We’re Ready to Begin … Again! Let’s Pay it Forward!

OK .. so I don’t post nearly as much as most, and certainly not as much as I should, or of course as much as I want to … but we are ready to get this ball rolling again!    

With the holidays just around the corner, we will be again doing another wonderful giveaway, and we want you to all be a part of it.  You may recall that last year we did the Little Acts of Kindness series which was a huge hit among all of our quilting friends!   So many of you did so many huge giving acts, and we gave away hundreds of $$ of prizes that went all around the world.    

So, starting today  we want to Welcome you to our a Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style  challenge.  All you have to do is let us know by posting it here on our blog, from now until the end of the challenge on November 30  what you are doing to ‘Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style’ … anything at all that you are doing that is helping somebody else because at some point you were also helped … and you want to Pay It Forward Quilter Style.   Let us know what it is you are up to … and we will begin drawing names for some wonderful giveaways throughout the month of November. 

Many of you  know that we have dedicated this year to bringing you the free Out of the Box Table Topper Series — each and every month we give you another free pattern in the series – and we KNOW that this has been very accepted around the world.  We hope this Paying it Forward Quilter Style to all of you has benefited you in one way or another. 

You can Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style every day … just let us know each day what you’ve done, and we will add your name to the drawing for each and every ‘Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style’  act you have done!   The drawings will be held throughout the month of November — and we will again give Hundreds and Hundreds of $$ in prizes away!

So look around, think about who had Payed it Forward to you Quilter Sytle and during the next 6 weeks,  Pass it on!  We look forward to hearing from every one of you!

110 thoughts on “We’re Ready to Begin … Again! Let’s Pay it Forward!

  1. Now I’m embarrassed. Would love to play “Pay It Forward” but cannot figure out how to place an entry. I’m not blog savvy! Got any help?

    • Just let us know here what you’ve done to Pay it Forward Quilter Style .. we will get all of the names/emails from everybody who enters, and will begin having drawings in a couple of weeks. Let us know if you need more information!

      • The is a three year old in our community who has cancer. She loves hats, so for her birthday, we made her dozens of them and presented them to her on her birthday

      • Last Sunday our community had a benefit auction for a 17 girl [who my son went to school with] who has been in the hospital since her car accident aug. 25..so I donated a baby blanket and baby quilt. About 4 years ago when I was teaching at a quilt/fabric shop, the owners stepdaughter gave me 5 boxes of fabric including several small baby quilts. She told me that a lady who was dying from a brain tumor wanted this fabric and unfinished quilts passed onto someone who would pass them on to someone in need and not sale them, she thought of me and knew I would make good use of all she gave….So I did what she requested. Pass it on to someone in need. I taught beginners quilt classess at the Salvation Army for 2 years and gave the ladies [which was on a low income and couldn’t afford to buy fabric] some of the fabric to make their children special gifts for Christmas or just because you are special gifts. The only fee I charged them was a can of mountain dew.. I am sent this so it will give more people ideas as how you Can Pay it forward.. thank you

      • Our Watson Quilters group make and donate quilts for benefits(such as those for folks who’ve been in an accident, or a long term hospital stay) and also we make them and send them to soldiers. We’re proud of our group.

    • I just recently returned from NY city to see my daughter and son-in-law. I carried two quilts with me. One for Rob (my son-in-law) for his 30th birthday and one for Noodle (their dog). He loves to suggle in his new quilt in the mornings after being left out of his kennel. So Noodle has his own quilt. I had quilted it using dog bones and of course it has his name on it.

      Let me know if you would like a picture.

  2. I have started a quilting group in my home to help people interested in learning how to quilt. We get together once a month and work on a project. We all help each other overcome our quilting problems and learn from each other.

  3. I love your challenges! You are definitely the most giving quilt store I’ve EVER run across. I am doing several things to Pay it Forward Quilter Style. But, I want to win one of your great prizes, so I will spread them out over a few days! Right now I am spending 3 days a week teaching 7 Girl Scout how to quilt. It was really hard at first because they didn’t even know how to turn on their mom’s sewing machines, but now they can make a ‘pretty’ good 1/4″ seam! We have 2 more weeks to go, and they will be on their way. Thank you! Deb

  4. On my blog I was asking what people like to win for giveaways and a gal from France commented that she’d love to win scraps of American fabric. Instead of having a giveaway with scraps, I emailed her to get her address and mailed a large box stuff full of fabrics from my scraps bins.

