On the 10th Day of Quilting … $25 Instant Cash!

Ten Lords-a-Leaping :

Leaping dances were strictly for the men.  These dances were meant for fertility as well as for war, and were to rile up the men for battle to create some kind of mental exhilaration.
During medieval Christmas feasts, folk dancers leapt higher and higher into the air as the music from pipers and drummers became more and more intense. One of the most enjoyable Christmas ‘leaping’ performances of today is The Nutcracker.  
To send a gift of performers was a guarantee of holiday merriment.  Now, I can assure you that you would not want to have the Homespun Hearth staff show up on your doorstep and start to leap in the air … but, we do suspect that you probably do some of your own leaping when you receive a package from Homespun Hearth.  Ladies and Gentlemen … arm yourselves!

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On the 9th Day of Quilting … a Quilts n More Special!

Nine Ladies Dancing:

Through the ages and to this day, one of the customs of mid-winter holidays is the lighting of bonfires, ceremonial dancing around the blazing circle, and the singing of heartfelt songs. The round dance, originally a “carole,” survived early religious attempts to associate it with evil and deviltry.

After the Middle Ages, the same dance took other forms, such as the waltz and the jig, and is still enjoyed by many during holiday seasons.    Sending nine dancing ladies to amuse one’s true love was one more promise of happiness and joy.  It may be a bit of a shock to have 9 ladies come suddenly dancing through your home, but we hope that you all will be dancing at your own happiness and joy!

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On the 8th Day of Quilting …

Eight Maids a Milking:

In the 18th century, to ask a girl, or maiden, to “come-a-milking” was more or less a proposal of marriage.  (Boy, we sure have come a long way!  I can only imagine the size of those bruises on his shins!).

For those not intending to marry, to send a gift of eight cows each with a milkmaid more likely meant that the recipient would be able to enjoy an abundance of fresh dairy for the making of custards, curds and soured milk dishes, and especially cheeses during the holiday feasts (or perhaps the giver was thinking these wonderful goodies would come his way…??).

Well, I think that a gift of 8 elves would be appropriate right now!  While we can’t send 8 elves to each of you, we do have elves waiting here for your beck and call!   And, the elves are giving out Mystery Discount to all orders today and tomorrow!   Use code MYS84TTR to get your discount!    Have fun!

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On the 7th Day of Quilting … Free US Shipping!

Seven Swans a Singing:

Finally, the last of the bird!  In some ancient myths, lost loved ones were believed to have been transformed into swans, whose migrations were symbolic of the journeys of lost souls.  Swans have also been heraldic emblems of heroism and royalty in Britain for centuries.  Therefore, a gift of seven live swans showed that the giver had a majestic regard for the recipient.

King Edward of England, in 1304 took his vows of knighthood over two white swans decorated with gold nets and crowns.  Since then, the swan became associated with royalty; and having swans was strictly exclusive to the monarchy.  In Britain today, the swan is still considered a symbol of royalty.

As we have shown before, you are all royal to us .. .and what better way to pass on our feelings than to grant you the ‘flight’ of the swan … today and tomorrow only (in honor of National Free Shipping Day), we are offering Free US Shipping on All Orders.   Nothing special to do … just place your orders while the shipping is free!

On the 6th Day of Quilting … Such a Sharp Day!

Six Geese a Laying:

Yes, more birds!   In the 18th century, no other bird was considered more proper for Christmas dinner than the goose. A gift of six geese would have been exceedingly generous and testimony of the giver’s deep affection. (And we think Thanksgiving left-overs last and last!)…

Now, you all know how deep our affection is for you, right? But, no matter how true, I’m thinking that six geese and their offspring would make a terrible racket, would aggressively chase everyone around the house, and would scatter their feathers even deeper than those Christmas Tree Needles!  What a mess!

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On the 5th Day of Quilting … Oh My What a Savings!


Again, “fowl” play!  Just when you thought we’d moved away from Partridges, Turtle Doves, French Hens, and ‘Calling’ Black Birds, we find that the ‘Glorious’ Five Golden Rings, sadly, are NOT jewelry!   Instead, these triumphant rings are the ring bands on the necks of pheasants!

In past centuries, owning, hunting and dining on pheasant was a privilege reserved only for royalty. Five pheasant, whether eaten or not, were a truly generous gift.  And, while we think of you, our royal customers as deserving of such, we do believe that you might find 5 pheasants a bit overwhelming in your yard…. and that yards of fabric in lots of quarters is a much more magnanimous gift, at least for you and your quilting friends!

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On the 4th Day of Quilting … and save, too!

Four Calling Birds:
For those of you familiar with medieval jargon, “calling” is derived from “colly”, meaning black.  Therefore, four calling birds actually refers to four blackbirds.  A gift of four birds insured that the recipient would have enough ingredients for a holiday blackbird pie, a delicacy in medieval times.

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On the 3rd Day of Quilting …

Three French Hens:
Did you know that in historical folklore, hens have always been a heartwarming symbol of motherhood and devotion?  Perhaps that’s where the saying “Old Mother Hen” came from??… Likewise, in the 18th century, exotic fowl were considered an elegant gift, not necessarily to be eaten, but to be bred and raised as part of a prized flock.  While some of you may have claim to a prized flock such as this,  you may not have friends or loved ones who would like to find a flock of hens, no matter how French,  under their Christmas tree.  🙂  So, to help you with your gift list, we’re providing you with some of our personal favorite gift ideas.

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On the 2nd Day of Quilting … Reindeer Romp and Hooking Special!

Two Turtle Doves:
Did you know that in Christian art, the Turtle Dove is a symbol of purity, and more commonly doves are a symbol of love, faithfulness, and devotion?  Even the chariot of Venus, the mythological goddess of love, was drawn by doves!  While a gift of turtle doves suggested the giver’s romantic intentions, we’re thinking your favorite friends may really like some practical gifts … chosen with their needs in mind.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of magnified AND lighted tweezers!  These are great stocking stuffers, too!


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On the First Day of Quilting … For Fabric Lovers!

Did You Know …

The Twelve Days of Christmas have various representations, from cultural, social, political to religious meanings, with fertility as a common theme in most of the items?   Please join us as we meander through this traditional song with some fun little bits of information we hope you will enjoy!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree:
Now, folklore claims that a young maiden is suppose to walk around a pear tree three times on Christmas Morning – backwards!  Then, she gazes into the branches, where she would see the image of her future husband.  My only question to this is, is she supposed to marry a partridge?

Well, we don’t want you getting too dizzy on Christmas morning, or any other time for that matter, so we are going to help you make some EASY decisions this year.  So, we are starting out with a ‘ $2 Savings on Every Yard of Fabric!’  Enter Code DecFab2 to Receive your Discount.   Minimum Cut – 1 yard  Click Here for the Fabrics! !   Perhaps if you look hard enough at them, you may see an image of your smiling husband because you  saved so much!