So Embarrased!

Well, I don’t know if you read my 1/04 blog, but somewhere in there I mentioned how we all are healthy.. ??   I need ro recant that!  It turns out that this morning I sent out an email that I thought was proofed … and many of you found my mistake.  I’m so embarrased!     But, I do have a little excuse.  It turns out that this past weekend was literally spent in two different ERs in town…

It all began innocently enough on Saturday morning.  I went to the office with a VERY long to do list, put on some music, and got to work.  For a whole 15 minutes.  And then it happened.  You know those Kevlar gloves we all know are so important to wear, but how at times we just don’t want to bother?  Well, this is one of those days I should have bothered!   Yep, I got my finger with the rotary cutter, and off to the ER we went!  (Don’t even ask how long this is taking me to type up!).  Anyway, after several hours, many pain meds, and a bandage large enough to cover the state of Colorado, we finally came home.  I was so aggravated because I couldn’t get anything done — forget the pain in my finger, I was just too ‘happy’ to concentrate, thanks to the Vicoden.   

Well, by Sunday morning I was ready to get back to it – I figured out a way to shower and keep the hand dry, I had my new, somewhat revised to-do list, and my husband was away with the boys for the day.  Imagine my surprise  when I got a call from a friend assuring me that Ron was OK.  HUH?   Ron Who?  Whah.  It turns out Ron decided to try (not purposely) a Superman Move on my son’s dirt bike.  Ron – 0, Bike 10.  Back to a different ER to find my husband with a gash on his forehead, fractured wrist, and generally bruised from head to toe, and barely able to sit or stand.  After extensive xrays, cat scans, MRIs, stitches and splints, they finally released him that evening.  I got him home as best I could (remember, I’m one handed right now), settled him in, and re-wrote my to-do list.  It was, afterall, a 3-day weekend, right?

No glory – Monday morning we are back to the Orthopedic Surgeon, who decides Ron needs surgery … that day.

So, Ron is now feeling great (Percoset), and my list is as long as ever.   But, I type one handed, and so the occasional typo happens (I think I’ve found about 350 in this blog so far!).  So, I ask that you please forgive me, and know that I’m doing the best I can – and even if it is 2:00am when I get to a Newsletter, I will try and do a better job proofing!

I have pictures of my hand and Ron, but they are kind of gross, so I think I’ll pass …   🙂

Have a great Wednesday, and stand by for some great news this weekend!

A very Red Teresa  🙂

And the Winner of the 2009 Grand Prize Shopping Spree Is…

I don’t know about you all, but I think that 2009 was a crazy year — with ups and downs through out.  I did a lot of travelling in 2009, and that gave Julie and the rest of the staff a lot of time to really learn the nuts and bolts of how EVERYTHING works … thankfully they had Rick, Ron  and James by their side.  Many of you know that my sister and her young daughters lived with us through the year, and that had many rewards as well as some trials.   Between the two families, we had a few medical scares along the way… everything from broken bones, middle of the night ER runs, stitches, specialists, and an entire gamit of roller coaster rides .. and in the long run everybody is healthy!   And, then in October Laura was able to return to her roots in California … where she entered a reality Marketing contest and won!  Woohoo!

So, it was particularly endearing to me to receive this email from the customer who won the 2009 Shopping Spree.  Judy M. of  Rock Hill, SC is the Grand Prize Winner.  With her permission, we are copying it here for your enjoyment:

Hello Teresa and everybody at Homespun Hearth! 
I just have to tell you how wonderful it is that I am the winner of the $250 Shopping Spree.  2009 was a challenging year for us – our daughter and son-in-law lost their home, and so they moved in with us for 7 months along with their 4 young children, 2 dogs and 1 turtle.  I have to tell you, I didn’t realize how tough that would be for us.  Not counting the financial drain, what we noticed the most was constant commotion!   The first thing I had to give up was my sewing room, which meant back to the dining room table for me.   My poor husband, though (who just retired in 2008), started to disappear for hours at a time, just ‘running errands’.  Well, this went on for a couple of weeks, and I really started to worry about him, but he was so evasive.  Well, finally my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to follow him.  I left the house earlier than him, and when he passed the grocery store lot I was hiding in, I was able to get in several cars behind.  I had to laugh when I realized what he was doing.  He stopped at a near-by park, pulled out a lawn chair from the back of his car, tucked a newspaper and book under his arm, found a shady spot, and sat down for a good read.   Anyway, that’s when I realized how much he’d been looking forward to a ‘quiet’ retirement!  Fortunately, at the end of summer my daughter found a suitable place to live near my son-in-law’s job, and so the only ‘commotion’ we’ve had for a while was at Christmas.   My sewing room is back in order, and I was able to make several gifts for Christmas, so that made me happy.  My husband hasn’t ‘disappeared’ in months, either!  But, to get the email that I won a $250 Shopping Spree was absolutely staggering!  I think the only thing I’ve ever won in my life was a box of Girl Scout Cookies from the school where I worked, and I had to share those with my students!    Thank you so much for a wonderful start to 2010.  I love your new website, and I have been a customer of yours for many years – and I know you will be my favorite for years to come.Piece in Stitches,

I hope you all a Pieceful 2010.



Homespun Hearth