How Many Winners Today?

Whew … Right now I feel a little bit in a daze! I know we all have so much going on … in our personal as well as professional lives. Together with the Harvest Festival we have going on right now, as well as the Thanksgiving Holiday and now Christmas preparations, we are being pulled in so many directions! But, that doesn’t mean we have forgotten you. Still, my favorite thing to do when a take a few moments each day is to read the kind deeds you all are doing.

I realized last night that some of you may be wondering what we are doing to contribute to the kind acts. Inspired by many of you, we have had a week of giving around here … cleaning out closets and donating 8 giant bags of clothes, plus we brought in dozens of like-new toys, games and puzzles. My husband and son worked at the soup kitchen all day on Monday – they served over 600 people that day – and you can believe it made quite an impression on my teenager. I have also been making my boys more aware of what’s going on around them … pointing out a lady to help with her grocery cart (they get stuck in the snow on the way out to the car), and I had my oldest offer to pump the gas for an older man – the gentleman told me it reminded him of the old days when that was part of the service – and was so thankful! We have a homeless man who lives down in town, and so we picked up a pre-cooked chicken for him, a couple of apples, a bag of cookies, and a couple of water bottles – the smile alone was a huge reward. As you can imagine, we have become quite friendly with our local PO. So, we brought in a batch of fudge on Wednesday – they were all so grateful to know that we care! Because we are involved in the Scouts, I always order extra wreaths, trees & centerpieces – and bring them to 3 of the senior citizen homes around here. While we have had such a giving week, what I’m really trying to instill in my boys is the importance of year round thoughtfulness – my boys are very fortunate, so it is their responsibility to help those around them.

Okay, so now on to the past few days of winners. Where were we? Oh Yeah .. Days 21 – 28 … Yikes! But, that’s ok – we have something special for each of these winners … they each receive a $25 Gift Certificate from Homespun Hearth! These Gift Certificates are valid from December 1 – 31, 2009, so they can have a little something extra to spend for the holidays.

Our Day 20-28 Winners are…
Patty – 11/25 Post
Kate – 11/22 Post
Karen Propes – 11/22 Post
Cindy C. – 11/20 Post
Linda Lee NH – 11/11 Post
Joanne – 11/6 Post
Amy – 11 /20 Post

So, we are nearing the end of our 30 Days of Giving.  On Monday we are going to have 4 Drawings!  2 for the 30 Days of Giving, and 2 for the Harvest Festival!  We have had so much fun with both of these, and it still is not too late for you to be a part of the fun.  If you would like to be entered into our Grand Prize Drawing for the 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners Drawing, then be sure to let us know what kind deeds you are up to!  Simply blog us at any of the posts this month, and your name will be added to the drawing ‘bowl’.  Also, for those of you who make a Homespun Hearth purchase between 11/25 and 11/29, you are eligible to win a $100 Shopping Spree or a $50 Surprise Gift… the drawing for these is also on Monday 11/30!

And, it is just about time that you will be able to spend your Homespun Reward Discounts for 2009.  For the month of December, the accumulated points translate into  discounts for the entire month of December. 

Have a wonderful day!


26 thoughts on “How Many Winners Today?

  1. I had forgotton some elastic yesturday at the store and needed to get some cut this morning. Waiting for about 30 minutes I noticed an elderly couple waiting too. The husband strongly urging his noticably weak wife to go sit in the car and rest and he will get her fabric cut but she insisted he wouldn’t get it cut right. My number was coming up and I asked them to trade numbers with me because I was still shopping and needed a few more minutes. When they were leaving, he stopped and thanked me and told me that his wife was released from the hospital yesturday from a stroke and she insisted on getting fabric for some project she promised their grandson who is deployed. I had to wait for an additional 20 minutes but well worth getting her home where she belonged.

