Paying it Foward … Quilter Style —Let The Give Aways Begin!

Hey Favorite Quilters!   I don’t know if  any of you have had much of a chance to read some of the comments, but isn’t it amazing how giving quilters really are?  I don’t know of another ‘group’ who is more giving — We see, just in 2010, with the One Million Pillow Case Challenge and the Paying it Forward, that we are so lucky to be associated with such a wonderful group of givers!    We are getting excited to ship our pillowcases to our liason in Haiti, and I am so excited!  That poor country really doesn’t seem to get a break, but all of you who have contributed will know that your efforts are going to bring a smile to some young face.  Makes us happy to know that!

So, as we mentioned before, we will be giving away some goodies throughout the month of November.  November is my birthday month, my husband’s birthday month, Thanksgiving, and the real ‘launch’ to the holidays, and so I like to have to extend the giving season however and wherever possible.  So, here are just  some of the goodies we have in store for you: 

Our first drawing will be held on Saturday Evening and we will announce it on Sunday!  So let us know .. how do you Pay It Forward Quilt Style! 

So, be sure to comment below, or if you prefer, you can also comment on our Homespun Hearth FACEBOOK page.

We are putting all comments into our sewing bag, and for each drawing we will have a lucky winner … maybe even two depending on how I’m feeling!   The Posies and Patches is a 12 month Program — with 25 patterns for your creative soul.  Plus, we have a FQ Bundle of Flourish Fabrics … sweet!  And, look at these GORGEOUS Aurifil Colors from Sarah Vedeler’s Sparkle Collection.  And finally, a quilt kit that is pefect for this time of year.   So, don’t miss out … Pay it Forward Quilter Style!

75 thoughts on “Paying it Foward … Quilter Style —Let The Give Aways Begin!

  1. I belong to a group that makes quilts for a local children’s hospital. This week, I have quilted four and the week before, eight…….I love to Pay It Forward. I am the one rewarded…..LOL!

  2. My granddaughter at 5 made a quilt (raggy) for her daddy on Father’s Day; she has discovered a love of fabric (she’s worse than me in a fabric store!)……guess the next generation of crafters’ is on it’s way!

  3. I love the idea “Paying It Forward”….. my most recent help was to my friend who was expecting twin granddaughters and Mommy was on bedrest…….Grandmama (MDF) still working at a bank and taking care of daughter, etc. didn’t have time nor the energy to bind quilts. So……I handstitched the binding on 4 little quilts she had made earlier so they were ready for the babies when they arrived Oct 18.

  4. PAY IT FORWARD!!! IT has become one of my favorite sayings! I have been doing it quitely for quite some time without even knowing it had a title. But I believe that God wants us to help one another and I am one who has my hands in a lot of jars and works more time that anyone should, but I so try to make things to make others happy and put a smile on their face! And that is whats its all about! Sharing your wealth, it may not be fortune and in my case its deffeintly not! But I can be crafty and if I can make one person happy each day then I mark one on the wall for me and I have shared what talent God has given me!

  5. I work at a quilt shop where a lot of the customers are new quilters. I love helping them out and answering their questions. I’m always looking for ways to increase the membership of “Quilterhood.”

  6. I have made quilts for our guilds neo natal charity, quilts for kittys for the pet shelter charity and most of all, I have gotten my 17 yr old granddaughter involved in quilting so the next generation can carry on this great tradition of love & giving. It’s refreshing to someone of that age actually interested in something other than cell phones, texting, & Xbox!

  7. I have two past students who are not able to, or no longer able to cut their fabric. I either go to their house, or take the project home with me and cut it out for them. This way they can continue quilting.

    This week, I have cut out 4 BOM blocks for one lady, and a Fire Escape quilt for the other.

  8. Me and a friend are working on a quilt for the local Animal Rescue Foundation to be used as a fund raiser. Due to the tough economic conditions here as well as the Gulf Oil Spill – the local animal shelters have been over-run with pets that owners are no longer able to keep. ARF and the other rescue groups are trying desperately to rescue all family pets before the local shelters have to put them to sleep so they could really use the funds. I can’t be a foster mom (I already have 8 dogs and 1 cat) so at least I can help out with the fund raisers!!!

