It’s “Shopping Reminder” Day … Hmmm …

TurkeyAs we mentioned in our Newsletter, if we all heed this reminder right here right now, there is no doubt the malls, roads, and internet would be mobbed.  But don’t you think the holiday season already in full gear?  Thanksgiving is tomorrow!    As we pondered this special day, we realized if you need a special day this time of year, to remind you to do your holiday shopping, then it’s not just this special day that’s a little wacky …….  🙂

Come Back and Tell Us What You Thought!

Come Back and Tell Us What You Thought!

Today, though, we want to spread some funny holiday cheer.  My favorite story ever is available on You Tube – let us know if you watched it, and what you think!  Plus, we want to know YOUR FAVORITE STORY EVER!

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We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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It’s False Confession Day

False Confession .. I Have Enough Fabric Stash

False Confession .. I Have Enough Fabric Stash

So, November 21 is Always “False Confession Day” ..  Why anybody would want to encourage false confessions is strange, but in the fun of the day, we thought we would go ahead and participate.   But, here are some guidelines …. pretty much no-brainers:

  • Don’t falsely confess to a crime, that someone lost, killed or injured, or a relationship or love affair.

So, here is our False Confession:

I LOVE Sewing the binding on my quilts…

What’s Your False Confession?

Also, today we have a special offer.  Purchase any of our Snugglers, and receive 12 Fat Quarters … Your Choice … For Free!

Here are the Snugglers

And Here are the Fat Quarters!

Have a  happy False Confession Day!!


Create a Quilter’s Holiday!

So, this month we have been letting you know about lots of holidays … every day there is something out there.  Some of them are strange or funny, some of them are holy or philanthropic, and many of them are just an eye opener!  So, today we were thinking it would be fun for you to Create a Quilter’s Holiday!   Let us know what the name of the holiday you would create, and the date it would be celebrated.  It can be anything you want!  Who knows, perhaps during the next year we may even feature your holiday here at Homespun Hearth!

Enter to Win - Create a Holiday then Enter Here!

Enter to Win – Create a Holiday then Enter Here!

The Holiday we would create is “Get Warm Under a Quilt Day”.  This would be held on January 9th.  This is just enough beyond the holidays to sit by a fire and reflect about the wonderful season that just went by, and the upcoming year and all of the possibilities!

Of course, we wouldn’t want you doing all of this ‘work’ for nothing.  Once you have created your holiday, click on the Shopping Spree Picture and enter for your chance to win $150.  This is the 7th and final item in our $800+ Giveaway for November!  You still have time to enter one or all of these sweepstakes – all of them end at 11:59pm on November 30.  Some of them let you have entries every day!    To see our complete list of entries, CLICK HERE.

It’s My Birthday … And I Want to Know!


My treat to myself .. it knows when I touch it! You can enter to win one of these beauties, too!

So, today is my birthday.   I never knew anybody with my same birthday when I was growing up.  But, several years ago, when my youngest son was in kindergarten, during ‘sharing’ he told the class that today was his mommy’s birthday.  Well, one of his classmates piped up that it was also her mother’s birthday.  And then a 3rd child – same story.

Of course, the teacher was a bit skeptical that all 3 kid’s mom’s in her class had the same birthday – but it was true!  We were living on a military base at the time, and they were all my friends, too — but we didn’t know we shared the same birthday until these kids all piped up!

These Gators still keep the snow out of my boots and my legs warm!

These Gators still keep the snow out of my boots and my legs warm!

Anyway, I am always surprised at how quickly this date keeps swinging around – I’m sure you all feel the same, too, on your birthday.  I started to think back over my birthdays of the past,  and was remembering some of the treasured gifts I’ve received.   Back when I was 17, I was looking through some magazines, and saw a jacket I really loved.  It was a purple ski jacket and it had matching gators.  I couldn’t believe several months later on my 18th birthday I came downstairs and there was the jacket and gators laid out on the couch!

I was so stunned.  I have 6 sisters, so funds for birthdays were pretty tight, but my mom and dad really pushed the limit for that year, and I really understood and appreciated what they did.   I don’t have the jacket anymore, but I still have those gators …. and … I’d rather not think about how long I’ve had them!

