Quilt Blocks – Who are You?

Tuesday's Talkabout - where we show what were all dabbling, babbling and gabbying in!Today is a big day in our country, and it is the kind of day that makes us who we are!  With the freedom to be as individual as we like — just like our quilts!  There are SOO many quilt blocks out there – and every day they just keep getting more and more beautiful.  So, today we ask, if you were to be represented in a quilt block, which would it be?    Let us know below.

As an added bonus, tomorrow we will have a random drawing, and the winner will get a $25 Shopping Spree at Homespun Hearth.  And today, don’t forget to download a free copy of our Exclusive Election Day Quilt!

For me, the block would be a custom  Butterfly Quilt Block – paper pieced — I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn to the beauty and serenity, the transformation, color and mystery of butterflies.

We look forward to hearing from you!

30 thoughts on “Quilt Blocks – Who are You?

  1. I think I would be a butterfly block too. Always love them! Today’s challenge is easy. I always try to smile at everybody I see

  2. I would have to be a ladybug, probably paper pieced since I don’t like applique. 🙂 My mom’s pet name for me was ladybug, so it has a special meaning to me.

  3. I don’t know what block I’d be, but I know others would label me a Drunkard’s Path….not because I am drunk (my limit is 2 margaritas a year, and never on the same day!), but simply because I’m always wandering, rarely in a straight line. I love to roam and travel, and will always be up for a road trip or hike. And if there’s a scenic way to get somewhere, that’s the path I take!!

  4. I can’t be contained in just one block. LOL. However, a very large Log Cabin block could come close since I am by heart a homebody/nester. But, the fabrics that make up the block would have to include music ( I am a musician), rainbow colors, flowers, animals and other aspects of nature.

  5. Boy that is really a hard one. i would have to be scrappy and probably anything that wasn’t paper pieced!!! Maybe a heart pattern??

  6. A pinwheel block as I am always on the go. When I do stop, I would pick a paper pieced butterfly. It requires a lot of patience to get the finished block, but the results are a work of art.

  7. I would be a Missouri Star, a square that all the points are perfect (what an OCD quilter craves) and I am originally from St. Louis

  8. I love the idea of being Sister’s Choice…although I live across the country from my living sister and have been separated for 16 years from my youngest sister from cancer My sisters are my most special friends. Thanks for the chance to win

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