In Just a Bit …

OK … we are a bit remiss on getting the prizes out this week.  Did you see all of those kits???  
But, no worries, we will be drawing 5 names this morning … so go out, do some good deeds, and blog us – you could get in on the action! 

Be back soon!


14 thoughts on “In Just a Bit …

  1. We take turns cooking / cleaning at our home. It’s great to see the surprised look on dad’s face when he goes in to do his dishes and finds them done and the sink / stove spotless.

  2. I put our the trash bins for my neighbor each week. She’s got MS and it’s a real struggle for her to maneuver about, let alone maintain balance and fanagle with the awkward bins. The other day she confided in awe that “someone has been putting her trash bins out and what a relief it is to her” so my (anonymous) service is even more enjoyable because she is not a beat-around-the-bush person: if she knew I’d been doing this, she’d let me know she knew.

  3. I researched how to donate coupons to service families living abroad, and am organizing my extended family of coupon clippers to do this. It’s a small thing for us, but I think the families must feel a bit more remembered and cared about when they receive the packets of coupons.

  4. One of the things I do to help someone is to walk my in-laws dogs when my father in law is at the hospital getting a chemotheropy treatment. It’s a very long day and the dogs really can’t stay in the house that long without a trip or two outside.

    What a neat idea for a give away, lots of neat giving people have posted, fun reading

  5. I stepped in this week and did some babysitting for a family with two little ones 3 and 5.. mom had a bad cold and dad was at work
    It was fun to have them over for a sleepover a few nites. Mom is better and was happy to get some relief. When family is not close enough to help out, friends come to the rescue…
    So a good time was had and the kids were just great…
    so help a friend or just call to see if you can grocery shop is a good
    help too

  6. My son’s girlfriend’s family has been unemployed for a while. I am putting together all the things that they need to make a turkey dinner, so my son can deliver it to them. I have been sewing some lap quilts for the wheel chairs at the hospice center. I try to drop off one a month. Blessings go to God as I strive to do one nice thing for someone each day.

  7. I am finishing a couple more pillowcases to be sent out this weekend to our recovering American soldiers in the Lundstahl Hospital in Germany. When these are finished I will have sewn up over 25 pillowcases! But the BIG news is that all my area sewing friends and all my cyber quilt friends pitched in too! So I will be sending over 350 pillowcases! What a fun variety of fabrics! From patriotic to fun novelty prints…but all are colorful and will help bring cheer to a recovering soldier!

  8. I’m not home this week, in San Francisco with hubby all week.

    I’m enjoying the diversity of the City here – so many people, so much to see.

    What I’ve truly done this entire week is being open minded to enjoy every aspect of being here.

    Saying a kind work, wishing someone well, opening a door for someone you don’t know, sharing a table with someone you don’t know because chairs and tables are filled with the many people who walk everywhere, a kind gesture to let someone know you care.

    Be kind – it makes someone smile.

  9. A few years ago I joined an elite group of people who are the eyes and ears of our police department. The group is called Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP for short). This wonderful group of people ride around in police cars, check out banks and schools for anything out of place, deliver papers for the detectives to the District Attorney’s office downtown, and most importantly, we check on homebound seniors, affectionally called YANA’s. This stands for You Are Not Alone. This is the most rewarding part of our patrols. Over the past 15 years, we have saved our officers over 750,000 hours of tedious work so that they can concentrate on what they do best, keeping our communities safe. The program has been so successful that it has spread to countless communities across the country.

  10. As I mentioned before our choir has completed and distributed a “professional/studio” recording, our first. I just mailed out 6 packages, and while that might not be considered a good deed, I took the time to write (yes, written with pen and ink on paper) notes for each package whether it was a get well note, a note of encouragement, or a note of praise for an event in a person’s life. It’s been a long time since I’ve written that much – usually just send emails, etc. – but already I’ve heard back from some that they appreciated the hand-written note. We get so busy in our lives, technology helps us, but I’m glad I was reminded how nice it is read a personal hand-written note of encouragement. Again, I’m blessed in return.

  11. Congratulations too all of you ladies.
    I just finished my second quillow for our Hatchers House here in Chattanooga which is a peds cancer unit. There are about 12 of us that are going to get together every 3rd Friday and only quilt for the children in this cancer uinit. I am proud to say we have 19 quillows to give for Christmas. I knocked out number 2 on friday but didn’t think that I would be able to but I did it…

    Happy holidays everyone

    Sharon G

  12. All year long I gather things for the “Elf shop” – a place where kids can go to buy a gift (for less than a dollar) for mom, dad, brothers and sisters – because giving is just as much fun as getting. This year the elf shop is in hiatus, so my boxes of goodies will be going to the house where moms getting back on their feet live with their kids…most of the items are good for moms – so I’m hoping that several moms will feel the love of the season! Kate/Wyoming

  13. Today at my local fabric store I had planned on buying a few bolts of fabric I needed that happen to be heavily discounted. The fabric I had chosen seemed to be the hot item and everyone in the store (at least it seemed so) wanted it. In the sharing spirit I had decided not to take the entire bolt of the few choice fabrics and share them. In doing this I will be heading back next month and most likely paying full price for what I didn’t buy today. I hope the people who did get some will make something wonderful to share with someone else.

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