Enter To Win the Oliso Smart Iron .. Plus Be Sure to Reserve Your Bitty Banner BOM!

Enter To Win the Oliso Smart Iron .. Plus Be Sure to Reserve Your Bitty Banner BOM!

So, today I would like to know what your favorite / most memorable birthday was.  Once you do this, be sure to go to the Rafflecopter Monitor to get your points and enter to win the Oliso Smart Iron!

Plus, while you are there, take a look at the new Bitty Banner BOM starting in January.  BTW – it’s a chilly -3 here today .. how about where you are?

Let us know here then Enter To Win Here!

It’s Election Day – and we have a Grand Giveaway For You!

Election-Day-FlagYet another day to celebrate – Election Day 2014!

I don’t know about you, but those red, white and blue colors always make me a little tingly  🙂  And, so this is the perfect little snuggler – the Election Day Snuggler to snuggle the tingles!  OK – maybe it’s not so little, as it measures a generous 65″ x 72″

As part of our Giveaway Celebration, today we are offering the Download Pattern for FREE!  We also have kits available for those who love our selection.

Also, be sure to let us know what you’ve done today to give back – and then let us know on the drawing entry forms.  So far we have 2 prizes listed, but in all we will have a lot more, totaling more than $800 in prizes!

The first prize entry form is here      **********     And the second  prize entry form is here

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November Brings You Our 6th Annual Giveback Giveaway!

Wow. It’s been almost a year since we’ve blogged … we REALLY need to do this more often! But, we are pretty busy bringing so many goodies to you throughout the year, that we just simply … need MORE time … don’t we all?    However, as it is once again NOVEMBER, it is time for our 6th Annual Giveback Giveaway, so we will be here often to make sure you are in the know!

Enter to Win - Lots of Giveaways this Month!

Enter to Win – Lots of Giveaways this Month!

We love this time of year – and based on what we hear back from you, it is one of your favorites, too!  Plus, this month you will see massive sales, lots of great new products, and creative inspirations for 2015.

Plus,  we have upped the ante this year –  we are giving away more than $800 in prizes!

We are making this month-long event even more fun and exciting this year, too – giving you lots of opportunities to win lots of different prizes. Every couple of days we will begin a new entry with a great new prize added to the list. You will also be able to go back to the older drawing  in the month and add more entries – depending on what the entry options are.

For instance, on the $100 Surprise Notions Bag one of the entries is a Homespun Hearth Order #.  You can go back there with each new order in the month and enter your order number.  For all of you receiving a BOM, be sure to enter that order # there, too!  Such an Easy Entry!    Another example – on the 25 Fat Quarters Entry Form you are asked to blog what you’ve done TODAY for a giveaway — for every day that you give back, come back and let us know on the blog – then put it in your entry form.

So far you have had a taste of just a couple of the great prizes we have lined up for you … starting with the $100 Surprise Bag filled with quilter’s notions!    This bag is perfect for this time of year – you may want to keep all of the goodies for yourself, or perhaps you give them to a quilter’s as a secret Santa gift  – it’s up to you!

Win 25 Fat Quarters of Your Choice!

Win 25 Fat Quarters of Your Choice!

We are also giving away the  25 Fat Quarter Pack – your Choice of Fat Quarters With 100’s to choose from, this will be a great customized stash builder for whomever wins this prize.

Plus, in the upcoming days and weeks we have prizes from Aurifil, Northcott, and Moda just to give you a taste of what’s to come! Each prize entry will be on a different entry form in a different location somewhere on our website … and so that way you can possibly win more than one. As the drawings are automatic and random, who knows?

This is a give-back giveaway, so visit throughout the month and let us know what you did that day to give-back. We have found that quilters are such a giving lot – and so honest, too! We Love You, which is why we also love to give back to you.

Today is National Sandwich Day — Get your the Re-Useable Pattern Download for Free Today!

We also have a lot of other fun celebrations this month, too! There’s the Cookie Monster’s Birthday, Hug-a-Bear Day, and National Pizza Day … wondering how we can celebrate these all together?  Just keep on watching the blog, reading the newsletter, and enjoying each day!

We  look forward to hearing about your Daily Give Back Fun!