On the 4th Day of Quilting … and save, too!

Four Calling Birds:
For those of you familiar with medieval jargon, “calling” is derived from “colly”, meaning black.  Therefore, four calling birds actually refers to four blackbirds.  A gift of four birds insured that the recipient would have enough ingredients for a holiday blackbird pie, a delicacy in medieval times.

Now, while blackbird pie may be a frippery for some, we would bet that our Homespun Hearth customers would much prefer to see blackbirds that are stitched in place … especially by somebody else.  So, today you get to choose what’s on sale for you on all of our gift items – all made up and ready to go!     Today choose 3 different Gift Items … and receive 40% off Each One!  Simply enter code 12Day4 to receive your discount!   Click Here for the Gifts

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