  5. I belong to the quilting group at my church. We make donation quilts for childrens’ hospital and nursing homes. We also make projects we sell, donating the proceeds to build houses for the poor. But my favorite thing is this: I developed a pattern for walker bags. We make them and give them to the infirm who use walkers so they can manage to carry their things conveniently.

  6. My sister is a wonderfully talented quilter, when I get stuck on something I ask her help! My sister-in-law is new to quilting & I am more than happy to help her when she gets stuck!

  7. I was recently contacted by my husband’s niece. She saw pictures of some of my quilts and really wants to learn to quilt. Since she lives a good 2 hour drive from me, it’s rather hard to find time to get together with. But we met at a restaurant here in town, and I had a nice folder full of patterns I’d collected – easy, beginner-style patterns, and I’d printed off step-by-step instructions to help her. Occasionally, she will email with questions about her project, and I do my best to help her via the internet.

  8. I have an internet quilting friend in Canada who loves the triangles that are cut off when we make half-square triangles. I save all mine, toss them in a zip lock baggie, and when the bag is full, I mail it off to her.

  9. Within in our quilt guild we have a program, “Secret Sisters”. Every month I gift her with some fabric and something else special from her wish list. This month…Fairies.

  10. My daughter has always had an interest in art. In 2003 she was messing around and drew a very beautiful design on graph paper. Eventually she decided she wanted to quilt it. I have taught her how to bring her drawing to life in a quilt. She is almost done and has made another quilt in the meantime for a housewarming gift.

  11. My friend Emma makes humanitarian book bags for our church. I don’t have time to make them like she does, so I supply the material and she surges them up and sends them off. That way we are both helping others in our own way. So she got a new batch this morning.

  12. Last December 1 I won a Baby Lock Audrey machine from a donation of baby things to a local shelter. I have used the machine this year to host a pillowcase marathon at my house. One friend donated 5 pillowcases to the Million pillow case challenge, so far I have donated 54 and my sister has donated 81! I gave the machine to my daughter and am teaching her to quilt using it!

  13. I belong to an online quilt group. When my mother passed away the group made heart blocks for me and put together a wonderful quilt top. Now we have a member who lost her home to fire and I am collecting blocks from our online friends and I am making her a quilt from all of us. So far I have received 23 wonderful blocks – just a couple more and I can start the quilt. I am also using my coupons from the different fabric stores and shops and trying to help build up her stash again and replace some of the tools and books she lost. Let’s continue to pay it forward.

  14. My son’s girl friend has a great interest in quilting,but never had anyone to show her. So we have started to meet and learn. It is such a pleasure to share my craft.

  15. I sent a large package of batik strips and FQ’s to a lady in Montana who makes charity quilts. We have never met but she is on the same quilting forum as I am.

  16. I don’t want to nominate myself, but a group of ladies in our community. They have a quilting group that quilts at the old train depot in Glouster, Ohio. They get together on Tuesday mornings and some Saturdays. We are a small community and have a small school district. About 60-70 students graduate from Trimble High School every year and the community tries to make sure that ALL students continuing their education receive a scholarship. Every year they make a quilt and raffle it off to help with the scholarships.

  17. My Mom recently found a quilt top that her Grandma had made, amazingly enough it is in great shape, for Christmas I’m going to finish the quilt and give it to her as a surprise! She has done so much for me I’m more than happy to pay it forward to her this way. Also just to let you know I LOVE the table topper series – it’s fun and nice to have a variety of options available for different seasons, moods, etc.

  18. I’ve started a ladies quilt group at the church for beginners. We have made two wall hangings and next week we’re moving on to table runners. Not only are they coming together to socialize which is badly needed with everyone so busy these days, but they are also learning a craft for free. I also make charity quilts for our quilt guild, and organize our bus trips for quilters to go to quilt shoes “off Island”. We live on PEI so these outings are also a blast!

  19. We have a sewing group within our Woman’s Club and I have been helping with binding for one of the lady’s and my DDIL is working on her 2nd quilt—which I have also helpped her along the way

  20. I do a cancer quilt project each year. People submit entries in memory or honor of a cancer survivor or a square representing a cancer. Many of them tell their story. I take the quilt squares and make a quilt, and make a scrapbook of the squares and stories. I raffle the quilt with the scrapbook off and all monies raised are donated to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I hear so many moving stories and people tell me how much this quilt means to them and how it helps them cope with cancer.

