It’s Time To Vote – Week 4 – 2014 Block of the Month Challenge!

Week #3 votes are in, and the winner is the Red version of the Tours de Jardin! While we had a lot of votes, only a handful of you let us know you voted. Be sure to let us know – this way you can be included in the special Voters Giveaway we will have at the end of the voting! If you’ve been keeping track like we have, the winners are the A-Z for week 1, the Black Hot Flashes in week 2, and the Red Tours de Jardin in week 3. So, for week 4, we are mixing things up just a bit …

Quilt-Combo-41847 Baltimore Brides Antique Wool Quilt or Floral Beauty Wool Quilt?    I love the look of both of these quilts .. and I’ve seen the originals up close … and these pictures just will never do them justice!    Two totally different types of designs, you can se how talented each of the designers are.

The Baltimore Brides Quilt, by Jackie Apessos, is unique because it is wool applique on cotton flannel.  The old style motifs are clean and really showcase the heirlooms made in the 1800s.

But, then there’s the Floral Beauty!  The quilt, called The Original Thymes, is a detailed look into a Wild Thymes Garden!  The intricate florals and unique outer border really make this a more modern type quilt than the Baltimore Brides.  The Original Thymes is all wool on wool.  Two totally different quilts, each an Heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation!

NOTE:  Along with the Poll, please let us know “I Voted” in the Comments Section so we can have a special give away at the end of the Challenge!  

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