On the 6th Day of Quilting … Such a Sharp Day!

Six Geese a Laying:

Yes, more birds!   In the 18th century, no other bird was considered more proper for Christmas dinner than the goose. A gift of six geese would have been exceedingly generous and testimony of the giver’s deep affection. (And we think Thanksgiving left-overs last and last!)…

Now, you all know how deep our affection is for you, right? But, no matter how true, I’m thinking that six geese and their offspring would make a terrible racket, would aggressively chase everyone around the house, and would scatter their feathers even deeper than those Christmas Tree Needles!  What a mess!

Instead, why don’t you let your friends know how ‘Sweet’ they are by giving them a Notion’s Armour Scissor & Rotary Cutter Set!   Today save $2 on the set … and you may need one for yourself, too!   Click here for the Armour

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