It’s False Confession Day

False Confession .. I Have Enough Fabric Stash

False Confession .. I Have Enough Fabric Stash

So, November 21 is Always “False Confession Day” ..  Why anybody would want to encourage false confessions is strange, but in the fun of the day, we thought we would go ahead and participate.   But, here are some guidelines …. pretty much no-brainers:

  • Don’t falsely confess to a crime, that someone lost, killed or injured, or a relationship or love affair.

So, here is our False Confession:

I LOVE Sewing the binding on my quilts…

What’s Your False Confession?

Also, today we have a special offer.  Purchase any of our Snugglers, and receive 12 Fat Quarters … Your Choice … For Free!

Here are the Snugglers

And Here are the Fat Quarters!

Have a  happy False Confession Day!!


14 thoughts on “It’s False Confession Day

  1. Quilters are FUNNY! These comments totally Crack Me Up! Here is my confession:
    I never start a new quilt until the one I’m working on is done.

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