On the First Day of Quilting … For Fabric Lovers!

Did You Know …

The Twelve Days of Christmas have various representations, from cultural, social, political to religious meanings, with fertility as a common theme in most of the items?   Please join us as we meander through this traditional song with some fun little bits of information we hope you will enjoy!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree:
Now, folklore claims that a young maiden is suppose to walk around a pear tree three times on Christmas Morning – backwards!  Then, she gazes into the branches, where she would see the image of her future husband.  My only question to this is, is she supposed to marry a partridge?

Well, we don’t want you getting too dizzy on Christmas morning, or any other time for that matter, so we are going to help you make some EASY decisions this year.  So, we are starting out with a ‘ $2 Savings on Every Yard of Fabric!’  Enter Code DecFab2 to Receive your Discount.   Minimum Cut – 1 yard  Click Here for the Fabrics! !   Perhaps if you look hard enough at them, you may see an image of your smiling husband because you  saved so much! 

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