  9. Five years ago when I moved to our community and joined the local quilt guild as a new member and a new self taught quilter I was welcomed with many kind faces. the comments on my work during show and tell was always kind and generous and now I am always mindful to be welcoming and supportive to new members.
    ( I know how they feel…)

  10. I like to pay it forward by always giving more than is expected. I get really excited to figure out a special detail about someone to bring them a little delighted surprise. For instance, in a swap. If it’s for a block, I make a little something extra and maybe include a couple of yo, yo’s or hexies along. If I’m sending something overseas, sometimes I like to include a little piece of a favorite vintage find with a note so they know they’ve touched my heart a little. It gives me such joy, and I think when someone receives something unexpected in a joyful moment, they will feel the joy in paying it forward as well.

  11. Two of my grandchildren live out of state and I once took my sewing machine when I went to visit. The girl (8 yrs. old) and the boy (6 yrs. old) both wanted to sew – and sew we did until the machine/bobbin jammed and I had to take it to the repair shop. The next trip to visit, my grandson told his Mother he hoped I brought “my sewer” with me. Guess I need to teach the correct terms as we sew! ha I have a 3 yr. old granddaughter I hope to teach to love fabric and sewing also.

  12. I went through my stash and donated fabric – scraps and pieces for a quilt project at an elementary school. the Teacher has about 100 students, and I was able (tough to part with) to donate several bags – the kids were thrilled – can’t wait to see what their final projects will look like – they are each going to make quilts.

  13. I am new to the area where I’m living. Although my hubby and I are attending a local church, we still don’t know too many people there yet. There is a young, unwed mother due to have a baby soon (it’s a girl!). I gather from what the pastor said she’s not known to too many of the members yet. They are having a shower for her on Monday. I plan to attend even though I don’t know her (or many other people there). I’ve made her a quilt, burp pad and bib set and plan to be there to support her.

  14. My quilting group is busy making a grandma quilt for one our quilting friends who is becoming a grandma for the first time, very soon. She can use it at her house as she cuddles the new baby.

  15. I have made many lap quilts for the shut -ins or recovering seniors in my church. I also make baby quilts for new moms. Love giveaways!

  16. I work with my guild charity committee to “pay it forward” but have also taught many new members of our guild how to quilt and served on the Board in several different capacities.

  17. Ten years ago I suffered a fire and the out pouring of help was astounding! Recently in our area a family suffered a horrific fire and lost one of their dear daughters at the tender age of 6 years. I and my daughter Tammi have been hard at working making a quilt for each of the family members in themes that appeal to each individual. We have included a set of sheets to accompany each quilt as well as a pillow and pillowcase to match the quilt. This is a total of five sets of bedding. This is my pay it forward to someone I have never met.

  18. I made pillowcases out of fabric featuring our local university and filled them with all kinds of snack foods and candy and sent them to a friend’s sons serving in Iraq and Korea.

  19. I have been fortunate in life, not having all I want, but having what I need. I donate most of my quilts for raffles, fund raising events. I want others to be comforted by quilts.

  20. I’ve been making premie quilts to donate to local hospitals that specialize in premie care. They are approx 24 x 30 with no batting (so their not to heavy) and flannel backing. It’s a great way to use the small charm packs and orphan blocks. I recently showed them to another group of quilters and they are making them too. You are so right about quilters being the most generous & giving people!

  21. Hello, Judy.

    I second your statement about granddaughters and fabric stores. My granddaughter has been shopping with me since she was 3 and she is now 18. Her current interest is handbags. We just finished one with bag twill and a tapestry fabric designed with horses. Horses–they are her other interest in life.

    Enjoy all the future sewing activities that your granddaughter will bring your way!!

  22. Christmas is coming and so is the cold weather here in MI. I have a goal of having 25 quilts ready for the homeless before Christmas. I have 8 made and 17 to go. It is so rewarding to know that you made a small difference in someones life when they needed it the most.

  23. I am proudly a Native American and in our native community we have give-away potlatches, usually to honor a relative or friend whom has passed away. We dance with and hand out fabric as part of the giveaway. With all my accumilated fabric I make and donate quilts to whoever is having or hosting a potlatch. The donations are well recieved and I have been asked to make quilts for a casket cover on different occassions. A great honor. I have a love for fabric and making quilts, and share my knowledge with family and friends.

  24. A co-worker’s mother (a quilter) has come from out of the country to receive chemotherapy for Stage 4 cancer. Not having her supplies, I have lent her a mat, rulers, rotary cutter and picked up fabric kits at the local quilt store so she has something to take her mind off the chemo. I know I would want someone to do that for me.

  25. During the monthly quilter’s meeting, I brought in a wool project that I had completed and shared how to work with wool. Many others came up after the meeting and asked more questions. It’s great to see how wool can be incorporated into our quilting!

