It’s Election Day – and we have a Grand Giveaway For You!

Election-Day-FlagYet another day to celebrate – Election Day 2014!

I don’t know about you, but those red, white and blue colors always make me a little tingly  🙂  And, so this is the perfect little snuggler – the Election Day Snuggler to snuggle the tingles!  OK – maybe it’s not so little, as it measures a generous 65″ x 72″

As part of our Giveaway Celebration, today we are offering the Download Pattern for FREE!  We also have kits available for those who love our selection.

Also, be sure to let us know what you’ve done today to give back – and then let us know on the drawing entry forms.  So far we have 2 prizes listed, but in all we will have a lot more, totaling more than $800 in prizes!

The first prize entry form is here      **********     And the second  prize entry form is here

Have a great day – we look forward to hearing from you!  Also, be sure to follow our blog, follow us on Pinterest, and Like us on Facebook- Never Miss a Thing!



23 thoughts on “It’s Election Day – and we have a Grand Giveaway For You!

  1. I voted today. I am collecting good used jeans, sweaters, shirts, etc. for our local hospital’s emergency rooms. These are to be given to people who had to have their clothes cut off when they arrived at the hospital so that they have something to wear home.

  2. Today, I enjoyed one of our freedoms and privileges as an American: I voted! I am also continuing to work (and maybe even finish!) a quilt that is an hour-glass quilt, with two crazy patterns…one ultra modern floral and the second a neon blue print!

  3. Today I am working on finishing up several book bags for students who need them. I did early voting so I didn’t have to get out in the rain today. It is a perfect day to stay in and finish up my projects.

  4. I wish I could vote… but I’m an immigrant whose (American) spouse can’t afford green card fees. Please go vote for candidates in favor of immigration reform so people like me can become legally productive members of society!

  5. I’m making bags, using my stash of Christmas fabric–to fill with goodies and give to friends and neighbors next month! Humming Christmas songs….

  6. My give back was to vote today. Also gave back to nature by cleaning up flower beds even though it’s colder outside and windy.

  7. I make a baby quilt each week for the military thru the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. I also volunteer every week at a Marine Corp Base.

  8. Tonight was Guild night – I finished and donated a full size philanthropic quilt, which will be delivered with other quilts to the battered women’s shelter.

  9. I would like to say I did something today to give back but the truth is I have been experiencing serious medical problems. They were so bad I didn’t even get to vote. I was so bummed out about it. I’m going to have to just start voting absentee cause I never know when these problems will flare up and it’s difficult for me to leave home anyway. I have been working on a rag quilt that I plan on giving to a homeless person for Christmas if that counts. God Bless!

  10. I just finished up a couple Christmas stocking to be filled and given to kids at the local women’s shelter and made a set of placemats that will be given out with the delivered Christmas Meals on Wheels.

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