What’s Your Inner Quilter Name? Let Us Know, and You could Win!

This time it’s only been 3 months since our last post .. but, that’s going to be changing soon!   We will be resuming many of our fun post themes, and have many more coming.  For now, and for your Friday entertainment, we have our Inner Quilter Name – and each of you has one, too.   Mine is Janadanalamo (Each of the letters in Teresa matched with the listed letters).

mary-ellen-packLook at the chart below, and let us know in the comments what your Inner Quilter Name Is  – and you could win!  Over the next few days, we want all of you to let us know your inner name, and then on the evening of  April 19th, we will randomly choose a name – and if your name is chosen, you will receive a Free Gift – a 5 pack of Mary Ellen’s Best Press!


104 thoughts on “What’s Your Inner Quilter Name? Let Us Know, and You could Win!

  1. Boy is my inner quilting name a mouthful – Janadanalamo and that’s just my FIRST name! My full name would be Janadanalamo Podamotuna! Try writing that on a check. LOL. Love Best Press for the crispness it gives fabric and the wonderful smell. Thanks so much for giving me a great giggle today.

    Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Palm Bay, FL

  2. My full inner quilter name is ………….. LALOKIDAQUINABO LARAWIJAJA
    Glad that I’m not putting that on my quilt label…………

  3. Bowivovomo – But you can just call me by my initials — Bo Po Wi (Kinda reminds me of Little Bo Peep).

  4. My inner quilt name is Dawilanahamodabo … that’s the one that counts. LOL Last name is Timodadawivo. Call me Dawi. My family does … lol

  5. So many options!! My formal quilter’s name would be Naquikiwamotinalo Movovo or my nickname of Quikiwa or using initials Namolasa.

  6. Well, mine turns out to be Powivovomo. Not sure how you say it, but I like it. Now, I should figure out what my last name would be.

  7. Mine is Bokapobo. I really like using best press (much better than spray starch), but I am sensitive to a lot of fragrances, so I am very happy that you have one that is fragrance free.

  8. If I use my given name, I am Lamovopodamo. My nick name is Lamovopobo, and initials are Lamomo. The initials sound like a name kids might call their grandma! (And the nick name reminds me of what Laverne and Shirley used to call “making out” (vodosido) 🙂

  9. Mine is Nonavopobo. Good thing I answer to grammy, my grandkids couldn’t pronounce it. Thanks for a bit of fun and a great giveaway!

  10. My inner quilters name is Quiwidaki! This was so fun..did the kiddo’s too…we are laughing! Thanks for these chuckles & giggles!! 🙂

  11. My inner quilter name using my given name is quite the mouthful Rokirajawidakimo
    Or the name I go by is kinda fun to say; Rokiratuki

    Glad to see you back again.

  12. My inner quilt name is: Samojajabo — I kind of like the rhythm — makes “Patty” seem rather exotic! I plan to take this to our next quilt retreat to have some fun with it! Thanks!

  13. Sure glad my other name is short as my inner quilt name is Tumojalobo, and that’s how I quilt, too!! Kathy in Colo

  14. My Inner Quilter Name is:
    Bokapobo Hamolawivo. Isn’t it cute as a button!

    My first time! When I first signed up with you, I could not figure out what would my quilter name possibly be. Was confused, until today when I logged in. Whoopee! This was fun.

  15. This is too much fun. I’m gonna embroider my new name out and put it under my name plate in my office. I’m Pokimovona.

  16. my Inner Quilters name is: Bomoramakanaquikivona, when my Hubby call me when he’s taking me out to eat, so i don’t have to cook, instead of quilting. What w great guy!!

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