It’s Pig-in-a-Blanket Day – and we have a Quick Quilter’s Competition For You!


mini-lightFirst, I want to thank all of you who gave us such wonderful Get-Away ideas!    We haven’t decided on anything just yet, but if we were to take all of your suggestions, we would end up quilt retreating, relaxing, and hiking in places all the way around the world to home, sweet, home!   As I look at the 10-day forecast, and see that Mr. Snow is yet again planning to make another few entrances, I’m thinking “South Baby, South!”     As for the winner of the Super Bright Light, the random winner has been selected:  Jeanne B – who would be found floating in a pool with a good book!  Thanks to you all for participating!

Now, on to our 2 Day Quilter’s Competition … which begins NOW!

brazilToday is National Pigs in a Blanket Day — and so we thought we’d do a little Quilter’s Competition.  It’s really quite easy, and the potential to win something really awesome is worth the 10 minutes or so that it will take  🙂

Simply go to the below link, add 1 to your cart, and check out — you will then have the COMPLETE instructions to make a PIB (our version anyway), Block.

Make it quick and then email us a picture.  We will then make a ‘Virtual Quilt’ from all of the blocks!  Plus, even better – you will be automatically entered into winning one of the hottest fat quarter bundles we have right now – the Viva Brazil color and fun eye-popping 12 piece collection!

To get started on the Pigs-in-a-Blanket Competition, Get Your Instructions Here!

We Have a Winner – Rokiratukina! Plus, Help Me Out and You Might Win!

Yes, Rokiratukina is the winner of the Mary Ellen’s Bet Press 5 pack – Congratulations Vicki!

Don’t you think it’s time for a breather?  It seems like we’ve been going at light-speed since about Thanksgiving … with the End-of-the-Year craziness, Christmas, New Years, inventory (thhh), taxes (thzz), plus the addition of more than 37 new BOMs so far this year, it’s been quite the whirlwind here at Homespun Hearth!   We’ve got just a couple of weeks before our May Customer Appreciation Month begins – which will be quite the crazy month … again … for us!

Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

So, I’ve been thinking, if I were to get away for a few days, where should I go?  Do I laze on a beach somewhere tropical, go camping in a remote area with the serenity of nature all around, or perhaps  visit an exotic land far away?  I Could Sure Use Some Help … and would love to know what your Dream Getaway would be!   And, because I always want you to know how much I appreciate you, all of you who let us know what your perfect getaway would be, you will be entered into a drawing to win a Super Bright Portable LED Lamp!



To make it easy, just fill in the blank in the comments section:

“If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me _________________________.”

Want to know who wins right away?  Be sure to follow our Blog!




What’s Your Inner Quilter Name? Let Us Know, and You could Win!

This time it’s only been 3 months since our last post .. but, that’s going to be changing soon!   We will be resuming many of our fun post themes, and have many more coming.  For now, and for your Friday entertainment, we have our Inner Quilter Name – and each of you has one, too.   Mine is Janadanalamo (Each of the letters in Teresa matched with the listed letters).

mary-ellen-packLook at the chart below, and let us know in the comments what your Inner Quilter Name Is  – and you could win!  Over the next few days, we want all of you to let us know your inner name, and then on the evening of  April 19th, we will randomly choose a name – and if your name is chosen, you will receive a Free Gift – a 5 pack of Mary Ellen’s Best Press!