  21. Right now I’m working on a couple of Quilts of Valor. I love this program as it gives the wounded warrior a “hug” of love and support as soon as he/she arrives at the hospital. I may not know how they feel about it but I feel wonderful. Just a small way to support our men and women in the Armed Forces.

  22. My granddaughter (5 at the time) made a rag quilt for her father for Father’s Day – with Nana’s help. Since Nana is still just learning, we are doing things together…..I’m not sure who’s helping whom.

  23. I’ve volunteered to be a longarm quilter for Quilts of Valor. It is such an honor to do that for the brave men and women of the Service. Very gratifying also as every generation of my family has served our country since the Revolutionary War and I think of them as I do the quilts. I’m more than happy to pay it forward to this generation of service men/women in such an enjoyable way.

  24. I made several pillows for the pillowcase challenge. The request was for pillows for kids so I made one with bugs and another with fairies, and a couple for anyone who’s a kid at heart.

  25. Our small quilting group has adopted a nursing home that needed new blankets for their residents. To date we have provided all 45 residents a warm quilt for their very own! We are going to continue this for the new year and find another home to adopt.

  26. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and as it’s my first year away at college, I can’t be there with her. So to show her that I love her and she’s always in my heart, i made her a lap quilt. The lines may not be perfectly straight and some of the stitching is a bit wobbly, but it is there when I cannot be.

  27. Does it count if I make quilts for the families of our fallen heroes? My latest quilt was to a young girl who lost her Dad and her horse in the same month. I partnered with a nonprofit and sent her to a horse camp and we gave her a gift basket with a horse themed quilt and a stuffy. I may not have alot but I always have enough fabric and batting to make a quilt for someone who needs it. I live in WA state and last year was the worst year for our Police we lost so many men and women. The least I could do was make a quilt for them to wrap themselves in the memory of their loved one.

  28. In January I, along with other members of our quilt club, make flannel or fleece blankets or baby quilts to donate to the local pregnancy center. I also made a Quilt of Valour that was sent to Germany to the hospitals over there. We just finished challenge quilts of which some will be sold and the proceeds sent to the Arkansas Childen’s Hospital. The one my group worked on is to be donated to the hospital. My quilts hung in the local quilt show sponsored by a local hospital. There were items for a silent auction by members of our quilt club the proceeds of which went to the Hospice House.

  29. I was asked to teach some ladies how to make quilt blocks at one of the local churches. (not a church I attend) I made up kits for everyone from my stash, taught the ladies to make the blocks, put them together and quilt them. We then donated 4 finished lap quilts to the church to give to needy people.

  30. I love the pay it forward idea………….I use it all the time. Recently I took a class on fractured fabrics and one of the gals liked the fabric I had purchased for the class……………I wasn’t going to use it all and I gave her the portion she needed. I told her she must pay it forward and she agreed. It is a wonderful feeling to give knowing someone else will receive something in the future. Thanks for the great challenge.

  31. My friend was going through a very rough time, her husband had left her for another woman. Seeing her heart break I wanted to let her know how much I was praying for her.
    I was inspired to write a poem, but being a quilter, of course it turned into a quilt!
    She gave testimony at church 3 or 4 times, how helpful it was to wrap up in the quilt and to know that she was surrounded by the prayers of the church people.

  32. Thanks, not to a person, but a group of people who put together quilting magazines, without who’s inspirations I could no have made my first quilt. So thank you all for paying it forward, not only to me, but other beginning quilters!

  33. I have donated quilts to a hospital for infants that are quite ill. It is really rewarding to feel that you can do a little something for others.

  34. Last month, my 28-year-old step-son was diagnosed with an advanced form of colorectal cancer. Extremely rare at his young age, I made him a signature quilt for family and friends to sign at his benefit dinner last week. He doesn’t have a cast, so what better way for those that love him to leave lasting messages of comfort and love?

