On the 8th Day of Quilting …

Eight Maids a Milking:

In the 18th century, to ask a girl, or maiden, to “come-a-milking” was more or less a proposal of marriage.  (Boy, we sure have come a long way!  I can only imagine the size of those bruises on his shins!).

For those not intending to marry, to send a gift of eight cows each with a milkmaid more likely meant that the recipient would be able to enjoy an abundance of fresh dairy for the making of custards, curds and soured milk dishes, and especially cheeses during the holiday feasts (or perhaps the giver was thinking these wonderful goodies would come his way…??).

Well, I think that a gift of 8 elves would be appropriate right now!  While we can’t send 8 elves to each of you, we do have elves waiting here for your beck and call!   And, the elves are giving out Mystery Discount to all orders today and tomorrow!   Use code MYS84TTR to get your discount!    Have fun!

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