30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 7 Winner(s) !

Yes – today we are going to award 2 winners.  For those of you who noticed on Twitter, I was at the Air Force/Army football game yesterday, and I said that if Air Force won, I would award 2x winner.  Well, so sorry Army lovers, I do get to award 2x winners!  But … that being said, I hope you all know that, being married to a 24 year AF Veteran, I am really loyal to all troops!

Quilt Pink

Our Day 7 Winners are…
11/6 #9 – Beth &  
11/4 #8 – Sheryl Moore!  Congratulations and Thank you
Because both of these ladies did something kind for somebody, they both receive a Better Homes & Garden Quilt for Pink Hope Book.  No only that, both are also eligible for our Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month. 

We have a special announcement next Sunday (11/15), so BE SURE to do a good deed and let us know!

Thank you!  

30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 6 Winner

Good morning!  Can you believe it is already Friday?  I was looking at my calendar earlier, and flipped ahead a few weeks … and realized that my time for the year is very short!   We still have so many quilts in the works – I just hope we have them available in time for you to give as holiday gifts or to dress up your own home decor.  But, that being said, these will be fun to make any time of the year. 


Snow Drift


Hidden Kisses

 We love the new Wool Applique projects we finished last night – aren’t they gorgeous??   They are even prettier in person.   I have some folks around here hoping to receive these as gifts, but … I think this time I might just keep a couple for myself. 

I woke up at about 4:00 this morning, and decided to get an early start.  So, I read through all of the posts from yesterday – boy, the giving is getting really clever — I LOVE it!   If you get a chance, take a look at the posts … the comments are spread over all of the days since the 30 Days of Giving started.  You will probably get an idea or two – and then you can get your name put into the bowl!

Our Day 6 Winner is…
11/4 #8 – Terri!    Congratulations and Thank you
 !  Today Terri has won her choice of any two of these Seasonal Pursettes!   Thank you, Terri, for doing something kind for somebody.

Oh … and we will have a special announcement next Sunday (11/15) – we are so excited!  But, until then, it’s a secret.  But, here is a hint – you DEFINITELY want to keep letting us know your good deeds!

30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 5 Winner

Last night my husband and I took our 3 boys to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert here in Colorado Springs.  I’ve always wanted to see it, but it never worked out in the past, so, we jumped on the chance to go this year.  It was absolutely wonderful.   So many talented musicians, and the choreographers kept the show unbelievably alive and entertaining.  Of course, my ears were still ringing hours later…. 

But, as many of you know, there is a Christmas Story/Poem that is part of the show, and I was realizing how apropos some of the stanzas were for this month’s 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners.   I know that we have readers of all faiths, but I think that all will understand what this is all about.   I did my best to text them to myself so I could post it here.  I think they are in order….

rose gift

If you want to arrange it
This world you can change it
If we could somehow make this
Christmas thing last
By helping a neighbor
Or even a stranger
And to know who needs help
You need only just ask

It’s every gift that someone gives
Expecting nothing back
It’s every kindness that we do
Each simple little act

And so it’s good that we remember
Just as soon as we’ve discovered
That the things we do in life
Will always end up touching others

I sure hope I didn’t slaughter it!   Anyway,  again I am so happy with all of the blog entries we are getting.  Be sure to keep them coming as each deed or act you post to us will be entered into our daily drawing, as well as our Grand Prize drawing.  

2010 'Quite a Stitch' a year with Mrs. Buttons Calendar

Our Day 5 Winner is…
11/2 #2 – Karie!  Congratulations and Thank you

Today we have another wonderful 2010 Calendar that Karie will receive … I think I need this in my office – it is so funny!  It is the Mrs. Buttons KCS 2010 Calendar — click the image to view it.

30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 4 Winner – Plus Christmas Starry Night Kit!

Good Morning Everybody!   Wow – I don’t know if you are all keeping up with the wonderful deeds and acts of kindness that your fellow quilters are up to, but I have been … I started to answer all of them, but I just don’t know if I can keep doing that.   But, PLEASE KNOW – I am reading every single one of them! 

Today we are so excited because we have started our Christmas Exclusive Quilt Count-Down.  Over the next few weeks we are going to introduce about a dozen new designs – each quick and easy – that will make perfect gifts … and you will likely want to make 2 so you can keep one for yourself!  The first in this series is the Christmas Starry Wreath.  Julie made this while she was stuck at home during one of our snow days last week — it was supposed to be a bit further back in line, but I just LOVE it so much, it was bumped right to the front.  Click on the link, and then using the magnifier, look at the wonderful quilting on it … it is an absolutely stunning quilt! 

A Perfect Gift for a Special Friend - and a Wonderful Hostess Gift!

To help launch this Christmas fever in our quilts, today’s winner is going to receive a Christmas Starry Night Kit!

Drumroll please …. and Our Day 4 Winner is…
10/30 #5 Angel Tranter!  Congratulations and Thank you! 

Angel, it sounds like, is one of those inspiring people who give so much – even when things could look really grim for her.  Angel – we appreciate that you are trying to do an extra deed everyday, and we look forward to hearing more of what you’ve done.  Thank you!

30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 3 Winner .. and Good News!

