Create a Quilter’s Holiday!

So, this month we have been letting you know about lots of holidays … every day there is something out there.  Some of them are strange or funny, some of them are holy or philanthropic, and many of them are just an eye opener!  So, today we were thinking it would be fun for you to Create a Quilter’s Holiday!   Let us know what the name of the holiday you would create, and the date it would be celebrated.  It can be anything you want!  Who knows, perhaps during the next year we may even feature your holiday here at Homespun Hearth!

Enter to Win - Create a Holiday then Enter Here!

Enter to Win – Create a Holiday then Enter Here!

The Holiday we would create is “Get Warm Under a Quilt Day”.  This would be held on January 9th.  This is just enough beyond the holidays to sit by a fire and reflect about the wonderful season that just went by, and the upcoming year and all of the possibilities!

Of course, we wouldn’t want you doing all of this ‘work’ for nothing.  Once you have created your holiday, click on the Shopping Spree Picture and enter for your chance to win $150.  This is the 7th and final item in our $800+ Giveaway for November!  You still have time to enter one or all of these sweepstakes – all of them end at 11:59pm on November 30.  Some of them let you have entries every day!    To see our complete list of entries, CLICK HERE.

73 thoughts on “Create a Quilter’s Holiday!

  1. My holiday would be Fat (quarter) Free Friday. It would be celebrated each year on the day after Thanksgiving. As you enjoy meals made with left over food from Thursday, you would create a project from leftover fabrics–no fair cutting into those whole FQ’s or yardage!

  2. “No UFO New Year” to be celebrated New Years Day during the football games. A perfect chance to finish up projects that didn’t quite get completed for the holidays, giving you a great jump start for next year, or to finish other odds and ends from the previous year. If you’ve been really good and finished everything you started you get to treat yourself by starting a brand new project- something to look forward to and work towards for sure 🙂

  3. “Quilt for Sanity” January 31st. By this date, Christmas decorations should be down (however at my house they never are and I pray no one comes to the door to see what a sap I am) and I settle into a really blue time as the Holidays are over and the reality of a long winter has settled in. It never feels like I can permit myself to put aside all of the “have to’s” and immerse myself in something that gives me such great joy.

  4. I think my holiday would be,”Make a quilt for Quilts for Kids!” Since my own 4 children ( even one 25) received quilts after they list their 23 year old brother on 9/11, I have this need to pass forward the gift of live and kindness shown to them. One quilt was given to me as well in memory if Joshua. Each of my children cherish their quilt. It really was a comfort-something literally hold on to- when our happy world just crashed. I brought my quilt over to the Quilts for Kids’ offices yesterday, but could not bear to part with it

    If every quilter spent one day making one small children’s quilt, the amount if live would warm up our world.

  5. Happy Quilters Day would be my creation and should be in summer, maybe in July, or in September when the season is not that hot to quilt.

  6. Hmmmm….my quilt holiday would be in “Do Your Binding Day”… to be held in January….feet up and sitting in front of the fireplace with a hot drink.

  7. I would like a “no restrictions quilter’s day” where I could go shopping without time or money restraints or just spend the whole day sewing without interruption. It should be around my birthday, July 8th, so I can celebrate myself. I know this sounds selfish but as quilters we do so much for others we deserve a day just for ourselves.

  8. What a wonderful giveaway. My holiday would be “make a quilt for a special person day” it could be for a loved one or for a charity of your choice.

  9. I think Quilt All Day In Your Jammies Day would be a good one to have on Jan. 31 after you’ve recovered from the Holidays & need a day at home.

  10. Snuggle my quilts day, it would be on january 23, because it’s my favorite aunts birthday and we could snuggle up with my quilts and her excellent homemade soup. on a cold day in Wisconsin…..

  11. I would like no interuptions Holiday for sewing. Being able to sew non stop without “What’s for dinner?” or “Let’s go somewhere.”

  12. Many people are alone during the holidays. I think Happy Quilt Day should be on Nov. 12th.
    Donations of happy quilts made for the homeless & elderly and those in need. These quilts could go to shelters, nursing homes, etc. and could be delivered with Meals on Wheels type programs.

  13. My Holiday would be Finish it up Fast Friday. It would have to be every Friday b/c I always have something I need to get finished. If not many things.

  14. My holiday would be Nancy’s Birthday Making Quilts. Wouldn’t that be fun to have all my family and friends over on my birthday and make a quilt!!