  2. My daughter’s father-in-law recently lost his wife – so we invited him for thanksgiving. All the pictures that were taken, he was included with us, the other set of grand parents. We went on a hayride to see Christmas lights with the great grands and asked Ed to go and help with the kids so he felt needed. The guys took Ed fishing Thursday and Friday morning – in NC you can do that in the winter – we made his day “unusual” and hopefully started some new traditions for him. He has really enjoyed the last four days.

  3. I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and love.

    We served at the senior center for their dinner. Of course my neighboe still needs help from her surgery. Our dinner went wellwith family. My great grand children were there. Children do make the holiday memories.

    That is all I managed to accomplish the last few days.

    Thank you for such a wonderful contest.

  4. We took our daughter and grands out to eat Italian the other day. When we were being seated, the waitress seemed to be a little “snippy.” Then Shelby (2) started hollering that she wanted chicken and french fries. We finally calmed her down when the waitress brought some toasted bread.
    Then our waitress was bringing our drinks on a tray, and poor thing stumbled and they flew everywhere barely missing Shelby. (That would have been another type of hollering.)
    The waitress was so embarrassed, but she cleaned it up, and brought more drinks trying to do her job.
    Our meal came to around $45, and my husband handed her a $100 bill and told her to keep the change. Her mouth fell open, and she kept asking me if we were sure. I assured her it was intended. She’d had a really bad day, and we were glad to hopefully cheer her up a little.

  5. I went to Goodwill and dropped off clothes and things from around the house that we don’t use anymore.

    I had a houseful of young adults over for thanksgiving. I found it quite interesting how many of both of my son’s friends don’t sit down together for dinner or even a holiday meal.

    The dinner table is like an anchor in our house where each night we talk about our day and what runs through our minds.

    Most of the teenagers that came for Thanksgiving usually eat at our house several times a month. I truly feel blessed that I have a job and the availability to keep an open door and settings at the dinner table.

    I am a single mom and am thankful for each day.

  6. Congrats to the winners. What an exciting giveaway. It is so great how people bless others. This season we have chosen two childrens name from an Angel tree to buy them Christmas presents.
    We are also helping a family whose father has left them and the mother is not well. There is a group of us at church who are getting together to bless the family with presents for Christmas.

  7. Last Wednesday, I was in a store looking for a gift for my son. As I checked out, the young man who helped me mentioned that he wouldn’t be there in January because he would be in Iraq. I left the store and went to a fast food restaurant but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I said (in an earlier post) that I was going to watch for more opportunities and here I had just passed one up. But it’s never too late to say something, is it?

    So I drove back to the store and said to him, “You mentioned that you will be in Iraq in January. I just want to say thank you for your courage. I can only imagine the mental, emotional and physical stamina it must take to defend this country. And you work retail so you know what jerks the general public can be and yet you fight for our freedoms. Thank you.” I held my hand out, he shook it, and we stood there, hand in hand as I looked him straight in the eye with all the love and appreciation eyes can muster! He said “It’s not a big deal” to which I replied “Yes it is, it’s extraordinary. Here’s a couple of bucks. Dinner’s on me.” I placed in his hand a $20 bill I had folded into a square on the way back to the store. I heard him say ‘No I can’t” but it was too late, I was already headed towards the door.

    Again, ethereal.

  8. Our son and DIL stopped by yesterday to have leftovers before going to work (2nd shift) – well, of course – we STILL had plenty!! LOL

    While here, our DIL spilled red soda on her hooded sweatshirt.

    I said to myself – “why not?”. I went to my Christmas box of presents not yet wrapped and pulled out a lightweight jacket for her to wear. She was so surprized and appreciative. “A little Christmas early”.

    Meanwhile, her hooded sweatshirt is now washed and dried.

  9. Lately, my schedule has been rater hectic, to the point where I have not had time to post many comments. However, I have continued to be busy helping others. Recently, while doing some holiday shopping, I had some extra coupons I would not be using. I gave them to a young couple with two small children. I know in these days of economic upheaval, raising a young family can be trying at times. They were extremely appreciative of the extra help.