  35. Hi I belong the Northern Threads Quilt Guild and last weekend we had our annual retreat and we donated quilts, tablerunners and wall hangings to the Camp Delight Auction which supports a free camp for kids with CANCER in Newfoundland and Labrador. We do it in admiration of Jeremy (a member’s 13 year old son who is fighting cancer)

  36. i have quilted for 35 years and i believe the good lord has blessed me with a talent meant to be shared. so i piece by hand quilt by hand and gave the quilts away, close to 100 quilts. i would like to challenge all quilters to make a throw , baby quilt or what ever and give it to a non-quilter. who knows how many new quilters are just waiting to discover the joy of holding fabric in their hands and creating something beautiful with it.

  37. I too have volunteered to quilt several tops for wounded soldiers at Ft. Hood in Texas. I also have done quilts for soldiers in Washington state. I love doing them for our brave warriors. In addition, I have done Linus quilts and others for people in nursing homes. While it gives me good practice I love the feeling of doing for others and sharing my craft with people I know will appreciate my talents.

  38. I have been making (crocheting) orange hats with a green or brown top on them for preemie babies whose parents are staying at the local Ronald McDonald House. So far I have given out 8 of them. They resemble little pumpkins and preemies always wear hats to keep thier body temp up.

  39. a young man in my quilt guild likes frogs. jeremiah (was a bull frog) is going to culinary school adn has little money. i started collecting frog fabrics when my daughter was to be married. i found a purple fabric with frogs with crowns. i thought it was perfect…..she’d found her handsome prince. then the wedding was called off. i buy a half yard, cut fat quarters and give one to jeremiah. we have over 70 frog prints now.

  40. I recently won an online blog miniature quilt contest. The gift certificate I won was a donation from an online quilt shop. It was very exciting. I am paying it forward by teaching the technique at a workshop for miniature quilts at my guild meeting. I am preparing samples, handouts, etc. The quilts made as a result of this workshop will be auctioned off at our local quilt show and the monies earned used to help our guild in their teaching efforts and to help fund the quilt show which everyone benefits from.

  41. Quilting is a big part of my life………….I love it. It gives me the ability to share my love with others. The other night I received a call from a friend of mine who belongs to a garden club. The club has two members who are exchange students from Africa and they are hear for the school year. The weather is quite different here in the north and the club has decided to give them each a quilt. I had two of them on hand and I am proud to be able to donate them to such a worthy cause…….that is what my quilting is all about.

  42. Pay it Forward is a great concept. I organized a group of quilters at my church to make small juvenile quilts. We packaged each in a 2 gallon size plastic bag and presented a quantity to local paramedics. They will carry them in their vehicles and give them to children in crisis.

  43. I have a great friend that has always wanted to learn to quilt. I am teaching her. Starting easy. Doing a yo-yo advent wall hanging for the grandbabys. Hopefully will get to finish it today…

  44. I love quilting so much! And teaching children how to sew and quilt is a passion of mine too. So, a few years ago, I taught our church school girls how to sew, and they made lap quilts for their mothers for Christmas. One girl loved sewing so much, she has since made several pieced quilt tops and a few simple garments.

  45. I am currently quilting small quilts for the Linus Project. I really love quilting and this helps me with my quilting skills and gives a quilt to a child that has had a trauma in their life. Makes for good feelings.

  46. I work in an out-patient cancer clinic. A gal in the community has been making lovely lap quilts for the patients here, she even makes a tote bag to go with each quilt. So when I shop on-line, I try and order extras for her to “keep her in business”….I have even put a comment note in on some orders and gotten some “orphan” fabrics donated for her from the on-line shops. It’s great to be a part of it…I wish I had more time to sew than I do.

  47. Paying it forward………….I wonder who was the first. I love that idea. I have gone through a few totes that had finished tops but they were never quilted so I divided them into two groups. One for me and one for the charity quilts are guild finishes. I am sure they will have a good home and just think they will finally be finished and then loved. AND………..I have an empty tote.

  48. My nephew was going away to Bible College, 1600 miles from home. I wanted to let him know I was proud of him, and praying for him. Not only I, but the entire church was praying for him. Everyone gladly posed in attitudes of prayer for their picture, which was then cyanotype printed onto fabric. I made a Bargello style big throw in his favorite colors, using the printed squares as part of the pattern, in a scrappy batik layout. The back was a simple masculine plaid so it wouldn’t be distracting while he studied!

  49. I’m helping a young woman make a quilt for her future husband for Christmas. She’s never used a sewing machine before, so I’m teaching her how to use my machine and how to make a quilt. I plan to quilt it for her so it will be ready in time for Christmas. It sure feels good to help people.

