November Brings You Our 6th Annual Giveback Giveaway!

Wow. It’s been almost a year since we’ve blogged … we REALLY need to do this more often! But, we are pretty busy bringing so many goodies to you throughout the year, that we just simply … need MORE time … don’t we all?    However, as it is once again NOVEMBER, it is time for our 6th Annual Giveback Giveaway, so we will be here often to make sure you are in the know!

Enter to Win - Lots of Giveaways this Month!

Enter to Win – Lots of Giveaways this Month!

We love this time of year – and based on what we hear back from you, it is one of your favorites, too!  Plus, this month you will see massive sales, lots of great new products, and creative inspirations for 2015.

Plus,  we have upped the ante this year –  we are giving away more than $800 in prizes!

We are making this month-long event even more fun and exciting this year, too – giving you lots of opportunities to win lots of different prizes. Every couple of days we will begin a new entry with a great new prize added to the list. You will also be able to go back to the older drawing  in the month and add more entries – depending on what the entry options are.

For instance, on the $100 Surprise Notions Bag one of the entries is a Homespun Hearth Order #.  You can go back there with each new order in the month and enter your order number.  For all of you receiving a BOM, be sure to enter that order # there, too!  Such an Easy Entry!    Another example – on the 25 Fat Quarters Entry Form you are asked to blog what you’ve done TODAY for a giveaway — for every day that you give back, come back and let us know on the blog – then put it in your entry form.

So far you have had a taste of just a couple of the great prizes we have lined up for you … starting with the $100 Surprise Bag filled with quilter’s notions!    This bag is perfect for this time of year – you may want to keep all of the goodies for yourself, or perhaps you give them to a quilter’s as a secret Santa gift  – it’s up to you!

Win 25 Fat Quarters of Your Choice!

Win 25 Fat Quarters of Your Choice!

We are also giving away the  25 Fat Quarter Pack – your Choice of Fat Quarters With 100’s to choose from, this will be a great customized stash builder for whomever wins this prize.

Plus, in the upcoming days and weeks we have prizes from Aurifil, Northcott, and Moda just to give you a taste of what’s to come! Each prize entry will be on a different entry form in a different location somewhere on our website … and so that way you can possibly win more than one. As the drawings are automatic and random, who knows?

This is a give-back giveaway, so visit throughout the month and let us know what you did that day to give-back. We have found that quilters are such a giving lot – and so honest, too! We Love You, which is why we also love to give back to you.

Today is National Sandwich Day — Get your the Re-Useable Pattern Download for Free Today!

We also have a lot of other fun celebrations this month, too! There’s the Cookie Monster’s Birthday, Hug-a-Bear Day, and National Pizza Day … wondering how we can celebrate these all together?  Just keep on watching the blog, reading the newsletter, and enjoying each day!

We  look forward to hearing about your Daily Give Back Fun!

64 thoughts on “November Brings You Our 6th Annual Giveback Giveaway!

  1. I made a raggy-quilt for my daughter out of flannel and I will get it to her at the week-end because she lives 400 km far away from me to do her studies. I want to give her back the love and happyness she gave my life till now.

  2. I am sending a pincushion to a lady in our swap group who had to drop out due to health. Just to make her day. crystalbluern

  3. I gave of my time. When I needed help after surgery to get to PT. There was no one “free” enough to help me. It was a struggle so I decided that no one else should be forced to drive and be in pain like I was. For the past three weeks, I have driven someone to and from PT three times per week. She lives 15 minutes from me, but the good feelings I get from helping her makes my day!

  4. I take my two Therapy dogs, big, drooly, droopy, gentle Basset Hounds, to a camp for disabled and disadvantaged kids when they have respite weekends. Though it is giving back I think the dogs and I get just as much out of it as the kids do.

  5. I put sashing on the tops and bottoms of mycolumns of squares. I am hoping to also put the vertical sashing between the columns before the afternoon is over.

  6. My give back isn’t quilt related as I took care of a feral kitten and took her to the vets and got her medicine. She is so darn cute. Wish I could keep her.

  7. I dug a grave for my min pin, cleaned him up, got him into a box we fixed for him. Sewed a cover for the box that was in puppy type materials. He died. He was almost 10 and 1/2 years old. He got bite by some type of insect on his foot. Been caring for him for days, but nothing helped. Doc thought it might have been a Black Widow Spider bite. So I gave my time to my dying dog. Rest in Peace Spike the Mighty Dog, The Handsome Dog. You were such a good boy.
    lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

  8. While making GOTV calls, I helped a man with a strong desire to vote confirm that he was registered and find out where his polling place was. This took a fair bit of time but he was patient and I was determined and in the end we were both thrilled. It was the highlight of my day.

  9. I volunteer at our local assisted living facility, Poplar Creek. We do crafts every Tuesday, and a cooking project every Thursday. I also make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, and quilts for Project Linus and other organizations.

  10. I’m volunteering to take a widow and her special needs adult son to a night meeting of Grief Share. She lost her husband 5 years ago and is still having a difficult time. She does not drive at night.

  11. I made a present to the mother of my sons girl-friend. She has together birthday with her daugher. They made me a birthday-present too which I did not expect because we don’t know personaly.

  12. I offered to take my neighbor to run errands tomorrow. She lives alone and is careful not to “be a burden”, so I’m always glad when I can do something to help her.

  13. Today I invited a widower friend of ours to dinner. He always enjoys the time he spends with us and the kids but equally, I think he is happy to go home where life is just a tad quieter.

  14. Try to do a little something every day, whether it’s holding the door for someone or taking the grocery cart back. Every act of kindness will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

  15. I purchased thumb drives to donate to Asylee, a non-profit organization that assists asylum seekers. With the thumb drives, the clients served by Asylee will be able to carry their important documentation with them in one convenient place.

  16. I sent dog collars to CARE TX in San Antonio, TX. We adopted two dogs from these volunteers who rescue dogs from “death row” and then place them with families all over the country. They are always looking for pet supplies to defray some of the costs of their good work. There is no way I could ever thank them enough for saving our sweet dogs, but dog collars are a small way to say thanks.

  17. I checked in on a solo neighbor during a windstorm, to be sure not only that her power was still on but that she wasn’t too anxious about the storm.

  18. At the vet today, I helped a woman carrying an oxygen tank whose cat was escaping from his carrier. She was having a really hard time and the cat was just about to get loose. I dealt with the cat, figured out how to repair the carrier, reassured the owner that it would be fine and she didn’t need to be embarrassed, and alerted the staff to the problem, quietly. I was glad I had minimized the problem when I overheard her tell the receptionist that her cat’s usual carrier had melted when her house burned down. That poor woman didn’t need one more problem.

  19. I sent some fabric squares to another quilter that was down in the dumps, we called them “hugs”. So she is making herself a comfort quilt that has all our hugs(squares)sewn into it, so that we are always there as one big hug when she cuddles up in it.

  20. I found out that my neighbor delivered her baby stillborn at 36 weeks, the other night. We go to the same church congregation, and our sons have the same teacher in kindergarten. I took her a homemade banana bread that I had made, and a little white lace baby bonnet that is been saving. I thought maybe she would want the bonnet as part of the baby’s funeral outfit. So heartbreaking!

  21. Rachell’s entry is really lovely, isn’t it?

    Mine is much more mundane. I mailed a care package to our niece, who is feeling homesick.

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