30 Days, 30 Gifts, Days 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 – 6 Winners!

Good morning and Happy Friday to All!   Wow – we have had a crazy week around here.  With the launch of our new Sewing Room Furniture, the start of the Holiday Fab Shop Hop, and the introduction of  Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Clubs, all of those New Quilt Kits, patterns and books,  we spent the better part of the week pinging in several directions… and I did not get any quilting done as planned.. 

So, we are drawing names for several  Days –  15 – 20!.  We have lots of fun gifts, so here we go.  We are going to spread-out the giving in this blog  🙂

Quilt Sampler Club - 2 Publications per Year

Our Day 15 & 16 Winners are…
11/14 #3 – Michelle &  11/13 #13 – Sharon Hettinger !! Congratulations and Thank you!
Both Michelle and Sharon win a 1 year subscription the Quilt Sampler Magazine Club  …  the Gift that just keeps giving!    Quilt Sampler has 2x publications a year – in May and September.  Congratulations! 

From the emails and blogs we’ve received, it sounds like everybody is pretty excited about the chance to win the Suzi.   And, hands down, the most popular Sewing cabinet so far is the Marilyn.  But, I’m not surprised – it is Arrow’s most popular cabinet, too – not only is she compact, but she is a lovely piece of furniture as well.    We had one customer purchase 2 of the Sewnatras – she said she was going to use both as nightstands next to her bed –  and one will hold her machine, and the other to hold a Singer Featherweight  that she has on her Christmas list.  What a great idea!   And, together with the free shipping, Mettler Thread Combo and Vusion Light, it really makes these deluxe cabinets a steal.  As far as the promotional suites that Kangaroo is running right now, the favorite is the Aussie Suite.  Looking at it, it seems to provide the most work surface and storage, but it a bit less expensive than the Kangaroo Suite. 

Quilts & More - 2x per year

Our Day 17 & 18 Winners are…
11/19 – Marcia & 11/12 – Elaine!! Congratulations and Thank you!

Both Marcia and Elaine win a 1 year subscription to the Quilts & More Magazine Club … another Gift that just keeps giving!  Quilts & More has 4x publications a year – March, May, August & November.  Congratulations!

We received the sweetest email Tuesday morning  from Darla T.  She asked us “why are you being so generous – what do you get in return? ”  The email had a lot of other sweet comments, but this just made me smile.  Do you realize how much we feel part of such a bigger picture around here?  It sounds to me that what we are doing is having a profound affect on so many of you – not that you aren’t always givers, but that it seems everybody is making an extra effort to do a bit more.  And, because we don’t get out much, we are also living somewhat vicariously through your good deeds as well.  We all want to thank YOU for YOUR generostity!

And Finally, Our Day 19 & 20 Winners are…
11/16 – Melissa & 11/15 – Irene Schofield!  Congratulations and Thank you!

Both Melissa and Irene win a 1 year subscription to the BHG Quilt Magazine Specials Club .. yet another Gift that just keeps giving!  Better Homes & Gardens publishes 2x Specials each year – in March and October.

37 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Days 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 – 6 Winners!

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Now my imagination will really go wild, perusing all the goodies inside each edition of the Quilts-n-More quarterly! Thank you for your generosity!

  2. I spend a lot of time at my kids gymnastics classes waiting and can be often found working on one project or another for a few hours in the viewing area. It all started with one mom interested my hand applique project and then a little girl talking an interest in a lockerhooking project. Well, I fiqured since I might just as well share my knoweledge of crafty things and suddenly now the viewing area has turned into a creative area where the waiting parents and kids are inspired to create whether it be a quilting, crochet/knitting, embroidery or lockerhooking project. I have such a passion that I am happy to be able to share what I know and help. It is wonderful to see how excited people are when they create something they never thought they would be able to. Everyone always thanks me for helping them, but I think that they are helping me more. It is such a joy to have a nice group to working on things together.

  3. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

    My husband and I were closing on a home equity loan today and everything was wrong. The poor woman trying to do the closing, not the person who prepared it, was beside herself. All the legal documents were wrong, really screwed up. She was on the phone trying to get them corrected and resent, they were sent wrong again. Poor thing looked like she was going to cry. We were there for four hours. Instead of getting mad we just beared through it and made sure she knew we thought she gave us excellent customer service. I didn’t want her to end her week feeling like she had made us angry. She deserves to have a good weekend too.

  4. This is one of my husband and I’s favorite times of year! We love to plant anonymous grocery gift cards in peoples doors. We know so many people through church and other programs who are really struggling. We have been so blessed by so many people over the years that it feels so great to help out whenever we can.

