It’s Time to Vote- Challenge #2!

Which One is the "Hottest" one for you?

VOTE – Which one is the “Hottest” for You? Black or White?

Black or White?
The competition is starting to Heat Up (no pun intended!), with the Dueling of the Hot Flashes Quilt Kits!  Featuring Clothwork’s Shades Fabrics with a backdrop of a colorful confetti on the black and white to give this quilt even more dimension, this is the perfect quilt to brighten up even the moodiest days.  These quilts each measure 69″ x 87″ – the perfect Twin, and it is a great Sampler quilt for the Intermediate quilts.

We did learn something, though, on our first Vote between the A to E and Bertie quilts … while the Poll was great (and easy!) to tally up the votes, we weren’t able to keep track of who voted… and that makes prize giving a little bit difficult!

NOTE:  So, along with the Poll, please let us know “I Voted” in the Comments Section so we can have a special give away at the end of the Challenge!

First vote Black or White in the Poll and then leave a Comment – I voted !


22 thoughts on “It’s Time to Vote- Challenge #2!

  1. I Voted! WoW! Both quilts are gorgeous! I think the black is more striking though and so that’s what I voted for.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and the chance to win.


  2. I VOTED!! LOVE both quilts. The black is especially striking so I had to give that one my vote. Thanks for letting us choose our favorite.

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