  26. This past August, my quilting buddy and I were meeting for lunch in a local restaurant. By the time I arrived, my friend, Laura, had already struck up a conversation with a younger lady sitting by herself at the table across the aisle. Two things had piqued Laura’s interest…the woman was using an oxygen cannister (which seemed unusual at her age), and, she was knitting a snowball scarf in 80° weather! It turns out that she has developed an incurable lung disease and needs a double lung transplant to survive. The scarf she was knitting was one of the hundreds of items required to raise the needed funds for her life-saving surgery.

    We took her name and number.

    A few days ago I delivered 2 laptop quilts to be sold at her Benefit this weekend. We fervently hope that in the coming months we hear good news of a successful transpant for our new friend.

  27. Someone generously donated flannel panels to our quilting guild. I grabbed one, added a border, batting, backing and did some fancy childlike machine quilting. All the quilts will be donated to the Ottawa Children’s Hospital. That’s my way of helping out.

  28. I recently stayed in a blogging friend’s condo in another state. I made a quilt in 10 days before I left and left it in the condo for her. She was soo surprised, and I felt soo good to do it for her.

  29. I pay it forward whenever I can, because quilters ARE the most generous of people, and whenever I have asked for help in helping someone else… my internet quilting friends ALWAYS come through!

    Right now, I’m working on a signature quilt for a friend who just had her leg amputated… I made blocks for signature and took them to a woman’s gathering at our church, and had each lady sign a block with her favorite Scripture or a prayer for our friend Susan. I’ve had a great response, and am currently working to get the top together … I’m hoping to get this Quilt of Love to Susan by Thanksgiving 🙂

    Also… while Susan was in the hospital after amputation and while in rehab, she had been in the hospital for 5 months through everything she had suffered … so I called on my internet quilty friends, and asked if they would make 1 block, any style, any size, into a mini-quilt to help lift Susan’s spirits. We had over 30 blocks sent, and as they would come in, I would take them to her hospital room along with some removable hooks for the walls, and we decorated her hospital room with much love, prayers and “sunshine”… it was at a time when Susan was feeling so discouraged, and seeing how complete strangers were sending this love and encouragement really lifted her spirits, and she was then able to endure a neck surgery to get rid of the gangrene that had gone from her leg to her neck.

    I’m glad to say, Susan is home now, and has decorated her little apartment with all the lovely mini-quilts these most generous of folks sent to her … I’m SO looking forward to getting this quilt done for her so she can “wrap” herself in love …

    You can see Susan on my blog

    And it’s not about what I did … God just gave me a big mouth … it’s about the people that allow me to be a part of THEIR paying it forward !

  30. I do quilt for kids. Also I just finished a beautiful quilt for our women’s group at church. This will be raffled off this weekend during their annual craft fair.

  31. I open my home every Monday afternoon to other women who are living abroad. We support each other with laughter and sharing great projects.

  32. Over the years I’ve made many baby quilts for the premmies at our local hospital. Some of the parents will send us a photo with their baby and his/her quilt. Very heart-warming.

  33. I have made quilts for the Downy Quilts for Kids. My quilt group is going to be making 10 quilts for this organization and I am the contact person for our group to do this service project.

  34. At my sweetheart’s request, I made a quilt for the new baby of one of his friends. This was the first time he’d asked me to make a quilt for someone I’d never met. When he told me that the baby’s grandmother had been a quilter, and had passed away before this little girl was born, I felt very good about this gift. As I worked on it, I imagined her grandmother knowing that baby Lulu would have a quilt of her own, a quilt the grandmother would have made if she had been here.

    After the quilt was given to Lulu’s parents, I received a note from her mother, saying that my simple quilt had touched her heart in a way no gift had done since her mother had passed. I know it was not the quilt itself, which really was very simple. It was the loving intentions and the thoughts of the grandmother, along with my partner’s generous impulse, that the baby’s mother was feeling.

    I’ve been blessed by so many caring people since my own mother passed. It felt wonderful to be able to pass that on.

  35. Hi
    I belong to a volunteer group of women (4) who make Quilts for kids and donate to our hospital, our local, our fire department, etc. We do this quilting in my place and I donate all sewing machines for use, thread, and all supplies, as I also hold sewing classes for children after school. I love volunteering, especially with children.

  36. The quilting group that I belong to just finished 70 fleece hats and 12 scarves for the Toasty Toes for Tots program in our area and we are hand quilting a quilt for our local volunteer fire department to raffle for funds for equipment updates.

