Pay it Forward – Quilter Style – Our First Winners and New Prizes Announced!

We are so excited to announce the first winners of our Drawing — Susan Nicely and Bonnie Emerson — congratulations to both of you.  With more than 300 entries so far, we are amazed at the giving nature of you quilters.    We will have another drawing in a couple of days, and here is a couple of more items that we will be adding to the mix:

A special little quilt that we know you will just love to put together!  We just love these fabrics, and this is just a mini quilt … take a look at the large quilts that we are now offering!    Christmas Tree Stocking Wool Kit

    Plus, this adorable stocking is just waiting for somebody special to make it up.     Want to win these?  Then let us know what you’ve done to Pay it Forward Quilter Style .. and your name will be added to our random drawings to be held all month!

2 thoughts on “Pay it Forward – Quilter Style – Our First Winners and New Prizes Announced!

  1. This year for Christmas the local Food Bank has requested donations for 2000 quilts to help with the Sub for Santa program. I have made over 200 myself. And there has been almost 300 more donated by friends and family. I talk to everyone I know about helping and I am so excited to see the love and kindness of others.

  2. hello,
    I am doing a quilt for the childrens quilts project for united way
    and hoping to find a senior to sponsor for christmas this year.
    Love the products here.
    Quilters are a great bunch! I just ordered the pillowcase challenge
    and will be working on that too.
    jacqui richards

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