We’re Ready to Begin … Again! Let’s Pay it Forward!

OK .. so I don’t post nearly as much as most, and certainly not as much as I should, or of course as much as I want to … but we are ready to get this ball rolling again!    

With the holidays just around the corner, we will be again doing another wonderful giveaway, and we want you to all be a part of it.  You may recall that last year we did the Little Acts of Kindness series which was a huge hit among all of our quilting friends!   So many of you did so many huge giving acts, and we gave away hundreds of $$ of prizes that went all around the world.    

So, starting today  we want to Welcome you to our a Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style  challenge.  All you have to do is let us know by posting it here on our blog, from now until the end of the challenge on November 30  what you are doing to ‘Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style’ … anything at all that you are doing that is helping somebody else because at some point you were also helped … and you want to Pay It Forward Quilter Style.   Let us know what it is you are up to … and we will begin drawing names for some wonderful giveaways throughout the month of November. 

Many of you  know that we have dedicated this year to bringing you the free Out of the Box Table Topper Series — each and every month we give you another free pattern in the series – and we KNOW that this has been very accepted around the world.  We hope this Paying it Forward Quilter Style to all of you has benefited you in one way or another. 

You can Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style every day … just let us know each day what you’ve done, and we will add your name to the drawing for each and every ‘Pay-it-Forward Quilter Style’  act you have done!   The drawings will be held throughout the month of November — and we will again give Hundreds and Hundreds of $$ in prizes away!

So look around, think about who had Payed it Forward to you Quilter Sytle and during the next 6 weeks,  Pass it on!  We look forward to hearing from every one of you!

Patchwork Party … Ready Set Go!

We are so excited to be a part of this fun Patchwork Party! I know that there are other programs out there – and they are all a great way to see the wonderful quilt shops that are on the web. But, one thing I love about Patchwork Party is how professional everything is! From the quilt images, to the Patchwork Party website, down to the very last detail the Debbie Luttrell assures is in place. And, I know that the Patchwork Party quilts are a ‘cut above’ what you might find in other programs. This time we have designed a very easy, affordable, but gorgeous quilt. The pictures just don’t do it justice (no matter how great the image is, pictures just don’t cut it if you can’t ‘touch’ the quilt!). Anyway, we were told by the quilter (Donna Peterson of Golden Acorn Quilts) it should be in a magazine – what a great compliment! And, be sure to join us in the Spring — Bittersweet Blessing always design our Spring PWP Quilts!