    I have also been cleaning out my bonus room, which will someday be my craft room. I took a number of crafting magazines to a friend who teaches art. She was thrilled with all the new ideas to use with her students.

    I also had some cooking magazines, that I keep throughout the year until the publisher puts them into a year-end cookbook. With my old magazines, I took them to a local high school for their award-winning culinary arts class. I have done this for the last five years, and the teachers tell me that the students look forward to my visit each November as they are looking for new recipies to try for the holidays.

    My husband also decided to clean out several of his car and motorcycly enthusiast magazines, which I took to our local career technical school’s auto mechanic classes. The young men enjoy dreaming about the machines they would like to build someday.

    I also took some batting to my local Project Linus group. While they always have plenty of fabric, they run short of batting. So, when I see it on sale 40% to 50% off, I always pick up a couple of extra packages.

    I donated two bags of canned and dry goods to my quilt shops food pantry drive, which is ongoing throughout the year.

    For Thanksgiving, I cooked for my husband’s parents, who are elderly, and have had some serious health issues of late. I also, packaged it in such a way that in addition to the meal on Thursday, they have four more meals in the freezer to eat in the future.

    Finally, I have been spending time at the hospital with my mother’s best friend. The two have been best friends since 1954, and with my mom living out of state, I have taken her place. I was named after this special friend of the family, and she has been like a second mom. By going to the hospital, I have given her husband and son some much needed relief to the tiring task of sitting and waiting at the hospital.

    Finally, I hope that everyone continues with the 30 Gifts in 30 days, as it is so easy to help people, even with small gestures. May we all celebrate 365 Gifts in 365 Days. 🙂

  10. WOW…. what inspiring posts. It’s great to see that the true spirit of gving and volunteering is so abundant in out lives. I have spent the past three days at a rest area on the interstate passing out coffee, tea, chocolate and cookies to the holiday travelers. All of our supplies are donated by local merchants and members of our Amatuer Radio Club.

  11. Just finished two more pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer, A Case for Smiles organization and will send them on their way this week, along with two quilts for the Quilts for Kids project.

  12. My husband and I cook a turkey for a homeless shelter, took it over Thanksgiving and spent our evening serving some very wonderful people. All were so appreciative, we were so impressed with all the beautiful food donations that were served up. We realized the wonderful opportunity we had been missing.
    We will be involved with more dinners in the future.

  13. I spent most of today with my each of my kids seperately. I played Wii with my eldest, took my 2nd son to the movies, 3rd son for pizza and ice cream and the baby I played with before bed. I don’t always get one on one time so they love it (and well so do I)

  14. Each year on Christmas Eve, I deliver a box for an elderly friend of mine. She has become housebound over the years and isn’t able to get out and about. In this box is usually personal items, a sweater found on sale, a box of thank you cards, a book of stamps, a bag of favorite candy, a bottle of hand lotion, canned ham, a picture frame, etc. Just little things I think she would like. The hardest part is delivering the box. She is a avid tv watcher and usually stays up late at night watching old movies, so I have to wait up until after midnight to deliver to her porch. The box is festively wrapped and with no card, she never knows who her secret Santa is! I’ve been doing this for at least 10 years now and she has no clue it’s from me! What a joy it is to collect things all throught the year I think she’ll like!

  15. I almost fee awkward posting about something “good” I have done just because I don’t want to toot my own horn. KWIM? Every year for Thanksgiving we cook and invite people who wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving meal if they didn’t come to our house. This year we had my brother and my nephew (my brother is in the middle of a divorce and my Mom hasn’t cooked in several years so…….he came over to eat with us), My Brother in law’s wife is in LA so he didn’t have anywhere because my Mother in law always comes to our house too. Then we invited a family that weren’t going to have a meal. He has only lived in the states for 12 years. He is married and has two girls with his wife. He came to the CDL school where my husband and I work. He was such a hard worker on learning everything he needed to learn. My DH took him aside and worked and worked with him and he passed his test. This gentleman taught hiself how to read in English by reading children’s books. We told him several times how nice it was to see someone so eager to learn and someone that was really trying. We had him over for breakfast one morning before church and he went to church then came back for lunch. He said that no one had ever invited him into their home before. I felt so sad. You know there are so many stereo types out there about Mexicans. This man is so nice and will really make a good employee if someone will just give him the chance!