  15. Oooh…how bout a “Quilt with Your ____ Day”!!! Insert Mom, Gma, Aunt, Daugter, BFF…whatever fits YOUR day to celebrate together makin ‘ Special “Heart Memories”!! (My 2 Daughter’s & I do similar days already..) Very fun & Treasured!

  16. My holiday would be celebrated on January 3. I would call it “SAMCMOQS” — Spend All My Christmas Money On Quilting STUFF! By January 3, the bargain hunters and “returners” would be gone from the stores.

  17. My quilter’s holiday would be “Scrap Happy Tax Day”. Your taxes are due on April 15th. So to save money to pay the taxes, use up your scraps to make a quilt.

  18. I would have a “Long Enough Winter” day in March. That is when we are all really over the long, cold winter days and dreaming of warmer weather. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  19. I would have a monthly quilting holiday called Quilts for the Brave and only work on quilts meant for veterans on that day each month – maybe we could cover all of our service members if everyone did this!! They would then know that we appreciate their sacrifice cuz every quilt is stitched with love!!

  20. We love piecing, some of us love actually quilting the quilt sandwiches, and even fewer like to finish with binding, but do we ever go back to that finished quilt and appreciate it? Do we shake it out, wash, and mend it, or even just wrap up and enjoy the warmth, colors, and design? There should be a Quilt Appreciation Day once a quarter where you don’t replace the air filter or the fire alarm batteries – you get out at least one old quilt and appreciate it’s beauty!

  21. maybe we should have a UFO day, but then that might feel too much like a “hafta-do” than a holiday. So how about one in the winter doldrums of early March, a Beat the Doldrums day?

  22. The month of August to quilt or not to quilt. Either rest up before starting on Christmas, finish up UFOs before the Christmas rush, or do a month of charity quilting. Then beginning September you can concentrate quilting and preparing for Christmas without all the stress.

  23. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! January 1st shall now be “Start the New Year Right” day, on which quilters perfect their quarter inch seams, stretch their creative muscles, perfect sewing curved seams–gain confidence and practice in skills to see them happily through the year ahead.

  24. I would like a magical holiday, on December 26th, when All Points Match! It would not be possible to sew any chopped-off or flying points, and quilt piecing would not require the presence of a seam ripper.

  25. I would create a Only Sew Sew Day – on Nov. 18 (my birthday!)…no housework or cooking allowed! Only sewing (quilting) and going out to dinner! 🙂

  26. I would go for “Snuggle Day”. I think that February 19th would be perfect for that as we are getting tired of winter and it would be great to snuggle up and enjoy a good book and hot chocolate under my favorite quilt.

  27. I would have Quilt Star Day. You know how people can apply to name a star? Well something similar. Everyone would make a star quilt block that day. Maybe a quilt. I’d have it around Christmas, like December 21 or whatever day Three King’s Day is (sorry, I don’t know that), because of the star that led the WiseMen to the baby Jesus Christ.

  28. 7 Days of Cindy’s sewing Love. Starting Sept. 2 my birthday (ha) All sew for 7 days straight… No interruptions , from hubbies, kids or everyday mundane chores! A vacay for quilters & crafters. All inclusive of course in beautiful savannah , GA. And share on your Blog the fun projects that where made while enjoying the local must see sites and History.

  29. On the first really cold day (outside temp below freezing), make, wear and share something warm day. This obviously would be a “mobile” holiday and could be celebrated multiple times in different areas. Encouraging creativity in making something warm (quilts, jackets, hats, socks etc.), staying warm yourself and sharing with a neighbor, someone in need or a friend (a quilt, coffee, tea, or a warm hug).

  30. Every 5th Saturday is Quilting Day holiday!!!! Why should we just get one day a year? We should have many many quilting holidays!!

  31. Stash Busting Day on the first Saturday in January. It’s a day to thoroughly review your stash and make plans on how to use it in the current quilting year, and it’s also a day to make a final record of how well you did with the previous year’s goals.

  32. It would be awesome to have a holiday for quilters and quilting… a perfect time would be in the middle of February when we are tired of the cold winter and need a day to stay indoors to sew and quilt… or just cuddle under a quilt.

  33. My holiday would be “clean up your quilting area” day on December 31st….then we’d all start the new year clean and refreshed!!

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