It’s “Shopping Reminder” Day … Hmmm …

TurkeyAs we mentioned in our Newsletter, if we all heed this reminder right here right now, there is no doubt the malls, roads, and internet would be mobbed.  But don’t you think the holiday season already in full gear?  Thanksgiving is tomorrow!    As we pondered this special day, we realized if you need a special day this time of year, to remind you to do your holiday shopping, then it’s not just this special day that’s a little wacky …….  🙂

Come Back and Tell Us What You Thought!

Come Back and Tell Us What You Thought!

Today, though, we want to spread some funny holiday cheer.  My favorite story ever is available on You Tube – let us know if you watched it, and what you think!  Plus, we want to know YOUR FAVORITE STORY EVER!

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We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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2 thoughts on “It’s “Shopping Reminder” Day … Hmmm …

  1. Very funny! I was able to picture this in a funny movie! Thank you for sharing. My favorite story is not mine, but I think if it now and then. I met a lady once (she was a quilter!) who told us a story. She was always mad at her husband because he had ‘plumbers’ crack – he just wore his pants too low. Well, one day they were shopping, and she saw him leaning over the counter with everything ‘showing’. She walked up to him, yanked up his pants, yelling at him to pull them up .. when he turned around, it wasn’t her husband! She had a red face for a week!

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