  5. This week I was looking at a night stand that I really liked and need for my bedroom. Another woman came up and really loved it too, guess black is a favorite color for a lot of people. I decided I could wait and find something another time and let her have it.


  6. Hooray for all the winners!

    My act of kindness today was to write a letter to the manager of a hotel where I recently attended a conference. Many of the other attendees were elderly and needed some extra assistance, and one of the hotel’s employees did an outstanding job of being patient, helpful, and charming. I thought he deserved some recognition for that.

  7. today we filled up a shopping bag full of canned food while doing our shopping and gave it to the boy scout troop collecting cans for the Salvation Army.

  8. I received my lovely candle today, and I could smell it even before I opened the box. Thanks again, and for the little extra surprise inside. You people are so nice.

  9. Today I baked 4 batches (12 dozen) chocolate chip cookies and bought 2 large boxes of hot chocolate mix to pass out at the rest area for those traveling through Idaho for the Thanksgiving weekend.

  10. Another day, another opportunity to stretch my kindness muscles. I received a call today, letting me know that the people who were going to host us for Thanksgiving are sick; I was able to recognize an opening for us to instead bring some Thanksgiving goodness to them on Thursday. So my week suddenly became much more busy, but in a good way.

  11. Finished filling 2 shoeboxes for a boy and girl (ages 5-9) with socks, crayons, hair clips, cars, games, goodies, and sent to the church for further processing by Samaritan’s Purse.

  12. I went thru the Starbucks drive thru for breakfast before going to work, when I got to the window, the lady said the guy in front of me paid for my breakfast. Surprised and happy I said I will pay for the lady behind me. So I did. After going to work and telling everyone how good it made me feel; my co-workers said they wanted to do that to. Now everyday, my friends say I did the pay forward today at lunch, or breakfast. A little somewhere, may be a lot that we don’t know about. Share the Love, not only at the Holiday Season, but all year long.

  13. I was in a hurry trying to sneek in a few minutes of Christmas shopping without the kids. While I was looking at bikes for the boys an elderly lady started to talk to me. At first a simple question and before I knew it she was telling me her life story (no kidding….she was born in Kentucy, her first bike was a pony named Bonnie Blue for some charector in Gone with the Wind…in case you wondering) Since I was in a hurry my first thought was I should try to excuse myself but I stopped myself. The presure to hurry up was mostly coming from me, the babysitter didn’t care if she earned a few extra bucks. So instead she and I talked for a bit and I helped her choose gifts for her great-grandkids that where coming to visit this week.

  14. I mailed out Thanksgiving cards to all of my friends, family and customers. I picked up pecan brittle for my friend Maryann because she loves pecans!

  15. A small and simple act of kindness today: letting the man who was in line behind me, with only a few groceries, go in front of me and my huge basket of groceries. Whenever someone has done that for me I have appreciated it greatly.

    wordygirl at earthlink d0t net

  16. An unexpected “Memory Gift” to ME! I was busy decorating the tree(s) yesterday when the grandkids stopped by delivering bread I had ordered for their school.

    Their eyes were SO delighted to see me decorating.

    Needless to say, I had a 5 yr. old and 6 yr. old helping for the next few hours.

    Then it was time for our grandson to get home to bathe for school the next morning. Our 5 yr. old granddaughter pleaded her case to stay and continue helping…well, of course!!

    My gift – an unexpected memory of “My Help”.

    You never know when you’re creating a special memory – but I absolutely knew this was going to be that “special memory”. I was far more blessed than the grandkids.

    Thank you , God, for “little people” who bring us back to what “it’s all about”.

  17. My husband’s sister recently moved to a senior citizen’s apartment in our community. They had their Thanksgiving celebration today, and we volunteered to help and made the dressing.
    Let me tell you – it was an experience. LOL They were all so funny. Not all of them are senior citizens. Some are there for various handicaps, but they all have a wonderful sense of humor.
    It was a blessing to share in their little family feast.

  18. My act of kindness today was to assist an older lady as she did her very, very slow grocery shopping, amidst all of the hectic pre-Thanksgiving shoppers.

  19. I usually don’t send mass emails out because I don’t have anything so important to say that everyone I’ve ever met needs to hear about it. But today I saw this on the Rockford (IL) airport email and so I sent it to everyone I’ve ever emailed. Some may wonder “who the heck is…” but that’s okay because the important part is the message. This is such an easy way to say “thank you” and to do something for someone else!


    When sending your Holiday Greetings this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

    Holiday Mail for Heroes
    PO Box 5456
    Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

    All cards must be postmarked no later than
    Monday, December 7th.