  50. I am teaching my 9 year old granddaughter to sew and to learn how to quilt. I also have given away many baby quilts to people who want one, but cannot afford to buy one. Also, I have made quilts for organizations and shelters to have raffles to raise money for their different causes. Women and children shelters, abuse, etc.

  51. I love doing the lap size quilts for Project Linus. The quilts are given to local police and fire departments to be given to children who may be in traumatic circumstances such as a car accident or fire. Agencies such as Red Cross and Salvation Army also can distribute the quilts. What better comfort than a soft cuddly quilt to wrap up in when a child is frightened or hurting!

  52. I donated $100 of novelty fabric to my sewing group and we make pillowcases just for ConKerr Cancer, A Case for Smiles for the children in Raleigh NC area hospitals. Each time one of the group takes a pillowcase kit, they donate $3.00 to our fund and that way we replenish the money so we can purchase new fabric for more pillowcases. We usually just purchase fabric for the large part of the case and pull from our stashes for the cuff and little band so we can buy more novelty fabrics. We have donated about 90 pillowcases this year to ConKerr Cancer from the “Golden Girls” group of four ladies who sew in NC.

  53. We live in a small community and there are a lot of benefits for people with cancer and or / accidents, etc. I donate quilts to be sold at these benefit auctions.

  54. I used to buy supplies for my Mom to make her lap robes and afghans that she would donate every year to charities. when she passed I inherited her sewing machines and decided to keep her quest going. I am still learning to quilt and I now make quilts for cancer patients, lap robes for seniors, and quilts for a abused women and children’s shelter, I also make quilts for ill children. Making these helps me learn new techniques in my quilting, and it brings a little joy into someone’s life. last December I sent 6 lap quilts, and 14 afghans to a nursing home, July, I sent 6 more lap quilts, 7 totes bags, & 3 eyeglass cases. I also sent quilts to a 3 yr old heart patient and a 5 yr old cancer patient. I now have 4 lap quilt tops together and ready for quilting, 2 quilts for cancer patients ready for quilting, 5 more lap quilts in the works which I hope to have all these plus the 17 other items ready for Christmas delivery. All the giveaway contests that I have won this past year have helped keep me in supplies for my charity work. I have also been blessed with finding materials and threads at yard & church sales which helps keep my costs low.

  55. I am Chairman of our Local Quilts of Valor group, coordinating the meetings, piecing tops and personally longarming all the quilts from our group that go out to injured soldiers. I also give free classes to our group but they must make a QOV to donate. They learn a new pattern or technique and an injured soldier gets a new quilt. As a military spouse, this is near and dear to my heart.

  56. For the last 5 years I have completed the pieced top that is quilted and raffled off at our church bazaar. This year I got more of the ladies of the church involved by setting up a production line of sewing, cutting and pressing as we all completed a paper pieced top. There were jobs available for anyone who wanted to help no matter their skill level and the pride from everyone when it was finished that they could be a part of it was just overflowing in the room. The money raised by the entire bazaar and the quilt raffle is used to support local and statewide mission projects.

  57. Okay, so I’m not a quilter, still working on learning how to thread a needle, BUT I LOVE giveaways, have a GOOD friend who’s a quilter (and LOVES getting presents) and I’m GREAT at paying it forward.

    Right now I’m working HARD at downsizing, decluttering and gettig rid of STUFF. I have several old quilts that my grandmother made that I’m looking at getting appraised. If they are worth anything I’ll sell them and donate the money to charity. If not, and someone wants them to recycle the vintage fabrics that’s an option.

  58. The economy has really hit my friend. Her husband lost his job and she was cut to part-time. I invite her over to make her Christmas projects and let her have what ever fabric she wants from my stash. She knows they few I want for projects but she is free to take what she needs and likes. I also provide batting.
    I love sharing, so if I should win, I will probably share it with her.

  59. Last year and this year I have made tummy time pillows (150 + pillows) for the agency my daughter works for. They put them in kits for new mothers, many of them young and unwed. I also make “taggies” for them to give away.
    Currently I have enlisted some friends to help sew pet pillows for our local animal shelter. I have just recently delivered a little over 100 of these pillows, with a need for more at the beginning of next year.

