On the 10th Day of Quilting … $25 Instant Cash!

Ten Lords-a-Leaping :

Leaping dances were strictly for the men.  These dances were meant for fertility as well as for war, and were to rile up the men for battle to create some kind of mental exhilaration.
During medieval Christmas feasts, folk dancers leapt higher and higher into the air as the music from pipers and drummers became more and more intense. One of the most enjoyable Christmas ‘leaping’ performances of today is The Nutcracker.  
To send a gift of performers was a guarantee of holiday merriment.  Now, I can assure you that you would not want to have the Homespun Hearth staff show up on your doorstep and start to leap in the air … but, we do suspect that you probably do some of your own leaping when you receive a package from Homespun Hearth.  Ladies and Gentlemen … arm yourselves!

Today receive $25 Instant Cash on  your $75 order!  Simply Enter Code XRF25 to receive your Instant Savings!
Offer valid 12/21-22 through 11:59pm EST

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