We Have a Winner – Rokiratukina! Plus, Help Me Out and You Might Win!

Yes, Rokiratukina is the winner of the Mary Ellen’s Bet Press 5 pack – Congratulations Vicki!

Don’t you think it’s time for a breather?  It seems like we’ve been going at light-speed since about Thanksgiving … with the End-of-the-Year craziness, Christmas, New Years, inventory (thhh), taxes (thzz), plus the addition of more than 37 new BOMs so far this year, it’s been quite the whirlwind here at Homespun Hearth!   We’ve got just a couple of weeks before our May Customer Appreciation Month begins – which will be quite the crazy month … again … for us!

Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

So, I’ve been thinking, if I were to get away for a few days, where should I go?  Do I laze on a beach somewhere tropical, go camping in a remote area with the serenity of nature all around, or perhaps  visit an exotic land far away?  I Could Sure Use Some Help … and would love to know what your Dream Getaway would be!   And, because I always want you to know how much I appreciate you, all of you who let us know what your perfect getaway would be, you will be entered into a drawing to win a Super Bright Portable LED Lamp!



To make it easy, just fill in the blank in the comments section:

“If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me _________________________.”

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102 thoughts on “We Have a Winner – Rokiratukina! Plus, Help Me Out and You Might Win!

  1. I would head to the Amish Country in and around Lancaster, PA browsing in quilt shops and enjoying the tranquility and beauty of that area and the Amish lifestyle.

    • You know, when I was young I had to do a weather report/presentation for Montana — that’s when I decided I wanted to live there someday! At this point I’ve only been to the Big Sky state once, and it was beautiful!

    • That could be fun … I do kinda ‘live’ in a quilt store, though. But, never-the-less, I still love that feeling when I walk into a wonderful undiscovered treasure of a quilt shop!

  2. I would love to go to Germany & Ireland. I was born in Germany when my father was in the military & my husband is Irish, so it would be a dream for us to go to these places.

    • Ah yes – I love both countries! My youngest son was born in Germany, and I still think that’s one of the more enchanting places we’ve ever lived! And, the greenery of Ireland can’t be compared – both definitely on my list of places to visit again!

  3. You would find me camping by a stream in the Allegheny National Forest! That’s where my heart’s desire is right now.

  4. You would find my husband and I driving the back roads of Wisconsin in our 1960 MGA that he restored. Relaxing driving, stopping to check out the sites and find a new places to eat..

    • Yes, that does sound lovely. Of course, around here right now you’d need snowshoes! We just received another 20″ this past weekend … so hoping this is the last snow dump of the season!

  5. “If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me in Chicago or North Carolina, visiting with quilting friends.”

    • I do love North Carolina – The Outer Banks was such a wonderful place to be when the boys were little. Now, I’ve never been to Chicago, but that where my ‘kin’ were from — that should be on the list for me!

  6. I’d choose a trip to the beautiful Texas Hill country, I’d rent a peaceful cabin there for a few days and take my machine and a quilt project to work on. Some books and magazines that I haven’t had time to read, and a good bottle (or 2) of wine to enjoy. I’d visit a few antique shops and a winery. Thanks for the chance to win, and enjoy YOUR getaway, wherever you go !!

  7. I’d love a few days with my family, camping in the hills or mountains. Walking, fishing, reading, visiting, just getting away from the internet and have some peaceful days.

  8. I believe I would go to Scotland. It has been on my bucket list for a while and I can hear the bagpipes already. Just hiking and enjoying the scenery sounds wonderful to me.

    • I love Scotland! I took a 3 week Scottish Culture immersion course there and it was one of the best experiences of my life. And now, I would just be keeping an eye out for Jamie Fraser .. 😉

  9. If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me in North Carolina..spending time with my Daughter! A trip to see the ocean again..and then into her sewing room to sew & laugh together! PRICELESS Get-a-way for Me!! (Miss her soooo much!)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  10. If I could go anywhere for a few day it would be wonderful IRELAND!! There are definitely more than 40 shades of green and some of the most wonderful people. It is the place to relax.

  11. I would try to finish some of my UFO’s before I start on any new projects. Then go to the beach to hunt for shells and watch the sun set over the water while sipping a margarita. I would love to travel to Japan to visit Mt. Fuji and some temples or maybe Ireland to visit some castles.

    • Wow — so many fun ideas! I don’t know about finishing the UFOs .. I’ve always said I can’t pass on until I finish all of my projects, so I have a pile a mile high! I love seashell hunting, too. But, you had me at Margaritas!

  12. “If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me not cooking or cleaning, that’s for sure! I’d be working on my quilts for our new house in the mountains.”

  13. If I could get away somewhere different, it would be to Argentina! I’ve always wanted to visit there. It is my husband’s (other) favorite country after the USA.

  14. I would be in the countryside of Holland, where the tulips and bright color trims on the houses and the traditional dress of the townsfolk would inspire me in designing my quilts. I would of course spend part of my days quilting and the rest just soaking up the atmosphere.

    • Ahh, the Keukenhof Gardens would be a wonderful little spot to visit! I’ve been there a couple of times – one time it was right when they opened, before lots of busses showed up, and it was so beautiful and peaceful!

  15. I would take a road trip, taking the back roads, enjoying the views, seeing new things, and visiting a few quilt stores along the way.

  16. I would rent a cabin in one of Minnesota’s State Parks away from all the telephones, noise of the television and in and out of people coming to the house.

  17. If I just had a few days, I wouldn’t want to go far, because traveling would take up all my relaxation time! I think that I would want to hire someone to do the cooking and cleaning, and just stay home and curl up with a good book and my sewing machine!

  18. If I had a few days to go or do wherever I pleased, you’d find me with Sherri quilting/sewing. This would be even better if we were on a quilting cruise or a New England bed and breakfast on the coast.

  19. I would love to go to Gulf Shores, Alabama for some soft shell crabs and big red shrimp. It would be nice to warm my feet on the warm sand. They have a couple of nice quilt shops there that I would like to visit too.

  20. I would take an Alaskan Cruise ship to hopefully see the Northern Lights first hand, and to do NO cooking or cleaning chores!

  21. You know, I always think it would be so fun to sit on the beach or travel somewhere exotic but I’ve done that and it’s a lot of work to get ready and to come home and honestly, last time I was on the beach, it was hot, and lots of flies. Today I sewed all day and I enjoyed it more than anything I’ve done this whole month. As long as the phone doesn’t ring and not too many people drop in, I’d like a sewing day more than a trip. Have fun.

  22. You would fine me in Greenwood, Indiana visiting my good friend, so we could shop, sew, quilt, garden and cook together.

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