completed the form, and sent a postcard (designed by a child) to one of our troops. It’s a small thing to do, but hopefully it will lift the spirits of someone fighting today for our freedom. Xerox provides this service – FREE.

    If anyone else is interested – go to the website:

    You can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.

    How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!!

  20. Just finished two more quilts for the Quilts for Kids organization. They will be off in the mail this week. What fun I am having doing all my nice things – Judy C in NC

  21. Ummm… I got all the way through helping my two beginning piano student daughters practice and didn’t yell or cry once- only applauded their (very loud) efforts? Does that count as nice? Also, I bought my son a donut for no special reason. (Don’t ask about the laundry, however…) Oh, I also forgot we pooled money with my husbands siblings to provide Christmas for a family whose father has terminal cancer. I guess that’s probably the nicest thing we did today.

    I love reading about all the good being done. I’m inspired to do more tomorrow.

  22. It is so nice you are having a give away like this. I have a friend who goes to garage sales throughout the year and buys anything she can at a reasonable price for a “Santa Work Shop” for the kids in her school district. She sets this up in the school gym and the kids can come pick out something for themselves and also pick out something for their mom and dad and brothers and sisters. I just gave her another tub of “goodies” for her “work shop” this year. Thank you for being so generous in your giveaway.

  23. I offered editing suggestions for my friend’s business brochure and literature–I edited with both kindness and honesty, a delicate dance.

    Thank you for having this ongoing reminder of the importance of kindness.

  24. Your giveaway series is a wonderful idea. We could really, really use a storage cabinet or enjoy a new project.
    My mother (age 79) and I encourage each other to finish our projects. We recently completed 4 lap quilts for a local nursing home.
    I’m at work on hand quilting my second bed quilt while my mother takes her turn at the sewing machine making a bed quilt for my (newly wed) nephew.
    The annual local quilt show was held last week, and we had a hefty dose of inspiration.

  25. Today we were at the grochery store and let 3 people in front of us to check out. I knew our full cart would take a while especialy with the guarntee of other store ads (they have to adjust thier price to other store prices-which was more than half my cart) I’m pretty sure the people behind me after we started checking out wished they shopped faster and if you were one of those people, I want to thank you for your patience…

  26. Our church has started a Loaves and Fishes pantry and we are off to a good start. We want to help all the families in the surrounding communities with food for every day as well as the holidays.
    Thanks for the great giveaways. Would love to win the cabinet.

  27. I stumbled across your site then your blog. What generous folks you are. I have been quilting for about 8 years and last month joined a guild that actually meets at night (I have to work to pay for my stash!) I joined this particular guild for the good things they do. we most recently had a sew in to benefit our charities we give to. We made 22 pillow case to give to families that have been victims of domestic abuse and are starting over, they go in a gift basket. We made 20+ preemie blankets for the local hospital and 2 large quilts of valor. We also made placemats to go in the baskets with the pillow cases. It amazes me the need that is out there for simple things like pillow cases. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving as there are people out there that are thankful for all the quilters that give!.

  28. My family is buying hats, gloves and bibles to give to the homeless this year. We are not celebrating the holidays but we are sharing with others using what we would have spent on family. Our family has enough of what they need but many others have little or nothing and it seems shameful to not do everything we can to help. After the holidays, I am going to be quilting covers, crocheting hats and gloves and we will be working on gathering what is needed for next winter to help also.

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