  60. I donate baby quilts that get collected and donated to local hospitals. Also this year I belong to a breakfast group that gets together once a month. We usually pick out a block and make 2 blocks each month for each person and exchange them. Great way to make a scrap quilt. This year we decided that we each had enough blocks and one person wanted to reduce her stach and so we are making wanky star blocks and making quilts that will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House. This Dec we plan to present them with 12 quilts.

  61. I have been making pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase challenge and donating them. It is amazing how many pillow case kits I had purchased from the last few years with the intention of making for my grandkids and never did. So I started making them for this great cause. Really makes you feel good when you do give back since I am so blessed.

  62. I made pillowcases and am making book-type bags for Christmas shoebox ministry. I have made several quilts for Linus.
    Nancy in IN

  63. I have an online Quilting buddy who loves fancy chickens. I just happened to have McKenna Ryan’s All Cooped Up. Guess what she got for her Birthday!

  64. en years ago I suffered a fire and the out pouring of help was astounding! Recently in our area a family suffered a horrific fire and lost one of their dear daughters at the tender age of 6 years. I and my daughter Tammi have been hard at working making a quilt for each of the family members in themes that appeal to each individual. We have included a set of sheets to accompany each quilt as well as a pillow and pillowcase to match the quilt. This is a total of five sets of bedding. This is my pay it forward to someone I have never met.

  65. I’m a longarm quilter and PIF with no fee quilting for many of my clients just as a “random act of kindness” every now and then…especially when I learn that they are using the quilt for somebody with cancer, charity or not for their own personal use. I think it is a nice thing they are doing and piggy back off of that. Also, I randomly send out surprise quilted gifts to fellow bloggers just so that their mailbox is delightful and not just junk or bills. It is easy to PIF quilting style and make somebody smile.

  66. Every two months, I collect my quilting magazines and sort thru my stash to create a goody bag that goes to a friend who works with a group of chronic mentally ill women who have limited resources but are finding quilting to be a super creative and therapeutic outlet

  67. This year I’ve participated in the Million Pillowcase Challenge by sewing 7 pillowcases and donating them through Bearly Quilting in Sonora, CA.

    My granddaughter is 18 years old and has been shopping many times with me in quilt shops. We’ve sewn pillowcases, pajama bottoms, doll clothes and purses together.

    Our current project is a collaboration–she chose the 9 fabics needed for a Sudoko quilt and I’ve been sewing the patches. Next we need to choose the sash fabric.

    It has been fun to mesh our interests–her love of Sudoko puzzles, my love of sewing and our love for each other.

  68. I made a quilt for a friend I have had since kindergarten, 65 years ago. When she opened it up, so cried. She said no one had ever done such a loving thing for her.

  69. When my mother passed this year from cancer I finished up 2 baby quilts she had started for a young couple. They were so pleased to know she had wanted them to have one of the many quilts she had made and gifted over the years. I still make small quilts for a group called “sewing for babies” The thank yous are so touching.. I’ll use the boxes of fabric she gave me to continue her gifting of baby quilts.

  70. Paying it Forward-
    Each year a group of us get together and make a queen/king
    size quilt for the Community Friendship Quilt. There are about
    25 people who make from one to five blocks ( depending on the
    pattern chosen for the year). We then donate it to the local
    AIDS chapter and clients are then given a chance to put their
    names in for winning the quilt. There is no money exchanged, just a free quilt to someone who would like one. I think this is a wonderful way to pay it forward.

  71. Pay it Forward: 4 years ago, I was asked to make a Pink quilt for for daughter-in-law as she had breast cancer. I didn’t have any fabric in pink, so I asked my internet group to sent a square of pink. I received fabric from all over the world for this quilt. I said I would make quilts until the fabric was gone. I’m still making quilts for cancer patients. The project is call the Circle of Friends, I and a couple of friends started a quilting guild a couple of years ago and I have turned this project over to the quilt. The one year by myself I made over 50 quilts as of today, around 300 quilts have been pasted out. Linda Pinnt

  72. The guild I belong to donates quilts to many charitys and to the soldiers overseas. I also ran our block of the month and had everyone make one block for our giveaway and another in pink for Quilt Pink . Then I put the blocks together and quilted the quilts. We had 12 QUILT Pink quilts.

  73. A friend and I made a quilt for a fellow parent at our school. She had bowel cancer and has three children the youngest of which was three at the time. We made her a Tree of Life quilt with the trees couloured in different seasons. We ended up with my friend making the trees after I had trouble with that bit and then she had trouble with the quilting and so I quilted it on my normal sewing machine. This recipient is now in remission.

