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Which one Tempts you Most? Let us know!

We are so excited for our 2014 Block of the Month Line Up! We have provided you with 50 different programs, including everything from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced; Cotton to Wool to Flannel to Silk; Easy, Fun, and Challenging; Seasonal, Everyday and Exclusive; and to help fit every budget, we are certain you will find several to keep you busy through the year. And, we aren’t done yet … Looking at our Homespun Hearth forecast, we have more than a dozen more to go! SOOO very exciting.


But, in the midst of all of these Block of the Months, we would love to see which ones we present are your favorites. Every week we will post a couple, three or four, and you just need to let us know which tempts you the most. Of course, not all quilts will appeal to everybody, but if you could still let us know either here or on Facebook .. or on both!  So, we are starting out Easy Peasy today.  You just need to let us know, A-Z  OR Bertie.   Simple as that!  Plus …at the end of December, we should have a pretty good idea of which one is the favorite.  Who knows … there could be a special prize at the end for a special voter, too!  So, let us know … Bertie Through the Year? or A-Z for You and Me?

Let us know which one you prefer!

We Want To Know!

Are you a Blogger?So, we already know we have the best customers in the world.  Now, we are going to spend a lot more time getting to know you .. and letting you get to know each other!

For now, we are going to specifically find out which of you are bloggers to the max!   You can comment below if you are a blogger, but be sure to also email us at to give us your blog address.

We don’t care if you blog about quilts, personal stories, shoes, kids, parents… we just want to know!   We will visit all of the blogs, and then we will start featuring some of them to some of our  customers!   Have fun blogging!

Like Us!

Like Us!

Love Birds

Love is in the air around Homespun Hearth. While all you quilters are busy finishing Halloween goodie bags, Thanksgiving runners and Christmas quilts, we are starting think about what is right around the corner-Valentine’s Day. Really you say? Yup. If we don’t get things ready, then you will have no time to order and make your projects.

Let’s start off with a whimsical and fun quilt kit in brights called aptly, “Love Birds“. This pattern by “Don’t Look Now” is modern applique at it’s best and most exciting. This pattern uses machine blanket stitch, turned edge, free motion machine stitching and trapunto methods of sewing. But it will allow you to work with the skills set you are most comfortable with also. The sky is the limit with these designs as you use them for applique over and over on wall hangings, pillows and blocks. Why not use them to create your own quilt top! It offers you a “garden” of creative inspiration.

vdayWe are also looking at potential patterns for kits and thinking about love. Well, it seems like it’s far off for you, but for us it’s right around the corner. We are selecting just the right fabrics to kit with the best patterns for the perfect Valentine look. So, keep you eyes out and pick up your favorite kit today.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is National breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at Homespun Hearth, we are eager and willing to spread the word, reach out to our customers and blog readers to get them to take the step of having a preventative mammogram.

“The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) mission is to save the lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.”

All of us have been touched by this disease. My own mother-in-law succumbed to the disease in 2002 A day doesn’t pass when I don’t think of her and miss her in my life. She was a sewer, nanny, friend, gardener and perfectionist. I remember when she sewed our flower girl dress for my niece and the way she worked to make it “perfect”.

I think she would be very happy that I get to work in the sewing field with Teresa and Julie at Homespun Hearth. Here we are surrounded with women who love and foster creativity. What more could you ask for?

Braest Cancer awareness

So, take a minute and maybe create a throw, quilt or tote for someone you love who is fighting this disease. Many companies have generously donated funds from product sales to help with the cause.

We, at Homespun Hearth, carry some fabrics an tools that support awareness. We also have just the right pink fabrics to create the perfect gift to brighten a cancer patient’s life. If you don’t personally know someone dealing with this disease consider yourself blessed. But also consider making a donation to your local cancer center to show your love and support.

Pink bundles