It’s Time to Vote!

Which one Tempts you Most? Let us know!

We are so excited for our 2014 Block of the Month Line Up! We have provided you with 50 different programs, including everything from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced; Cotton to Wool to Flannel to Silk; Easy, Fun, and Challenging; Seasonal, Everyday and Exclusive; and to help fit every budget, we are certain you will find several to keep you busy through the year. And, we aren’t done yet … Looking at our Homespun Hearth forecast, we have more than a dozen more to go! SOOO very exciting.


But, in the midst of all of these Block of the Months, we would love to see which ones we present are your favorites. Every week we will post a couple, three or four, and you just need to let us know which tempts you the most. Of course, not all quilts will appeal to everybody, but if you could still let us know either here or on Facebook .. or on both!  So, we are starting out Easy Peasy today.  You just need to let us know, A-Z  OR Bertie.   Simple as that!  Plus …at the end of December, we should have a pretty good idea of which one is the favorite.  Who knows … there could be a special prize at the end for a special voter, too!  So, let us know … Bertie Through the Year? or A-Z for You and Me?

Let us know which one you prefer!

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