  74. Ran across the Making Memories web site for terminal breast cancer patients and saw where they had a link for quilters—so I clicked it and found out about their program of making quilts from donated wedding gowns. THese quilts are then raffled, sold or put on exhibition to help fund their cause. I was lucky enough to participate and make a beautiful queen size quilt for their program. I turned out to be one of the best quilts I have ever made.

  75. Our group , the secret sewing sisterhood held a quilt show & raised over $10,000A for breast Cancer Research ( see Quilts in the Barn blog). Had great fun, met lovely people & raised money for a great charity.

  76. Great paying it forward ladies! Loved reading all the posts before mine. Would love to join an international fabric swap as well.

    I have gal pals that do not quilt but their daughters and friends would love too learn. So I made up a bunch of “Sew New to Quilting” Instructions and put them in a pink notebook with a note about breast cancer awareness and self check reminders and have given them all away.

    I never sale any quilt I make and always give them away to anyone I hear who is needing to know some one cares. I will probably never meet any of them, but I know every quilt I have made, and I pray for the recipient to have peace and healing, warmth and comfort in their journey.

    The quilts I have made for my family members I have made a drawing of the quilt, then on the back I write my prayer for them and other things I want them to know and keep it in my family quilts journal.

  77. I am friends with a group of crafters here online. We have never met in person and may never. I do a lot of researching online, looking at tutorials, patterns, free downloads and such. I pass along my finds to my group of friends who I know will make good use of the information. In fact, we all share things we find that we know will help us expand our talents in sewing and such.

  78. Mon, Tues & Wed I made two quilt tops each day for Quilts of Valor. Thurs we made backs for 14 quilts. Today I am washing the 9 finished quilts to give our service people as thanks for their service to show that we appreciate them keeping us free.

  79. I’ve made several pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase Challenge. But on a more “personal” pay-it-forward, when my best quilting friend ran out of a certain (by then out of print) fabric she needed to finish a quilt she was making for her elderly mother, I drove to all the surrounding quilt shops (within a 100 mile radius) on my day off and purchased F.Q’s and yard cuts of every possible match for the fabric I could find (I never saw it, but was told it was a mint green fabric with tiny purple and yellow roses). When I surprised her with a large grocery bag full of F.Q’s and yardage the next day she just cried, and yes – it turned out I was lucky enough to have found a couple of yards of the right fabric!! (and NO – I didn’t accept any money from her for the fabric!)

  80. Our local community has a group call the “Caring Corner” it is a 10 week grief support group for children who have lost a loved one. On week 7 several local quilters (including me) sit with these families and help them design a quilt square, as one of the quilters, I take my families wishes home and turn it into a quilt square that will be with them forever! It is very rewarding to have a little piece of me in these quilt squares and make these kids smile!

  81. When we moved in Feb 2009, the newly formed 4-H sewing group leader bought 2 of my sewing machines at our garage sale so each girl could have a machine to sew on. I told her I would only sell them to her if she would take the 6 boxes of fabric and the bag of thread that I wasn’t going to move for free. These members were from families who couldn’t afford the fabric or thread, let alone the sewing machines. We have to support the next generation of quilters.

    I am currently making pillow cases for the Children’s Services office in my new town that gives them as presents at Christmas to children in their care. This is a project of our Quilt Guild and we hope to help as many kids as we can. I believe there are about 3,500 kids in their care this year. Many of these kids don’t have a backpack or suitcase so they use their pillowcases for their “stuff” as they are moved from home to home. Hope someone else will do this in their hometown too. Paying it forward really is giving a gift to yourself because you feel so good doing it.

  82. I made a lap quilt for my Grandmother as I remember the “Sunbonnet Sue” quilts she made for both my sister and I when we were very small. Maybe I am more paying it “back” than “forward”.

  83. I decided that I could make ten pillowcases to donate for the Million Pillowcase Challenge. Now, 425 later, I can’t seem to stop! Many of the pillowcases went to Boys Town and others to a local women’s shelter. Making things to give to charities means I can buy more beautiful fabric! I have made and donated 4 quilts this year but since I got started on the pillowcases I haven’t finished a quilt.

    Our weekly quilt class has fabric squares (40 squares) swaps. I try to bring an extra 40 squares so the teacher can give a set to any student she has who is needy. It’s a senior citizens class and there are several who cannot afford to participate.

