It’s My Birthday … And I Want to Know!


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So, today is my birthday.   I never knew anybody with my same birthday when I was growing up.  But, several years ago, when my youngest son was in kindergarten, during ‘sharing’ he told the class that today was his mommy’s birthday.  Well, one of his classmates piped up that it was also her mother’s birthday.  And then a 3rd child – same story.

Of course, the teacher was a bit skeptical that all 3 kid’s mom’s in her class had the same birthday – but it was true!  We were living on a military base at the time, and they were all my friends, too — but we didn’t know we shared the same birthday until these kids all piped up!

These Gators still keep the snow out of my boots and my legs warm!

These Gators still keep the snow out of my boots and my legs warm!

Anyway, I am always surprised at how quickly this date keeps swinging around – I’m sure you all feel the same, too, on your birthday.  I started to think back over my birthdays of the past,  and was remembering some of the treasured gifts I’ve received.   Back when I was 17, I was looking through some magazines, and saw a jacket I really loved.  It was a purple ski jacket and it had matching gators.  I couldn’t believe several months later on my 18th birthday I came downstairs and there was the jacket and gators laid out on the couch!

I was so stunned.  I have 6 sisters, so funds for birthdays were pretty tight, but my mom and dad really pushed the limit for that year, and I really understood and appreciated what they did.   I don’t have the jacket anymore, but I still have those gators …. and … I’d rather not think about how long I’ve had them!

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Enter To Win the Oliso Smart Iron .. Plus Be Sure to Reserve Your Bitty Banner BOM!

So, today I would like to know what your favorite / most memorable birthday was.  Once you do this, be sure to go to the Rafflecopter Monitor to get your points and enter to win the Oliso Smart Iron!

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66 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday … And I Want to Know!

  1. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 8. I got my first two wheeler then we went on a family trip to an amusement park and I got to bring a friend. We were stationed in the time. I remember coming home from school and there it was in the living room. It was white and beautiful It had a basket and streamers…. best birthday ever!

  2. My most memorable birthday was my 50th. We had a big picnic at our favorite state park, & all my kids were able to come. My son is in the Air Force, so it was a nice surprise that he could make it home just for my birthday. :o)

  3. My last birthday was my best. I say that every year because I am here to celebrate again. Best anniversary? The last one because we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

  4. I think my most memorable birthday was when I turned 50 in July, my middle son graduate from High School in May, our daughter got married in June & our oldest son got married in August. It was quite the summer or partying & a real letdown in the fall when it was all over.

  5. I would have to say spending a birthday with my dear sweet grandmother. For 40 years of my life, I thought I wasn’t wanted or liked by her. She moved to Oregon and moved in with us after my grandfather passed away. I was surprised by skeletons that were hidden in the closet for so long…now I have new life with her and it has been an amazing 3 years!! I just recently got to celebrate her 90th with her!!

  6. Mine would also be my 16th my mother had died 6 months before , she always did big things for our birthdays. While I was at school my aunt came over and redid my bedroom all in purple.
    That was the best.

  7. Last year I was at a quilt retreat during my birthday. I woke up that morning to find my Bernina decorated with tinsel, cards from everyone, and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!

  8. I remember my 16th birthday when I was away alot of the summer, and when I came home all my friends had rented a community pool and invited everyone we knew for my surprise birthday party. It was so much fun. I didn’t have a clue it was for me until everyone sang.

  9. Golly…none of my birthdays really stand out because they are all special! I did love a bouquet of roses that my hubby gave me on one of my birthdays…esp. because he grew them!

  10. Contrary to most others, I can’t specify any one birthday because I always look forward to my next, it always comes around on Dec. 26

  11. Skateboards just started becoming popular, so for my birthday I received a homemade skateboard from made dad. Still have it, but now use it as a small trolley to move heavy items.