    Anyway, I don’t really feel like it’s that I did something “good” it just that I wanted to share the story. People can’t be judged by the color of their skin or where they were born.

    I am enjoying reading everything.


  16. I have two lady friends who are semi-shut ins who I met online on Pogo Games. They are retired and on a very limited income. For fun, I purchase new games and badges for them to complete. It keeps them busy and the online chat keeps them interested in others.

  17. Hope everyone had a great holiday. I believe that nobody should be alone for Thanksgiving. We had 29 crowded around the family table, so a few more did not matter. We invited a woman new to the area from South Africa and a widow who attends our church. They truly added to the Thanksgiving spirit. I grateful to the woman who invited my single son who lives in UT to join their family. (We live in PA)

    I have always loved having a big family. My husband and I have 2 biological children and adopted two groups of children from Korea; a family of 3 boys and a family of 2 girls. So many people say that we will be blessed for enriching the children’s lives. They are wrong, we already are blessed for the joy that they have brought to our lives.

    I would love to hear from anyone else who has adopted!

  18. I took my neighbor’s trash to the curb for her. She is out of town for the holiday and won’t return until Tuesday.

    I delivered turkey soup to my other neighbor who lives alone. The soup is yummy, so I hope that she enjoys it.

  19. My husband and I often buy dinner for another customer in the restaurant, especially if the customer is an older woman eating alone. On occasion, it is a quilting friend. Recently we surprised a quilting friend and her granddaughter by buying their dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. My friend says her granddaughter still talks about it.

  20. Last week, I gave my parents 2 quilted placemats that I had made, recently. The ones that they have aren’t very nice, IMHO.

    Anyhow, she was ASTONISHED at mine and is insisting that they should go on the wall, rather that possibly be stained at the kitchen table! *grin*

    I also participated with a “Pay If Forward” blog thingy… and the 2 people that had signed up on my blog…. well, they both received (each) 2 placemats. That was fun to make!

    Tks for adding my name in your blog contest!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  21. I love this time of year where you extend extra greetings to individuals.

    Today while at Costco – I saw people arguing and frustrated with parking, so sad. So I decided to take the extra moment and smile, offering my space to a very nice couple who I truly believe appreciated it.

    And while at Safeway, dropped in a little gift to the Salvation Army red bucket (pail).

    A smile can go a long way.

  22. I have loved reading all of the comments. Today my daughter had a “Pay it forward” in the drive thru at Starbuck’s. Pretty neat.
    My DIL has been in the hospital critically ill for 2 weeks. She is being moved to a rehab this week. As soon as I see she is doing better, I will be helping my WMU group prepare gift boxes for the people at the Senior Apartments. We decided instead of fruit baskets to do gift boxes of household items that everyone can use such as lotions, soap, detergent, kleenex, etc. We just thought those things would be more useful.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  23. Well, we collected money at my church to buy fabric to make baby quilts for an organization called Birthright. (We donate 6 layettes in fall and 6 in spring, including quilts, onsies, hats, etc). So, I had my mother and sister in for Thanksgiving, and my sister and I got up at 6:00am Friday (Black Friday) to buy the sale flannel at the local chain store. My sis carried many bolts and picked out fun kid colors. I then took the fabric home and cut it into squares for our elderly ladies who still enjoy the piecing, but are unable to cut fabric due to arthritis. They give the tops back to me and I quilt and bind them. The whole process is a labor of love… for the moms and babies!

  24. I have been gathering clothes and coats for the big sister drive this month. There are a lot of people out there that do not have warm clothes for the winter. They also collect household items for woman in shelters, so it is a great organization.


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