  37. Never enough time to do as many as I’d like but, as a longarmer, I quilt quilts for Quilts of Valor for those having served in the danger spots of the world. Thanks for your generosity HH

  38. I’ve paid it forward with many pillowcases this year – going to places of great need.
    Our area had a terrible fire with resulting firestorm that destroyed many homes. It was my privilege to donate a quilt so a family would have something to start their new home.

  39. I have been going through my stash and have a bag of tools and fabric to take to our guild for the “free table” so someone can benefit from these things.

  40. I am currently finishing up 23 small lap quilts for the veterans at my local legion. They won’t be finished in time for Veteran’s Day on the 11th of November, but I hope to have them done soon thereafter. I donated 12 last year that were well received. A little bit of love and warmth is always needed.

  41. Hi
    I pay it forward by donating my sewing room and all sewing supplies to a group of volunteer women to make quilts for kids. We donate quilts to hospitals, 3rd world countries and also people loving people locally. It is very rewarding to be on the giving side rather than on the receiving. thanks to all the wonderful women who do such rewarding work.

  42. I love to pay it forward! My sister has lost a lot of work in the last year due to health and her job has had a lot of layoffs. She loves to quilt but has no fabric left and no money to buy any- so I have given her all my scraps to make quilts. I also found a lot of fabric at a yard sale the other day and I knew they were colors she liked- so she can at least quilt when she feels up to it or is not working. I know this helps her to do something she loves. It gives us a lot of sister time, too!

  43. I lead a quilting group at my church. We are planning an old fashioned quilting bee in two weeks and inviting anyone interested to come help tie some charity quilts. I just finished my eighth quilt top this weekend and hope to get a couple more done-if my neck and shoulders hold out, LOL. I need a little more exercise tham quilting, but this project is important to me. Our quilts will be going to homeless students.

  44. Two years a go my husband and I started a food distribution program to help the people in our area who find themselves on hard times. At first we had one site where we distributed food each wednesday but as time passed we began to see a need in a neighboring town about 26 miles away. So, six months ago another site was opened. Between the two programs an average of 325 families are finding help each month. Since starting two years ago over 250,000 pounds of food has gone out to help alleviate hunger.

  45. Many of the things I make for my Granddaughter when seen by her Mom’s friends are always loved so much they want one too. Because they are young Moms without alot of extra money if mt DIL asks me if they can buy one of the same from me, I jus make those for them and don’t charge them. I have so much fabric and stuff now that all it rally costs out of pocket at this point is my time so I’m happy to help them out.

  46. I am a member of two local quilt guilds and have made 14 quilts this year that was given to local ACOVA, and hospital for children. I also have been making pillow cases for homeless shelters I have made about 20. I enjoy making Items that can be used and hopefully enjoyed by all.

  47. What a great way of celebrating a birthday month!
    I just made and shipped 6 quilts to NYC/ to the BASIC quilt gather. They will be dristributed to families on Thursday November 11th.
    Thanks so much!

  48. i just donated four quilts to Margaret’s hope Chest which is a group that donates to the inmates of children.

    I also am working on two quilts one each for two different disable people I know.

    I am wanting to start a quilt ministry. I have a specific target recipients in mind….just need to figure out how to start it all up.

    I just found your blog today via facebook

  49. I are making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, A Case for Smiles and they are distributed to children in the hospitals in my area. This far there have been approximately 90 cases donated this year. They are always made with happy fabric and should bring many smiles. Judy C at

  50. I make 1 or 2 quilts each year for the local foster kids when they graduate from high school in June. My local guild has been involved in this for several years. Such a worthwhile cause! The kids are out of the foster care system when they graduate, and some don’t have much more than their clothes, so I love to be able to make quilts for them. I also make small doll quilts each year for the local Salvation Army. Each Christmas underprivileged kids get to pick out a doll and a doll quilt for their present.