  12. We don’t celebrate birthdays much anymore. But this year was a bit different. I got to go on a quilt retreat, a first. AND it just happen to be on my birthday. All the ladies surprised me with cake and cards and games. I even won a stack of FQ!! Best Birthday in years.

  13. I think my most memorable was when I was a teenager and got a new puppy to replace the dog I had just lost. At the time I thought I didn’t want another dog, turned out I was wrong!

  14. I remember getting Anne Murray’s snowbird album for my birthday in the 7th grade. I was shocked that my mom got it because we weren’t allowed to listen to anything but Christian music then. I played it on my record player over and over again! I still remember all the words to all the songs. Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway!

  15. When our 2 girls made me a Birthday Cake..looked like a Merry-Go-Round…and they put every candle on it…the boys teased gonna start a fire! lol (were only 40 candles… giggle) Was a Surprise from the Kiddo’s…and I loved it! 🙂

  16. I remember as a pre-teen my dad and I went out to a pasture and I got to pick out the yearling that I wanted. Boy was that a long day, as the horses were all but wild. But we persevered and I got the one I wanted. Funny I named her Angel and she was everything but an angel!! lol

  17. Turning 50…with my twin sister and 12 of our closest friends piled into a limo and went wine tasting all day… we were very silly! It was great fun!

  18. Hard to pick one as the best or most memorable. Usually try to get together with my cousin whose birthday is one day before mine. Also, my husband usually gives me a generous gift card to a fabric shop.

  19. Three years ago my grand daughter was born on my birthday. I was staying with the family, helping out when my daughter went into labor. What a exciting day that was!

  20. The birthday I remember the most as a kid was when I was 12 or 13, We always had “mom” made cakes for our birthdays. I kept asking for a decorated cake like I saw in the bakery when we went to get donuts. That year, the neighbor down the street had taken cake decorating classes and I got a “bakery” decorated cake! It was the prettiest cake I had ever had and I remember it well!

  21. My most memorable birthday was my 40th. My husband showed up at my work all dressed up with flowers. He then took me out for a nice dinner and gave me a necklace that I had been wanting since our 4 children were born. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  22. My most memorable birthday was when I was 5. My mom made a teepee in our back yard for our (my brother’s birthday was 5 days after mine) birthday. She made cradle boards for all the girls and all the boys got a bow and arrows (suction cups type, I’m sure!). It was fabulously wonderful with that huge teepee in the yard for a couple of weeks after the party too!

  23. My most memorable birthday? In a good way? (Several funerals have fallen on my birthday, but let’s zoom past those years…) One of my favorites was the year I spent my birthday in Atlanta. For a California girl that was really different and memorable. My dear dog and I explored a Civil War-era cemetery and soaked up some Georgia culture. I remember being blissfully happy. Great way to start a new year.

  24. -3 reminds me of living in Chicago. That’s too cold for these old bones. I can’t off hand remember any good birthdays growing up really, too many kids and too poor. I just always went to work but now I have the pleasure of 3 long distance grandchildren who send me cards and call so that’s a nice present.

  25. My most memorable gift was my grand mother’s necklace. I wear it almost everyday and rarely take it off. All my memories of my grandmother she was wearing the necklace.

  26. The birthday I’ll never forget is when a co-worker became smitten with me shortly after my divorce. Before the sun came up he put my present on my front porch, a 55 gallon bright yellow plastic barrel with a bouquet of balloons tied to it. I was expecting something to jump out at me when I opened it, like a naked man! A note was attached to the top that said “open inside the house.” To my surprise the barrel was very light weight and easy to move. When I opened it another bunch of balloons floated out with an envelope attached to them. Inside was 2 concert tickets to see Nora Jones! He knew I had been wanting to go but couldn’t afford the tickets due to being a single mom getting no child support for a son that was in an expensive vocational school. I cried, and gave them back to him. Accepting would make him think I was interested in dated and I wasn’t. He assured me that by accepting the tickets there were no strings attached but I just couldn’t. Even though I gave them back it was still the best Birthday I ever had.