I don’t know about you, but I am so very impressed with the different kind of things that you all are doing every day -some of them even give me the chills!    And, I realize it’s not always easy (or at least the first thing we think of) to make somebody else feel good when we are in the middle of our crazy days.   That being said, some things are no brainers … 

I will tell you one thing I did a couple of days ago.  One of Chocolate Donutmy sons is on the school football team, and we’ve had some pretty chilly afternoons –  as you can well imagine.  Well, on these cold days, I’ve  made it kind of ‘our thing’ to pick up my skinny vanilla latte (of which I am addicted!), and a hot chocolate and chocolate donut for him for as soon as he gets into the car  (the apple does not fall far from the tree, here …).  Anyway, I was in the coffee shop ready to place my order, and a grandpa came in with his grandson, who was probably about 9 years old – and the boy made a bee-line for the only remaining chocolate donut.   He was so happy that there was one remaining.   

Yes, I’m afraid that I arrived at football practice sans donut.  Sean hopped in the car, looked around, searched under a couple of things, and then looked at me with a questioning look.  When I told him what happened, he said “That’s ok, Mom.   I’m betting that boy was really happy when he ate ‘my’ donut, and I bet he will always remember that special outing with his grandpa.”  Wow – I was so happy to know that my teenager could be so compassionate!  Of course, he did say “Tomorrow you can get me two donuts”… yes – he is still a teenager – but a least one with a good heart! 

Quilt In A Cup - A Great Gift Idea!

Our Day 3 Winner is…
10/31 #39 Pamela!  Congratulations and Thank you! 
Pamela will receive a fun Quilt in a Cup Kit, along with her choice of fabric pack,  because she did something kind for somebody.   
Thank you Pamela!

Keep on telling us your good deed and kind acts! 

You can blog them to any post this month – and you will be eligible not only for a daily prize drawing, but also the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.  


Serengiti Snuggler - Click image to view our entire Snuggler Collection


Oh – and some great news!
We received word yesterday that the fabrics for the Serengeti Snuggler and Baby Cub Snuggler quilt kits will be here by the end of the week – so all preorders will ship early next week – a week earlier than we initially thought.  If you haven’t ordered yours but have been thinking you might,  you may want to asap, or you might be on the shipment due at the end of November.  Thank you!

30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 2 Winner .. and Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe!

30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winners

This Month of Giving has already been so much fun for us – and it is just Day #2!   We really enjoy reading all of the great deeds you are posting here, and we look forward to an entire month of good deeds.  

Our Day 2 Winner is…
11/1 #4 Susan Cahill!  Congratulations and Thank you!Mural_small

Because Susan did something kind for somebody, she will receive a gorgeous Dashing Roses FQ Bundle by Art Gallery Quilts!

I read a passage last night, and thought you might all appreciate it :  “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”… John Bunyon

Continue to do your good work, and let us know here on the blog!

Family Recipe Box

With the holidays bearing down upon us, we are going to start passing on some recipes from our family recipe box.   Coming from a large family, these favorites come from grandmothers, aunts, in-laws… the list goes on. 

Everybody in our family always loved when Aunt Kathy would show up with her version of sweet potato casserole for our large Thanksgiving  Dinners (I don’t recall a Thanksgiving when we had less than 25 family members, and usually we were closer to 30!).  Not being a marshmallow fan, but LOVING anything sweet, this was the perfect alternative for the typical sweet potato & marshmallows that usually accompanies the great turkey dinners –  and everybody in my family loved it.  Now that we are all spread around the country, the one thing I know is that each of our families will be enjoying this dish on Thanksgiving! 

thumbnailSweet Potato Casserole

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

1 large can sweet potatoes, drained
2 eggs
¾ cup brown sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup pecans

With an electric mixer, mash the sweet potatoes.
Beat in the eggs and ½ of the melted butter, ½ of the brown sugar and the salt and cinnamon.
Pour into a 2 quart casserole dish.
Arrange nuts on the top and sprinkle with the remaining brown sugar and butter.
Bake uncovered for 20 minutes.

30 Days, 30 Gifts – Day 1 Winner!

Good morning everyone!  Can you even believe this is the 1st of November?  I am always so surprised when this day comes .. it really means we are into the ‘home stretch’ for the year … that always passes by so quickly!  I know that 2009 is a year when many folks struggled, and have really had to make a lot of changes in their lives – some on purpose to help them get through these tougher times, and some that were forced upon them.  In any event, we have all been hearing about the good deeds that others have done – and so we wanted to know what our quilting readers are up to. 

We are so pleased at how generous our quilting community is!  Have you read all of the kind acts and fun things your fellow quilters are doing for others?  Many have inspired me to do even more.  

We  have received some questions about the 30 Days, 30 Gifts, 30 Winner Event – so let me quickly answer them here.  
1.     Any act counts – no matter how small.  This is not a contest to see who gives more, but rather a way to get all of us to do a bit more for those around us. 
2.     You can (and we hope are) doing an act every day – and then just blog it to us. 
3.     We keep your name all month – and you can win 1 daily prize.  At the end of the month all names are eligible for the Grand Prize.  So even if you win a daily prize, keep on doing your acts of kindness as you will have more chances to win the Grand Prize.
4.     And finally, if you are a winner, we will post it here on the blog … which we are about ready to do now!Zbc-bhg2010_small

The Day 1 Winner is …. 
10/31 #36 .. Sheila!
  Congratulations & Thank you! 
Sheila will receive the Hot-off-the-Press 2010 Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork Calendar because she did something kind for somebody.   

Be sure to let us know what you do today … and you could be a winner!