  51. Pay it Forward has been a Moto of mine for years. I have been involved with many new quilters. There is always some one interested in quilting, however “as we all know” it is expensive. I always keep a look out for those individuals, and help. I usually have extra’s of rulers, cutters, all kind of tools, and of course Material.I take them under my wing and invite them to my home for private lessons. (Every thing FREE of course) My students gain knowledge, friendship, and confidence in there new found joy. Every quilter that has been quilting for 15-20 + years has more than they can uses. I have been involved with several quilt shops and have been a teacher for 15 years. SO LETS ALL ‘PAY IT FORWARD”

  52. I don’t know about “paying it forward,” but I do understand helping out someone in need. My girlfriend and I decided last Thanksgiving we were going to make quilts for a family with four children, plus a single mom with one child living with them. I went home and searched my UFO’s and found 5 tops which we quickly sandwiched and quilted and made quilted placemats and lap quilts. On Christmas eve she put the last binding on one of the Queensize quilts while I finished up a lap quilt. When all was said and done, each of the children had their own “Adult” sized lap quilts, the couple had a queensize quilt and the single mom had a doublebed size quilt, plus each person had their own placemats and quilted ornaments for their tree. For us, that was the best Christmas ever.

    Hope that all have a great week and remember don’t sweat the small stuff ‘cauz it’s all small stuff!

    Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, MI

  53. I am a longarm quilter. I quilt my friends quilts for free because I like to do something special for them. Pay It Forward!


  54. I pay it forward by making items for our local United Way chinese auction annually. Recently I have let my friends “shop” from my stash.I am willing to share my quilting knowledge with less experienced quilters.

  55. I have made several crate blankets for cats and dogs and given them to the local animal shelter. With each blanket, I also include a cat or dog toy and a can of food.

  56. When my Mother passed away in April I finished up 2 baby quilts she had started for a neighbor who was expecting in May. Mother probably gave away well over 100 baby quilts. I currently belong to a group called Sewing For Babies, where they give to less fortunate mothers and familys, I mostly make baby quilts for the group. I’ll put all that fabric Mother gave me to carry on her works… We will pay it forward…..

  57. I crochet, knit, and quilt. So I crochet baby hats, knit sweaters for kids and made quilts for two quilt guilds I belong to that are then donated to various organizations around our town including hospitals, hospices, and children’s home.

  58. A few years ago I was lucky enough to sit at the feet of an OSMG (old sewing machine guy) and he taught me a lot about repairing old machines, adjusting the tension, etc. I now offer my services to my friends who are having problems with their older machines (Featherweights, old, old Kenmore’s, etc.). I oil, lube and get their machines sewing again. I don’t take money – this is just something I’ve grown to really love doing. I’ve even given small classes on the care and feeding of your sewing machine.

  59. I am a beginning quilter, as is my sister-in-law, however, I have more sewing skills. She comes to me for help with her quilting & my experience in sewing helps me to help her. It’s a win,win situation!

  60. I have signed up to make a quilt for a fundraiser for the junior association of our cattle association. It will be auctioned off to help the juniors participate in showing and traveling to shows. Our children are the future! Paying it forward is what it is all about!

  61. Our local sewing machine dealer held a “garage sale” to benefit a person who was severely injured in an accident. I donated three quilt tops to the sale. This dealer had been very kind and supportive when I was recovering from breast cancer and a mastectomy. It felt good to be able to help someone else through her.

  62. This year for Christmas the local Food Bank has requested donations for 2000 quilts to help with the Sub for Santa program. I have made over 200 myself. And there has been almost 300 more donated by friends and family. I talk to everyone I know about helping and I am so excited to see the love and kindness of others.

  63. I’m retired and feel very blessed. I make quilts of all sizes and colors and when I hear of someone who needs one, I give them away. I just gave 3 to a neighbor who’s grandson is in Iraq in the military and his wife just had triplets. I tie my quilts so I can make them quicker and try to have a supply on hand. I also gave 6 quilts of all sizes to the local hospice because they were so good to my brother-in-law who lived with us and passed 2 years ago on Veteran’s Day. He was a disabled vet. I can afford to do it with a good pension and since no children and hubby is a disabled vet, it keeps me busy and doing for others.

  64. I am very thankful to the Lord for all he provides me with so I pay it forward by donating items to the library so kids can enjoy working with fabrics, I make pet quilts for the local SPCA and I share what I have with my sewing and quilt groups. I have also responded to those less fortunate that are in need of supplies. I believe I get the best of everything by helping others.

  65. I have sewed and quilted since my early twenties (I’m now 74). I’m never able to keep the quilts I make – they always seem to find another home. Several years ago, I made a quilt for a coworker who had Aids. He called it his “dragalong quilt” because he took it with him to treatments where he had to wait in cold hallways. His friends all wanted one so I made probably 20 or more “dragalong quilts”. I felt blessed to be able to do that. After I retired I moved to Alabama and now knit prayer shawls for cancer patients and sew dresses for little African girls. I still quilt, though – it’s a habit, I can’t stop!

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