    This is the first time I’ve written about the things I’ve done and I’m not sure I like “tooting my own horn”. It does not seem right. I know my mother, who is no longer living, would be proud of what I have done but maybe not so proud of my telling about it. Something to think about… At least I’m only putting my first name here.

    • I know what you mean–my mother and grandmother were definitely of the “do good, don’t talk about doing good” club. But reading what you’ve done is inspiring to me, and I’m sure to others. So, by sharing your good works you are surely inspiring more.

  84. I have participated in the pillow case challenge and the Downy Touch of Comfort Quilts for Kids program. The Quilts for Kids baseball quilt actually gave me a gift of memories with my dad and friends.

    I remember going to baseball games with my dad when I was young. It was a fun time. As a young adult I ditched work with some friends and went to opening day to see Alan Trammel, Chet Lemon and Mark Fydrich in their first game as a Detroit Tiger. These are wonderful memories. With each stitich of the quilt I thought about the. boy who would be receivng the quilt and how he’d make stories about the ball players on it. I wish him well and may the quilt give him security and the warmth of someone caring.

  85. I pay it forward by helping others in our quilt group with things they don’t understand and we all get together to make quilts for various causes.

  86. Hi
    I pay it forward by donating my sewing room and all my equipment to a group of volunteer women to make quilts for kids and donate them to hospitals, 3rd world countries, and people loving people. I am also part of that group. It is very rewarding to be on the giving side rather than always on the receiving.

  87. This week I’ve been organizing food for a memorial service for the father of a quilting friend. He lived until 94 so had a good long life. I’m celebrating him with quilter’s baking. For a period of time our group met at a church hall and he’d always drop by to admire our handywork and have a cup of tea. Such a wonderful memory.

  88. I make feeding aprons and walker/ wheelchair bags for the veterans hospital and cut fabric for our chuch quilting group to use for the quilts they make to donate to those who can use them in our local area and for mission locations.

  89. I have an Aunt that loves to cook, but she has a hard time just cooking for herself. A few weeks ago she was kind enough to bring a few jars of her applesauce over that she had canned and she also brought a warm lasagna. She stayed for supper and we had a great time. I noticed that her potholders were a little tattered. So I made her a quilted casserole cover and two matching potholders. Now she can bring her things in style. LOL

  90. I have a quilty friend that needed something extra for her secret santa gift, so I gave her one of the pincushions I am making to give my quilt group.

  91. I’ve sewn forever, but not much quilting, till this year. My friend who couldn’t even thread a needle loved looking at the lap quilt I made for my step-mom. She wanted to learn to do one, too. Next thing you know, she’s sewing. She comes to my sewing room 1 or 2 times a week and we have sewing lessons and she’s doing great.
    She’s making her first quilted wall hanging. I’ve been making pillow cases for the one million challenge, so far I’ve made 11.

  92. Because I appreciate the work done by animal rescue organizations, I’ve made some blankets for them, using fabric I loved when I bought it but loved less when I pulled it from my stash. Even if I’m tired of the pattern, the blanket will still warm a kennel.

  93. My best friend was an elderly lady, a widowed Pastor’s wife, a faithful servant of the Lord whose aged body limited not only the service she desired to perform, but her very ability to function in her home from day to day. Some days her body limited her ability to leave her bed, yet her spirit soared across the miles each time church services met, and we felt her presence while missing her smiling face. When considering making her this quilt, I wanted to remind her it was not only ME praying for her, but the entire church family. They all willing and lovingly wrote out their prayers for this dear lady who was a testimony and blessing to us all. From the Pastor, Officers and Teachers, down to the teens and other children, even a 3 year old child who only put one hump on the M of her name, but daily, without prompting, remembered to pray – they all wanted to be involved and show their love for this sweet, dear lady. The prayers were printed out in the shape of Butterflies and it was all cyanotype printed on the fabric. My friend cherished the quilt and carried it with her everywhere until the day she died last week.

  94. I pay it forward by making several charity quilts each year. Also, I’ve made pillowcases for the million pillowcase drive. 2 years ago I was one of the 4 teaching members and an older lady was assigned to my group. Not only did I help her with the quilt throughout the year, helped her finish numerous other projects, we became friends….the best part. Paying it forward benefits all involved.

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