  27. Millions of years ago, before the age of computers, I received an electric typewriter from my parents! As I’d taken a typing class, and we’d learned on electric typewriters, this was something I really wanted but expected to have to do without. So it was quite a shock to receive it! Our family didn’t have a lot of money, and electric typewriters were not cheap ! It saw me through the rest of high school and college!

  28. My most memorable, birthday gift ever was a brand new bicycle! Of course, I was an adult but it was still exciting to ride something brand new and not a hand me down from my four older siblings.

  29. When I turned 40 I had dinner out with 3 of my classmates from High School and the they came to my home to have my favorite cake. Humm German Chocolate Cake. What an awesome time.

  30. I remember my parents surprised me with a royal blue and chrome bicycle, complete with a basket for my 13th birthday. I loved it! It is 6 degrees above zero right now here, first time it has been above zero all week.

  31. My grandmother would make a special home made (not box or bought) angel food take So many fresh eggs she picked from her chickens and the cake was so tall, so fluffy, so sweet. She made a fluffy pale pink icing. It was made just for me. I was so happy, so special. Oh did I mention the taste. Delicious!

  32. My most memorable birthday was when my parents gave me money toward a season ticket to the Milwaukee Repitory Theatre. It meant more than see the plays, which I loved. It meant they finally understood how much seeing those plays meant to me.

  33. Really don’t have one. my mom did not really make a big deal out of our birthdays. Yes, we have a cake and presents and we got to pick what you would have for you birthday dinner. But nothing big,not celebrating.

  34. Our birthdays always had cakes and gifts but the most memorable time for me was when I retired and my husband planned and surprised me with a retirement party.

  35. I don’t have any memories of great birthday gifts, but lots of great things on Christmas morning! I’d love a new iron for Christmas this year! 😉

  36. Unfortunately, my most memorable was the one a couple weeks after one of my sons and I were in a car wreck that cost him his life and inflicted serious injuries to me. I had been released from the hospital, but still had a long recovery ahead of me. I still don’t like to think back to that birthday.

  37. I’m racking my brain trying to remember the most memorable birthday and I’m having a really hard time. I try to get past it as quickly as possible and it’s coming up pretty soon too. I guess one of the best was my brother taking me to TGI Fridays on my 21st

  38. On my 12th birthday I had a dance party at my house, I stepped on a nail earlier in the day and spent half my party at the hospital getting stitches in my foot (after fainting from the sight of the needle) but when I got home everybody was having a good time and I joined in. The boy I liked brought me a present. They weren’t supposed to bring gifts, and he was the only one who did. I don’t remember what it was but to this day, I haven’t forgotten the thought. I kissed that boy that night and saw stars! I haven’t forgotten that birthday, even thou I have forgotten lots of other things as the memory goes. Lol

  39. Your story about the purple jacket and gators reminded me of my 7th birthday when my mom made me a beautiful lavender brocade dress. I was one of 5 children, and getting something that wasn’t a hand-me-down was a treat!

  40. My very best birthday present was from my Pop (grandpa) when a as around 9. A Dale Evens pop gun and holster set. I had two older brothers and I thought I was real tough. Miss my Pop.

  41. My dad would always make us a scavenger hunt on our birthdays with silly rhyming clues to help us find our present. One I remember in particular when I was about 9
    led me to a wristwatch that had red, white and blue interchangeable bands that I thought was the coolest thing ever. The hunts themselves were so much fun it never really mattered what was at the end. Fond memories!

  42. On my 40th birthday my father gave me a John Deere snowblower. He said he was tired of watching me use a shovel it was taking to long to get the job done

  43. Three years ago, my husband said I should pick out a new sewing machine for my birthday. I bought a lovely new machine that sews whatever fabric I choose. I works so well and I just love it!

  44. I’d have to say that my most memorable birthday was my 50th, when my son took me to DISNEYLAND for the first time! I became a kid for a day and loved it.

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