  20. It has been a few since I have posted. I am still cookind for my neighbor. It has been busy at the senior center and I have been helping with the Thanksgiving meal there. I also was at the nursing home helping with their theme meal of the month. I have been really tired when I get home. To tired to post.

    I wish everyone a happy and festive Thanks giving.

  21. I needed to do two simple errends today, rent a couple DVDs at the libary and pick up my bread from the bakery. Normally it would have taken less than an hour. Today 4 hours. We had 3 detours, car accidents, a funneral percession, even a robbery at the library! (who robs a library?!) through all this, I was able to keep a kind heart with everyone – including my 4 little ones who weren’t so patient. Not easy but I did. Keeping a kind heart made the day go smoother not only for others but for myself too.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving! I had a sweet experience yesterday. I was at Hallmark, looking at Christmas cards, when an elderly woman showed me a box of cards featuring a cardinal. She said, “It’s too bad we don’t have cardinals here (in Oregon). I miss them.” It was clear she wanted to talk, so I asked where she was from. She had lived many places, she said, but her memory was from southern Illinois. She told me about a Christmas when her son was home “from the war”. She asked for a bird house for Christmas, and her husband and son made one for her. On Christmas morning they hung it up outside her window and twelve cardinals gathered there. When she told me this story, her face shone and her eyes were misty with tears. I felt that it meant a lot to her to be able to share this memory, and I was glad I took the time to listen.

  23. My kindness for the day is that I got a small group of coworkers to assist in purchasing gloves and fabric that i will make into scarfs for the needy children that are being hosted a dinner by my employers. There will be about 100 children, our small group can cover half of them, other coworkers will cover the other half. The neat part is that Santa will be at the dinner to hand out the gifts for the children. The best part of the whole thing is that when I suggested it to coworkers, they were all very eager to be involved, they did not even have to think about it. They instantly agreed to do this with me. I work with a great bunch of people!

  24. Today is Black Friday and I have never really had the desire to go shopping with all the crowds so instead I volunteered to babysit so someone else, who really wanted to go, could do so. Guess I’d rather not “fight the crowds”. Having the 3 little ones to play with is lots more fun for me.

  25. Some of my acts of kindness are:

    I stopped my grocery shopping and assisted an elderly woman who was attempting to reach items that were above her head (she was in an electric cart) — I found the items she wanted and handed those to her.

    Instead of pulling all the way up to the red light line of cars, I stopped and let an oncoming car turn into a business.

  26. I took the time to ask the JCPenney catalog order center man about his family, and sensing that he needed to talk to someone, stood there and really listened for 15 minutes. Afterwards, my mother commented that I had done a good thing.

  27. This isn’t much – but I’d never done it before and I loved the reactions I got…my husband is in the hospital – surgery on Wed – anyway while I was at the cafeteria getting my lunch and the woman who checked me out was very pleasant and as I left I said “thank you for working today (holiday) – she just beamed and said “you’re welcome!” – I’m going to do that more often when I’m somewhere on a holiday.
    :0) Kate

  28. Helping my MIL with shopping and housework really seems to be a blessing for her. Myself and my teenaged daughter also drive her to alot of her appointments and to do her errands for her. She is a lovely lady, and we think the workd of her!

  29. I was reading through some of the comments for this contest and saw one by Michele asking to send cards to our troops. I got mine ready and also sent out an email to friends and family members asking if they would like to send cards also.

  30. Hi,
    My name is Kate and I am 22 years old and I have Down Syndrome.

    I just want to tell everybody that I enjoy growing my beautiful auburn colored hair and every year I have it cut and mail it to Locks of Love.

    The people there take my hair and make it into a wig for some boy or girl who is loosing their hair, because they have to have chemotherapy treatments for their illness, like cancer or some other disease.

    I know that it makes them happy, because Locks of Love sends me a postcard telling me, “Thank you, Kate.”

    Kate Callen

  31. Today when my husband left for work I sent the leftover desserts from our family gathering on Saturday. There is always so much food and I know the guys at his work enjoy homemade cake, pies, cookies,etc. (then I don’t eat all of them!!)

  32. A brand new chorister – who’d never done anything more in music than “sing in a choir once” – took her new post in our church in the children’s area. After singing two songs she looked at me in horror, not knowing what to do to fill the remaining 18 minutes of singing time. Quickly and quietly I helped her fill the time and the children got to practice the songs they’ll be performing for the congregation in two weeks. The new chorister’s panic subsided and by the end of church, she’d relaxed enough to smile and have a little fun. (I guess we’ll see just how helpful I was if she has the hutzpah to return next week!)

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