On the 9th Day of Quilting … a Quilts n More Special!

Nine Ladies Dancing:

Through the ages and to this day, one of the customs of mid-winter holidays is the lighting of bonfires, ceremonial dancing around the blazing circle, and the singing of heartfelt songs. The round dance, originally a “carole,” survived early religious attempts to associate it with evil and deviltry.

After the Middle Ages, the same dance took other forms, such as the waltz and the jig, and is still enjoyed by many during holiday seasons.    Sending nine dancing ladies to amuse one’s true love was one more promise of happiness and joy.  It may be a bit of a shock to have 9 ladies come suddenly dancing through your home, but we hope that you all will be dancing at your own happiness and joy!

Today and Tomorrow — All Orders over $5 will receive a FREE Quilts N More Winter 2011 Magazine with your order … Automatically! 

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