On the 7th Day of Quilting … Free US Shipping!

Seven Swans a Singing:

Finally, the last of the bird!  In some ancient myths, lost loved ones were believed to have been transformed into swans, whose migrations were symbolic of the journeys of lost souls.  Swans have also been heraldic emblems of heroism and royalty in Britain for centuries.  Therefore, a gift of seven live swans showed that the giver had a majestic regard for the recipient.

King Edward of England, in 1304 took his vows of knighthood over two white swans decorated with gold nets and crowns.  Since then, the swan became associated with royalty; and having swans was strictly exclusive to the monarchy.  In Britain today, the swan is still considered a symbol of royalty.

As we have shown before, you are all royal to us .. .and what better way to pass on our feelings than to grant you the ‘flight’ of the swan … today and tomorrow only (in honor of National Free Shipping Day), we are offering Free US Shipping on All Orders.   Nothing special to do … just place your orders while the shipping is free!

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